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Volume 30 Number 18 October 18, 2012
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straightforward sharing her experience about cancer. She endorses finding laughter when dealing with difficulty in our daily lives. No subject is taboo and no one left the room with out laughing. Harding County native, Elaine Doll-Dun, wrapped up our conference on Friday afternoon. DollDun emphasized that life is a journey; we all have a story. Her message was to empower women to face our fears, live life and pursue our passion. Doll-Dun wants women to do three things for themselves everyday … something mental, something physical and something spiritual. Every person we meet has a story; a unique tale about where they are, how they got there and where they are going. Many women in the crowd are cancer survivors; some are widows, or young mothers. The faces in the crowd cover several areas of Agriculture and span across four generations. Many of ladies work at home with their husbands. Also in the crowd were Ag Journalists, Extension Specialists, Crop Adjusters, Farm Service Agency Officers, Bankers and Loan Officers, one gal source and age verifies cattle and another works as a Vet Tech. Don’t forget the women who work in non-ag fields to help support their families. Hair dressers, paralegals, secretaries and entrepreneurs were also in attendance. We all have a passion for Agriculture. The planning committee set up a panel discussion titled Finding Your Place in Agriculture. It was an interesting discussion and look at non-traditional ways of making a living in agriculture. Agriculture is more than cattle, sheep, small grains and row crops. Sitting on the panel were individuals fulfilling niche markets for raw milk, organic eggs, vinegar, wine and farmer’s markets. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to attend a quality conference like South Dakota Rural Women in Agriculture. These events are a great way to celebrate the bonds of women, exchange ideas, and take time to do something for ourselves.
Faces of women in agriculture
By Robyn Goddard “Faces of Agriculture” was the theme as Rural Women gathered at the K-Bar-S Lodge at Keystone, South Dakota October 4th and 5th for the annual South Dakota Rural Women in Agriculture Conference. Women in Ag is a perfect way for farm and ranch women to get away from home and do something for themselves. We build relationships, make connections, share ideas and listen to inspirational speakers. Through these activities we learn more about ourselves embrace our inner strengths and grow. All three of our speakers emphasized the importance of taking care of ourselves. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Endurance Horse Rider, Kerry Greear, presented information for maintaining optimal health at all phases of our lives. Keynote Speaker, Brenda Elsagher, shared her story about colorectal cancer and journey to becoming a comedian and inspirational speaker. Elsagher is
Three county employees resign
By Beth Hulm The county highway department lost two members of its work crew and the Director of Equalization one through resignations last week. DOE Rownea Gerbracht minced no words when she informed the Perkins County Commission of her lost employee. “She needs more money and we’re not giving it to her so she is moving on.” Highway Superintendent Tracy Buer, likewise, said that, while there were other reasons expressed by his men, “better wages” and “more money” contributed to their decisions to leave county employ. All three positions will be advertised. Wages start at $12.35 for county employees, who also receive periodic longevity raises. They get health, dental and health insurance and are paid for accumulated sick leave and vacation time plus recognized holidays. Lack of moisture throughout the county has curtailed the work that Buer and his crew can do. Roads are too dry to blade, he said, and mowers caused two fires so he’d shut them down. He lamented that the county is ill-prepared to contain fires that start when mowing dry road ditches. Because other jobs had to be put aside for awhile, Buer and his crew helped the Town of Bison chip seal city streets. The town will pay for the use of the county’s equipment and manpower. Commissioner Rusty Foster challenged the chip seal project saying that the Commission had never approved it. Chairman Mike Schweitzer thinks that it was approved and Willard Ottman remembered, “We’ve talked about it in the past.” Those three men comprised the quorum at last Tuesday’s regular October meeting in Bison. Buer said that he’d understood that it would be okay to help in Bison. “It’s always been done in the past,” he said. Foster thinks it opens the door for other entities, such as the City of Lemmon and individual townships, to contract work with the county. “Are you obligated to that now?” he asked Buer. He also commented that the work on Bison streets hadn’t been on Buer’s monthly maintenance reports. Schwietzer voiced his concern that other government entities pay for all work done by the county and that extra work be done only when it doesn’t interfere with the county’s regular work schedule. Foster requested a report showing the number of man-hours and the equipment used for the Bison project and all others that the county has done for other entities. There were several guests in the board room during the morning meeting last week: Mike Haines, Fairview Ranch, Inc., bought a small parcel of land in Bixby Township that was advertised as a tax deed property. The property had been appraised at $100 and that was what Haines agreed to pay for it. There were no other bidders. Another tax deed property, the old Kokomo building in Lemmon, was withdrawn from the sale list for investigation of a discovered lien against it. Linda Edel, Rapid City, represented Western South Dakota Community Action Board and continued on page 4
Fall/Winter hours at Bison Landfill - Wednesdays: 8 a.m. - noon and 1 - 5 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m. - noon. Effective Oct. 1, there are no hours scheduled for Monday nights. Those hours will resume with the beginning of Daylight Savings Time in the spring.
Baby shower for Reece James Bentsen son of Brandy and Cody Bentsen at the Sr Center in Hettinger, N.D., October 21 at 2 p.m. Everyone Welcome!
Highlights & Happenings
Back Row: Janet Jorgensen, Robin Salverson, Geraldine Peck. Front Row: Cheryl Miller, Lorrie Hafner, Geraldine Storm, Robyn Goddard,Julia Davis
Harding and Perkins Co Branch #30416 of Thrivent Financial will be hosting Identity Theft Workshops in our area. The dates and locations
are as follows: In Buffalo, on Monday, October 22, at 6:30 p.m. at the Buffalo Senior Citizens Center; In Bison, on October 23, at 6:30 p.m. at the Bison Community Center/Bison Nutrition Site at 6:30 p.m.; In Lemmon, on October 24, at 7:00 p.m. at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Lemmon. The public is cordially invited to attend these informative workshops about protecting your identity. Branch members and all area Senior Citizens are encouraged to participate. Refreshments will be served. For more info: contact Diana Landis @ 244-7120, Linda Mohagen @ 866-4685 or Charlotte Kvale @ 374-3523.
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Thursday, October 18
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Page 2 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
Small group gathers for Fall Council; finalizes Christmas Fair
By Beth Hulm, Public Relations As enrollment numbers drop, there are fewer and fewer women to carry on the work of Community and Family Extension Leaders. Statewide, numbers have plummeted to 611 while less than 20 women now comprise Perkins County CFEL’s membership. There is only one county club now, which meets monthly in Bison. There are two members-at-large. Consequently, only seven members were in attendance at the annual Fall Council held at Mom’s Place in Bison last Saturday morning. The group’s two members-at large, Ruby VanDenBerg, Zeona and Donna Erhart, Lemmon, were recognized for veteran membership, VanDenBerg for 65 years and Erhart for 50. VanDenBerg said that, as a young bride, she joined her mother-in-law’s “extension club.” Erhart joined when she moved to Lemmon in the early 1960s. Both were honored at the recent State Convention in Aberdeen. Also honored at the state meeting (where most were not in attendance) were Teddi Carlson, Vera Kraemer, Diana Landis and Beth Hulm for participating in the statewide literacy reading program. VanDenBerg submitted the most books read for this county and was also recognized. They received certificates. Erhart, Carlson and Bernice Kari gave reports from their attendance at the State CFEL meeting where Kari was elected to be the organization’s vice president of programs. Betty Tufty, Lisbon, ND, who continues to hold a membership in Perkins County, also attended that meeting. Next year’s convention will be held in Huron on Sept. 13 and 14. On Saturday, three county offices were sworn in for a two-year term each. Carlson accepted a second term as the group’s chairwoman; Hulm was unanimously elected to a full term as the PR person, following her appointment a year ago to complete half of the previous term due to a resignation; and Kari accepted the position of Historian, replacing Landis whose two terms will expire at the end of this calendar year. Plans were finalized for the upcoming CFEL Christmas Fair on Saturday, Nov. 3 at the Bentley Building in Bison. There are a few booth spaces still available. CFEL members host this annual event as a fundraiser for two college scholarships that they award to area graduating seniors each spring. Lunch will be served. Landis, as current Historian, read her annual report of happenings as submitted by the Town and Country Club, Bison. That report will be filed with the state organization, proving that Perkins County, albeit small, does still have an active membership.
Cold roast beef sandwich english pea salad V-8 juice orange
Friday, October 19
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Dr. Jason M. Hafner Dr. David J. Prosser
Every 1st Wed. of the month Every 3rd Wed. of the month
Buffalo Clinic
Faith Clinic
Ruby VanDenBerg is a 65 year member of the CFEL organization.
Donna Erhart, Lemmon, was recognized for 50 years of membership. Teddi Carlson pinned a corsage.
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She was born October 29, 1922 in Havelock, N.D. in her grandmothers house. Her children are John Sam Marty, Prairie City, SD; Mary Lou Marty, Tucson, AZ; and Elizabeth May, Kyle, SD. She has seven grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Cards may be sent to 20261 BIA 2 Kyle, SD 57752
Helen Marty will celebrate her 90th Birthday with an open house from 1 - 4 p.m., Saturday, October 27, 2012.
Trivia Answers week one
1. Civil War 2. 16 3.Mount Rushmore 4.Pendletons 5.Oklahoma 6. Blueberries 7.Richard Nixon 8.Judy Blume
Meadow News
By Tiss Treib
Friday, Mary Ellen Fried drove to Webster to stay with Tim and Kendra McIntyre. Saturday, Kendra and Mary Ellen drove to Lake Preston to visit at the home of Charlotte Smith. Visiting at the Smith home were Ron and Joyce Fried of Kodiak, Alaska, Sarah Fried of Bloomington, NC; Luke and Jenny Fried of Rapid City and Spearfish. Mary Ellen Fried spent the weekend with Tim and Kendra McIntyre. Monday, Mary Ellen Fried returned to Lake Preston to visit with Charlotte Smith and the Fried families. Mary Ellen returned to Bison Tuesday. Jenny Fried of Spearfish came up to Bison Saturday to visit with Mary Ellen Fried. Mary Ellen and Jenny Fried were Sunday guests of Duane and Dawn Fried. They also visited there with Leif and Larissa Anderson and family; Mike and Tara Fried and Camdyn; Micaela Fried of Minneapolis, MN. Jenny remained at the Fried home in Hettinger to visit with Micaela overnight. Thursday, Ron Bachman brought Evie Reed of St. Louis, MO up from the airport in Rapid City to spend some time with her mother, Bernie Rose. Friday, Julie and Jake Foster and Karla Larson visited with Bernie Rose. Saturday, Darrel Iverson, Cassie Foster, Betty Walikainen and Fred Reede stopped to check on Bernie Rose. Monday, Fred and Bev Schopp attended a Jr. High Girls Volleyball game in Lemmon with Hettinger. Tuesday, Fred and Bev Schopp traveled to Hettinger to watch the girls’ 4th and 5th grade Lemmon girls play. Fred and Bev Schopp were Saturday supper guests of Ray and Julie Schopp. Jerry Petik attended a Lemmon Community Development Meeting on Monday evening and on Tuesday afternoon he attended a Grand River Grazing Association meeting. Jerry and Carolyn Petik called on Irene Young on Wednesday afternoon. Bill and Terry Hirchert from Piedmont hunted this weekend at Jerry and Carolyn's and treated them to supper out on Saturday night. Sunday, Jerry and Carolyn attended the benefit for Gary Skjoldal in Lemmon. In the afternoon they were among several guests at Bakkens to celebrate Leif's 17th birthday.
The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 3
Wilson inducted into South Dakota Cooperative Hall of Fame
Palace Theater
Trouble with the Curve
surround sound Lemmon 374-5107 8:00 p.m. nightly
Larry Wilson was recently inducted into the South Dakota Cooperative Hall of Fame. He is pictured with Grand Electric’s past managers, (left) Darrell Henderson and (right) Leroy Schecher who are also Hall of Fame Members. Wilson previously served on the Grand Electric Board of Directors for 36 years, 13 of them as board president. He also served on the South Dakota Rural Electric Association Board of directors for 22 years.
Oct. 19 - 21
111 minutes
Calvin and Nicole Bronec are proud to announce the birth of their baby boy:
Caden Joseph Bronec
Born on September 27th, 2012 at Benefis Healthcare, Great Falls, MT 6 lb. 13 oz. 19 in. long Maternal grandparents: Norman and Shelby Miles, Meadow, SD Paternal grandparents: Claude and Nita Bronec, Denton, MT
continued from page 1 asked Perkins County to appoint a member to their board of directors. Her board works with 14 West River counties to help the elderly, low income and others in need. Ida Marie Snorteland, Spearfish, is the current chairwoman and Florence Hoff, Lemmon, is an area volunteer. Edel said that her board is “frugal” with their money but they will pay expenses for a representative from Perkins County to attend their monthly meetings in Rapid City. Because the commission was missing two members, they decided to delay the appointment of a representative until later. Sorum-area rancher Vaughn Meyer and Dave Lensegrav, Meadow, members of Dakota Rural Action and Western Resources Council, presented a Comprehensive Plan for the Commission to review. Their visit was a direct result of the September 6th public hearing in Bison where Blaise Emerson, Black Hills Council of Local Governments, talked about the need for a Comprehensive Plan and possible zoning ordinances to protect the property rights of people in Perkins County. “Times have changed,” Meyer said. “We need to protect ourselves….and protect our future generations.” The idea of zoning isn’t the scary thing that it once
County employees
Page 4 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
was, he said, especially with the proximity of oil drilling to the north and west of Perkins County. Meyer has been working on his Comprehensive Plan for the past 4 to 5 years. Indeed, he presented it to the Commission one other time. “Things can happen in a hurry,” Lensegrav said. “We’d better be ready.” Foster was impressed. “It’s pretty nice,” he said, that something has been started. Lensegrav agreed, “We don’t have to re-invent the wheel.” Schweitzer said, “We need to forge forward.” He advocates having more public hearings throughout the county so that every sector of citizens has the right to hear and be heard. Commissioners have a request from a U.S. geological survey group to do a study of water quality and water rights throughout the county. It would cost the county $5,000, initially, to get started. No action was taken. Kelly Serr, County Emergency Manager, asked Commissioners to write a letter to the state 911 committee requesting the use of accumulated funds for the purchase of new 911 software with GPS capabilities. The regular November meeting of the County Commission has been moved to Wednesday, Nov. 7 to allow the county board to canvass the ballots from the previous day’s General Election.
TREE FACTS – The Sleep Cycle of Trees
tive growth and short days trigger dormancy. Dormant buds form in preparation for next year’s growth as days begin to get shorter in later summer. Cool temperatures are needed for the plant to enter true-dormancy. Dormancy happens more quickly when short days occur in combination with cool temperatures. Besides water and wood, trees contain various chemical compounds. When day lengths get shorter higher amounts of a growth regulator called abscisic acid (ABA) occur, causing growth to stop. The ABA breaks down and decreases during the winter. Simultaneously in the spring, soil begins to warm and growth promoters gibberellins and cytokines build up causing bud growth to resume. Evergreen trees include pines, spruces, cedars and firs go dormant less conspicuously than deciduous trees. They do not lose their leaves, or needles, in winter, because their dormancy is different. The needles of evergreens are covered with a heavy wax coating to help prevent moisture loss, and the fluids inside the cells contain substances resistant to freezing, essentially evergreen antifreeze. Evergreens shut down for winter dormancy but continue most basic metabolic functions; the plants super-cool. Water in the cells is chemically maintained in a liquid state below 32° F. Evergreen leaves can live for several years, through all four seasons, before they are dropped and replaced by new growth. My sources for this news release were the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Community Channel 101. If you would like more information about “The Sleep Cycle of Trees,” call Bob Drown at the Conservation Office at 605-244-5222, Extension 4.
The Department of Transportation is recruiting local individuals for the Snowplow Operator Program. Those hired will be employed on a temporary basis and be responsible for operating snow and ice removal equipment during inclement weather and completing general maintenance assignments. Hours could include weekdays, weekends, holidays, early morning or evening. Reserve Operators will only work on an as needed basis determined by weather conditions. Starting rate of pay is $13.00 per hour. Applicants must have the ability to operate heavy equipment and must possess, or be willing to obtain, a Commercial Drivers License. Interested parties should contact: Joel Larson, HWY Maintenance Supervisor S.D. Department of Transportation PO Box 219 Bison, South Dakota 57620 605-244-5257 Bison, Lemmon, Faith Equal Opportunity Employer
By Robert W. Drown, Natural Resource Specialist People go to sleep every night and wake up in the morning. Trees go to sleep every autumn and wake up every spring. This sleep, technically called dormancy enables trees to survive harsh winter periods. In tree species, dormancy and cold hardiness are closely linked. In general trees are most cold hardy when they are in deep dormancy. Growth above ground essentially stops during dormancy and ends only after a period of sustained chilling. Besides cold temperatures the shorter day lengths help to trigger dormancy. Growth resumes when warmer temperatures and longer days return in the spring. However, roots are never truly dormant but are in a resting state called quiescence. Even when only a portion of the soil is warmed, roots in the warmed region will grow. This can occur even when air temperatures are well below freezing. Dormancy happens in phases as follows: pre-dormancy, true dormancy and post-dormancy. In predormancy the tree starts napping and wakes up during periods of favorable growing conditions. Next is true-dormancy, the tree has entered into a deep sleep and will not wake up easily. Deciduous trees have lost their leaves and a period of prolonged chilling is required before growth resumes. The final stage of dormancy is post-dormancy occurring in late winter and early spring. The tree starts to wake up, is drowsy, buds start growing, but can temporarily stop if cold temperatures return. A tree is full of vascular cells that move water and sap from roots to leaves. As the amount of sunlight decreases in autumn, the veins that move sap into and out of a leaf slowly close off. A separation layer develops at the base of the leaf ’s stem and it falls off. It happens with all deciduous trees except oaks. In oaks, the separation layer does not fully develop. This is why most dead oak leaves remain on the tree through winter and even into early spring. Day length and temperature are important factors that trigger dormancy. Long days promote vegeta-
These evergreen and deciduous trees located in a Bison, SD park are transitioning into dormancy or going to sleep for the winter.
Obituaries Lulu Mae Wilken
Lulu Mae Lyon was born May 1, 1933 to Vivian V.D. and Lulu (Long) Lyon at home near Meadow. She enjoyed riding horseback to the nearby country schools. She graduated from Lemmon High School in 1951. She attended Black Hills State College for the summer and started teaching that fall at Pleasant Valley. She continued to attend summer school, obtaining her teaching degree and teaching during the year. She met Don Wilken when he was teaching at Prairie View School several years later. They were married in 1955, after he returned from the service. They continued to teach in area country schools including Thorpe and Meadow until Linda was born in 1958. They later purchased the Roy Ellsworth place (Don's uncle), where they spent all their years together. Gary joined the family in 1961. Lulu Mae faced cancer when she was thirty-four years old, but by God's grace it never returned. Lulu Mae enjoyed everything about being a country wife and mother taking on each challenge that ranch life presented. She enjoyed being a member of and hosting the Sagebrush Rustlers family club. Going to Sunday School and Church was always a priority. Lulu Mae loved being a grandma, teaching and caring for her grandkids whenever she could. She enjoyed every opportunity to be with them or watch them participate in their activities. Lulu Mae loved to fix dinners for family and friends
The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 5
Pastors Perspective
Prairie Fellowship Parish ELCA Pastor Margie Hershey
Food, food, food
The Funeral Service for Lulu Mae Wilken, age 79 of Meadow, were held at 10:30 am Saturday, October 13, 2012 at Bethel Free Lutheran Church in Faith, South Dakota. Pastor Wayne Olson will officiate with burial in the Chance Cemetery. Special music was provided by Jayne Jordan, pianist, Phil and Vicki Hahn, Peggy Veal, Janet LaDue, Wade Hofer, Jim and Joni Hunt and the Wilken Girls. Serving as casketbearers were Jim, Ralph, Norman, and Vivan Lyon, Chuck Anderson, Wade Hofer, Mike Wilken, and Dennis Peterson. Visitation was held on Friday from 5:00 to the time of the family and friends service at 7:00 pm at Bethel Free Lutheran Church in Faith.
always making sure everyone had a special birthday celebration. Don and Lulu Mae enjoyed trips with their fifth wheel camper including three trips to Alaska. Lulu Mae suffered from Alzheimer's in later years. She went home to be with Jesus early Wednesday morning, October 10, 2012 at the Oahe Haven where she had resided for nearly four years. Missing her, but looking forward to seeing her again in heaven are her husband, Donald, of 57 years of marriage, Gary (Lori) Wilken of Meadow and Linda (Erling) Olsen of Dupree; eight grandchildren, Monica (Andy) Coyle, Odessa, Ukaraine, Lee (Jamie) Olsen, Bluff Dale, TX, Ann, Katie, Tricia, Susan, Lindsey and Josh Wilken of Meadow; four great- grandchildren, Moriah, Isaiah, and Josiah Coyle, Odessa, Ukraine and Trace Olsen, Bluff Dale, TX. Also surviving are her sister-in-law, Margaret Lyon, Lemmon, SD, brothers-in-law, Sam (Joyce)Tidball, Ft. Pierre, SD, and brother-in-law, George (Janet) Wilken, Spearfish, SD. She was preceded in death by her parents, brother, N.F. “Red” Lyon, and sister, Helen Tidball. Memorials will be given to Sunshine Bible Academy and the Coyle Ministry. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.funeralhomesofcaring.com.
Thanksgiving is also the day which triggers the Christmas celebrations and many of them are centered on the sharing of a meal. So much food, so much gathering of family and friends, so much time shared with each other. Although there are many who complain about all this time centering on gathering and feasting, there are not many who are willing to give it up. We enjoy and treasure these food times. As we gather to share friendship and food, we need to also feast on spiritual food. Can we be as excited for receiving the spiritual food that our Lord offers. It comes through his word. It is food for the soul. God’s word nourishes us, challenges us, encourages us and satisfies our longing for God. It is a feast that will sustain us through all our life.
Almost as soon as the series of dinners are over we plan for Thanksgiving. This too is a time when we sit down to a meal shared with people we treasure. Many families have this as the one time of the year when they gather all the extended family together.
We are into what I call the food season. Starting in September a lot of churches have dinners. Some of these are fund raisers for a specific cause, but the most important quality of community dinners is that they bring people together. It is great to have a specific time set aside for gathering with other people and sharing a meal.
Sunday School 9:30 a.m. • Worship Service - 10:30a.m. Wednesday Prayer Mtg. - 6:30 p.m.
Grace Baptist Church • Pastor Phil Hahn Church of Christ
Janet Anne Smith
ment followed at Cortez Cemetery. Pastor Jeff McDonell will officiate. Visitation was scheduled for Friday morning from 9:30 to service time at the church. Janet was born November 27, 1944 in Burtrum, Minnesota the daughter of Adam and Laura (Shinabarger) Vetter. She passed away on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at her residence at the age of 67. On December 23, 1958, Janet married Robert A. “Smitty” Smith in Bison, South Dakota Janet took great pride in her children, being an active mother who was greatly involved in their lives brought her much happiness. She worked many years in the Gordon, Nebraska nursing home and the Vista Grande Nursing Home. Janet found enjoyment in helping the elderly. She enjoyed being outdoors fishing and hunting. Janet liked spending time at the casino. Surviving Janet are her children, Alton Smith and wife, Gwen of Kingman, Kansas, Becky Ferguson and husband, Billy Don of Cortez, Scott Smith and wife, Arlis of Farmington, New Mexico, Don Smith and wife, Bernie of Cortez, Troy Smith and wife, Shara of Cortez, and Steven Smith of Cortez; 19 grandchildren and 36 great-grandchildren; and her siblings, Dean Vetter and wife, Elmie of Watertown, New York, and Joyce Ballard and husband, Walt of Longmont, Colorado; and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Janet was preceded in death by her parents; by her husband, Robert “Smitty” Smith; and by her son, William “Willie” Smith. Services are under the direction of Ertel Funeral Home. For further information or to send condolences, log on to www.ertelfuneralhome.com and click on the obituary section.
Prairie Fellowship Parish ELCA • Pastor Margie Hershey
Indian Creek - 8:00 a.m. • American - 9:30 a.m. • Rosebud - 11:00 a.m.
18 mi. south of Prairie City - Worship Service - 10:00 a.m.
Christ Lutheran Church WELS •
Pastor Gerhardt Juergens
Sunday Bible Class - 8:00 a.m., Worship Service - 8:30 a.m. Tuesday Bible Class - 7:00 p.m. South Jct. of Highways 73 & 20 Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.
Coal Springs Community Church Pastors Nels & Angie Easterby
Seventh Day Adventist Church • Pastor Donavon Kack
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church • Fr. Tony Grossenburg
Saturday Mass: Lemmon - 4:45 p.m., Bison - 7:15 p.m. Sunday Mass: Lemmon - 8:15 a.m., Morristown - 11:00 a.m. Sabbath School - 10:30 a.m., Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.
First Presbyterian Church • Pastor Florence Hoff, CRE
Reva • Sunday School 9:45, Worship Service - 11:00 a.m., WMF 2nd Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Morning Worship - 11:00 a.m. Vesper Service - 6:00 p.m., Wed. Evenings - 7:30 p.m.
Holland Center Christian Reformed Church Pastor Brad Burkhalter • Lodgepole
Worship Service - 8:00 a.m. Worship Service -9:30 a.m.
Funeral services for longtime Cortez, Colorado resident Janet Anne Smith were held at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, October 12 at the Evangel Assembly of God Church, 209 W. 5th Street, Cortez. Inter-
Slim Buttes Lutheran • Pastor Henry Mohagen
Page 6 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
Perkins County cancer trail ride-
Jozi, Reave, Amanda, Kiley, Eric and Jarrett Schuchard enjoy riding.
The Hafner family hosted the trail ride at their Zeona Ranch; Lorri, Nicole, Terry, Clyde and Kate Trigg.
The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 7
-many enjoy the beautiful day
Sunday, October 21, 2012 • 4:00 pm 14 miles south of White Butte or 18 miles north of Bison Serving: Meatballs, Ham, Potatoes, Salads, Dessert Bars, Lefse, Sweet soup, Rossettes & other Nor wegian Delicacies Free Will Offering
Rosebud Lutheran Smorgasbord
Jarrett Schuchard rode for his Grandma Mary.
Frank Vetter was the oldest rider, Reave Schuchard was the youngest rider and Collin Palmer had the most $ pledged.
Page 8 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
FCCLA installs new officers ------------------------FCCLA has been hard at work again this year. With the installation of officers on October 8, the year is officially underway. The elected officers are: Shelly Peck, President; Megan Serr, VP; Kassidy Sarsland, Secretary; Anna Hatle, Treasurer; and Sydney Arneson, Reporter. The officers have been especially busy, meeting before the school year began to plan for the year ahead. They developed a Program of Work outlining the year’s theme, Explore the Possibilities with FCCLA, set meeting dates, as well as selected ideas for fundraisers and ways to involve the chapter within the school and community. Currently the chapter is selling beef sticks and will be hosting a Scentsy party on Sunday, October 14, at the Prairie Lounge. We will also be selling coffee as a new fundraiser this year. As well as fundraising, many activities are planned within the school. A students versus faculty volleyball tournament, the Snowball dance, and collecting pop tabs in the elementary are just a few of the fun activities we are looking forward to this year. Sydney Arneson Reporter Sydney Arneson, Reporter; Kassidy Sarsland, Secretary; Shelly Peck, President; Megan Serr, Anna Hatle, Treasurer
Motto--"Toward New Horizons", Colors--Red and White; Flower--Red Rose; FCCLA is an organization that encourages leadership, responsibility, community and school involvement, and self-confidence.The name of the organization was changed from Future Homemakers of America to Family, Career and Community Leaders of America in 1999 to better identify the organization. FCCLA Week is the second full week in February.
Trivia, test your knowledge
Bison CFEL Christmas Fair Saturday, November 3 for reservations: 605-244-5472 Hettinger Christmas Fair Saturday, November 10 for reservations: 701-928-1112 Lemmon chamber christmas Fair Saturday, November 17 for reservations: 605-374-5716
Eight week contest, there will be eight questions every week, you must answer five of them correctly. All the winners will be put in a hat and a name will be drawn for a prize.
1. Which controversial hero graduated at the bottom of his West Point class in 1861? 2. What decade saw names first appear on the backs of NFL jerseys? 3. How many bedrooms are there in the detective board game Clue? 4. In Air Force slang, what is the meaning of the term “laundry bag”? 5. What company’s logo is called the “swoosh”? 6. In what country did the poinsettia originate? 7. What was Mr Scrooge’s first name? 8. What were Cinderella’s slippers made of in Frenchman Charles Perrault’s original version of the fairy tale classic?
The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 9
Headstart students tour the Bison Fire Station
Back row: Dave Kopren, Ruby Lensegrav, Daemik Wells, Logan Reiff, Hannah Juergens, Cheyenne Hendrickson, Olivia Seidel, Marcella Wells, Heath McKinstry. Front row: Kolt Risty, Cooper Mackaben, Riley Lawhead, Coby Arthur, Brylee Risty, Whitney Thompson, Zoey Kopren.
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Page 10 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 Lady Cards go 1-1 at triangular
Harding County was the site for a volleyball triangular on Saturday with the Bison Cardinals and McIntosh Tigers as their guests. Both varsity and JV teams were invited making a very long day of competition. The Cardinals’ first opponent was the HC Lady Ranchers. It was a rough start to the day for the Cards and they lost in straight sets, 13-25, 15-25 and 13-25. The Cards struggled with serve receive throughout the match which led to very few scoring opportunities. In their second match with McIntosh, the Cards played much better and won in straight sets, 26-24, 2519 and 25-23. Coach Kalin Chapman reported that the squad did a good job serving against the Tigers with only two misses in the entire match. Serve receive also improved with an entry pass on nearly every ball. There were only three serve receiving misses. The kills were plentiful from the Cards with Lenae McKinstry recording 17, Shelly Peck 7 and Kassidy Sarsland, Anna Hatle and Kimberly Peck scoring 5 each. The Cards will travel to Dupree on Tuesday, October 16 for three matches against the Tigers. It will be the final game for the C team. On Monday, October 22 they will finish the regular season with a trip back to Buffalo to meet the Ranchers, starting at 5:30 p.m. October 30 and November 1 and 2 the District 16B Tournament will be held in Bison. This is a great opportunity to come out and support the Cardinals and see some excellent volleyball games.
Cardinals dominate Edgemont Moguls
It was a long trip to the southern Black Hills for the Bison Cardinals football team when they traveled to Edgemont on Friday to take on the Moguls. It was well worth the drive, however, as the Bison boys came home with a 52-7 win to bring their season record to 3-4. Coach Beau Chapman said his team dominated the game from the opening quarter, scoring 27 points to Edgemont’s 0. Playing from the lead gave Coach Chapman the chance to give his bench players some varsity experience. After that first quarter, he began working in the JV players, mostly on defense. Every team member who was dressed saw action in this game and every player recorded at least one stat. The Cards’ scoring slowed down after the opening quarter but remained consistent as they put up seven points in the second, 12 in the third and six in the fourth. The Moguls’ only points were scored in the second quarter. All of Chapman’s seniors scored at least once. Wil Kolb had three TDs, Yancy Buer had two, Lane Kopren one and Ryan Serr added one. All were receiving TDs from Senior Daniel Chapman, who finished the night with 424 yards passing. The other Cardinal to cross the goal line was Junior Seth Buer. The Cardinals played a passing game against the Moguls with six different players making at least two catches. D. Chapman’s completion percentage for the game was 57.1%. The Cardinals will close out their regular season on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. when they host the Dupree Tigers. A victory in this game will keep play-off hopes alive for the Cards. Game Stats: Rushing: D. Chapman, 5/35 yds.; S. Buer, 2/32 yds.; Kopren, 3/28 yds.; Receiving: Kolb, 7/159 yds.; S. Buer, 2/88 yds.; Y. Buer, 7/59 yds.; John Hatle, 3/50 yds.; Serr, 3/41 yds.; Kopren, 2/27 yds.; Passing: D. Chapman, 24/42 for 424 yds., 8 TDs, 1 Int.; Tackles: Kopren, 5 solo, 19 assisted; Kolb, 6 solo, 15 assisted; Hatle, 4 solo, 4 assisted; Clayton Prelle, 1 solo, 7 assisted; Sacks: Hatle, 1; Kopren, .5; Prelle, .5; Interceptions: D. Chapman, 2; Cody Buer, 1; Kickoffs: Kolb, 8/312 yds.; Ty Collins, 1/35 yds.; PAT Kicks: Kolb, 4/8. After seven games of the 2012 season, Kopren remains first in the nation in tackles with 40 solo and 172 assisted. Chapman is first in South Dakota 9B in passing yards with 107/192 for a completion percentage of 55.7% and 1561 yards. Kolb is second in SD9B in receiving with 31 catches for 572 yards and 9 TDs. Also ranked in receiving are Hatle in third place with 23 for 325 yards and Y. Buer in fifth with 23 for 256 yards. All stats and rankings can be found on www.maxpreps.com.
Monday, October 22 Ham & scalloped potatoes cheese omelet salad bar fruit, wg bun milk Tuesday, October 23 soft shell taco lettuce, salsa corn fruit & milk
Wednesday, October 24 Chicken alfredo w/noodles salad bar fruit, wg bun & milk
Dutch Oven Cooking Demonstration
by Margie Hershey and Moriah Walker
Saturday, October 20, 11:00-2:00 Grand Electric Social Room Come and watch them cook and sample the food
Thursday, October 25 Hot dog wraps baked beans salad bar fruit & milk
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The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 11
Daniel Burkhalter wins Region 5B, Boys' team finishes 5th
Three qualify for State Meet
Wow! is the only word I can think of to describe the Region 5B Cross Country meet that was held on October 10 in Philip. The "Wow's!" started in the first race of the day when 7th grader Daniel Burkhalter ran an incredible race, coming across the finish line 27 seconds ahead of 2nd place. After the race there were discussions and questions about whether or not a 7th grader has ever won the Region Meet. Currently there are people searching the record books to determine if history has truly been made. I am one of them. At the very least, none of the people present could remember a 7th grader winning. Daniel's effort left me saying,"Wow!" The second "Wow" came in the same race, only a few seconds later. Josh McKinstry ran the race of his life and qualified for state for the first time. He was running in 21st place, (the top 20 are invited to state), and spent every ounce of energy he had to edge a runner from Crazy Horse and seal his spot at the starting line next week in Huron. Congratulations, Josh, it was a heart stopping finish! Joey Aukland finished 30th and Joseph Kvale 32nd which rounded out Bison's male runners. Our boys' team finished 5th behind Dupree, Philip, White River and Rapid City Christian. The Last "Wow" of the day came when Ruth Burkhalter had a simular finish to Josh. Ruth has been fighting a leg injury this season and has not run for 2 weeks. We were hoping she still had enough to get into the top 20. Ruth was running in the 20th spot and had to run for her life to hold off a late charge by a Jones County runner. It was close, less than a second, but Ruth made it. In all I think the coach only lost 3 years off his life and gained a new cluster of gray hair. But Wow, what a race!
Back row: Joseph Kvale, Josh McKinstry. Front row: Daniel Burkhalter, Ruth Burkhalter and Joey Aukland.
Congrats to 2012 State Cross Country Qualifiers
Good Luck in Huron Saturday, October 20th
This ad paid for by the following proud sponsors Brad & Jennifer Burkhalter & family Don, Dawn & Lenae McKinstry, Eva Davison, Don McKinstry, Sr Don & Vera Kraemer
Ruth Burkhalter, Josh McKinstry, Daniel Burkhalter, & Coach Brad Burkhalter
Ruth Burkhalter
Fern Besler & Margo Kronberg visit us during the Christmas Fair on November 3
down town Bison 244-7777
BISON CLINIC 244-5206 Main Street • Bison
Prairie Community Heath
Page 12 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
Musical training has been found to improve how the brain processes the spoken word. This finding could lead to improving the reading ability of children who have dyslexia and other reading problems.
Tuesday, Brady Ham hauled his cattle home. Thelma Sandgren had Brady and Maurice Ham and Rowdy Benson for dinner. The honey lady delivered honey in the afternoon. Wednesday Thelma Sandgren went and checked on Helen Meink and they exchanged magazines. Brady Ham came back and got a few head of cattle he missed. Friday was Thelma Sandgren’s usual day in Hettinger and she had car trouble, so Jim Miller followed her home and had supper with her and put the battery charger on the car. Saturday evening Al Treib came over to Thelma Sandgren’s to put the battery charger on the car again for her and visited. Thelma thinks she needs a new battery now. Sunday, Lester and Sharon Longwood took Jim and Patsy Miller and Thelma Sandgren to the Indian Creek Church dinner. It was very good and enjoyable. Al and Tiss Treib and Jim Gilland traveled to Hettinger Thursday and went out to dinner. Al Treib and Jim Gilland traveled to Hettinger Friday morning. Myrna Gilland of Onida, SD arrived at the Treib ranch Friday noon. Tiss accompanied her to Hettinger where they met Al and Myrna had Jim for dinner. brought up items for the Clothes Closet and to spend the weekend visiting the Treib’s. Lucas and Donna Allen, Dusti, Stanford, Dally and Peyton and LaKrista Allen, Myrna Gilland and Jim Gilland spent Saturday
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Trouble with the Curve
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..........By Tiss Treib
helping with cattle at the home of Al and Tiss Treib. They were all dinner and supper guests. Every one helped Lucas celebrate his birthday, which was Friday. Lucas, Donna, Dusti, Stanford, Dally, Peyton and LaKrista Allen spent Sunday morning at Al and Tiss Treib’s. Lucas helped trail cattle home. They were all dinner guests and returned to their home in the afternoon. Myrna Gilland returned to her home in Onida Sunday afternoon, after spending the weekend with Al and Tiss Treib. Thelma Sandgren brought her news over to Tiss Treib Sunday afternoon and had coffee and an ice cream treat with Al. Sue Meink and Emily Mauri visited with Helen Meink Saturday afternoon. Bob and Shilo Johnson and Cheyenne DeMoney stopped at John and Shirley Johnson’s Monday morning before taking Cheyenne back to the airport to catch a plane to her home in Phoenix, AZ. Tim and JoAnne Seim were Friday morning visitors of Chet and Mandy Anderson and family. Bonnie Haynes visited at the Tim and JoAnne Seim home Saturday afternoon. Jerry Anderson of Sheridan, WY was a Saturday overnight guest of Tim and JoAnne Seim. Justin, Jo and Jacob Seim arrived Saturday to spend through Sunday with Tim and JoAnne Seim. Nolan and Linda Seim and family attended the Gary and Deanna Skjoldal benefit in Lemmon Sunday afternoon. Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Scranton Monday and visited with Violet Miller at the Western Horizon’s care center on their way home. Patsy, Matt and Christi Miller traveled to Pierre Wednesday to the Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star. They returned home Saturday evening. Jim Miller attended the CAVA soup supper Thursday evening in Lemmon. Albert Keller returned home from work in Montana Tuesday evening. Wednesday, Albert, Bridget and Lil Albert Keller traveled to Bismarck for a baby appointment. While there, they took Lil Albert to Papas Pumpkin Patch and they all picked out pumpkins. Sunday, Bert and Patricia Keller, Trail City, SD came for the day and helped work on the house and get water hooked up.
The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 13
Approximately 90% of the brain's motor control capabilities are devoted to the hands, mouth and throat. With this in mind, experts say that the fine dexterity involved with playing a violin can exercise the entire brain and stimulate general intelligence.
1.1 million Number of students who are home-schooled, or 2 percent of all school-age students ages 5 to 17.
Page 14 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
On October 27, 2012, meet at the Bison Bar at 10:30 a.m. Show passion for pink and wear a pink wig and/or color pink. A $10 registration donation to go to Susan G. Komen fund. Free lunch to follow the walk at the Bison Bar.
Contact Salli Blazey at 605-244-5491 or email salliblazey@sdplains.com with questions, no RSVP required. See poster in Post Office for more details.
Vibes for Vicki Passionately Pink 2 Mile Walk for a Breast Cancer Cure in memory of Vicki Kolb Young.
Gals with local ties walk for a cure
Visit our booth at the KNDC Farm & Home Show on Friday, October 19 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Christmas gift ideas Jewelry & Fashion items Register to win prizes Thrifty White Drug Hettinger, ND 701-567-2533
Peggy Amen Smith, Melody Tescher Hamilton and Salli Kolb Blazey
Participating in the Rapid City Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's on September 29, 2012 at Memorial Park were former Bisonites Peggy Smith (daughter of Frankie Almen and the late Mick Almen), Melody Hamilton (daughter of Irwin Tescher and the late Betty Jean Tescher), and resident Salli Kolb Blazey (daughter of Herb and Jessie Kolb). The women walked in honor if Herb and Jessie Kolb whom both suffer from the disease and reside in the Five Counties Nursing Home in Lemmon, South Dakota. Salli's team was Tracks of My Tears and they earned $200 for the association. It was a beautiful fall day for the walk and the friends enjoyed lunch and the outdoor Autumn Festival in the downtown Main Street Square and sharing childhood memories of family get-togethers. "A world without Alzheimer"s disease" that's the vision of the Alzheimer Association. Their mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research, to provide and enhance support for all affected, and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. To raise funds to achieve this mission the association sponsors the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's annually. It is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's care, support and research. Held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide, this inspiring event call on participants of all ages and abilities to reclaim the future for millions. Together, we can end Alzheimer's disease, the nation's sixth leading cause of death. Participating in the Walk, fundraising dollars fuel the mission-related initiatives of care, support and research. In addition, both through fundraising and participating in the event help change the level of Alzheimer's awareness in communities. At a Walk event, supporters learn more about Alzheimer's disease and the programs and services offered by the local chapter. Participator will also have unique opportunities to get involved with the cause through advocacy initiatives and clinical trial enrollment. These experiences, in addition to other on-site opportunities, help each participant connect to their reason for walking. Alicia Garcia from KOTA news was the guest speaker for this year's event.
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11th Annual KNDC Farm and Home Show
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Hettinger Music Booster’s Lunch 11 am - 1 pm Homemade Knoephla soup Chili / Crackers
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Monday, October 8, 2012 6:00 p.m. City Hall
Bison Town Board
CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL: Chairman Juell Chapman called the regular monthly meeting of the Bison Town Board to order on Monday, Oct. 8, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. All trustees - David Kopren, Luke Clements, Matt Butsavage, Mike Lockert - were present. Others present: Attorney Eric Bogue, Employees Heath McKinstry and Beth Hulm, and Gladys Jackson, press. THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE WAS RECITED BY ALL.
ALL ACTION IN THE FOLLOWING MINUTES CARRIED BY UNANIMOUS VOTE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. MINUTES: 086-2012 – Chapman moved, seconded by Clements to approve the minutes of the regular Sept. 10 meeting. Carried.
STATUS REPORT: Trustees reviewed McKinstry’s written status report with him. The complete report is on file at City Hall. In addition, there was discussion about closing the landfill on Monday nights during fall/winter months; the need for a culvert on north First Ave. West; applying to DENR for the right to irrigate water off full cells at the lagoon; and maintenance at Lions Club Park. DELEGATIONS: None. UNFINISHED BUSINESS Landfill retaining wall: Some of the blocks for the project have arrived onsite. KBM Engineering: Engineer Allan Page sent an email with an adjusted cost estimate for construction of the proposed storm sewer. Revised plans and specs should arrive this week. Page wrote that the board should begin discussing when to bid the project. Attorney Matters: Removal of Uke from city property – Attorney Bogue will send a certified letter to the owner of the uke, with copies to City Hall. If not removed from the premises within a reasonable amount of time, the uke
FINANCIAL STATEMENT: 0872012 – Clements moved, seconded by Butsavage to approve the September Financial Statement as presented. Carried.
NEW BUSINESS Auto Supplement: 089-2012 – Clements moved, seconded by Chapman to auto supplement $236.69 from a Homeland Security Grant to the public works fund for siren maintenance. Carried. Initiative Petition: Trustees were in receipt of an initiative petition, which would revise Ordinance 2000-1, Nuisance Ordinance, regarding possession of any animals within city limits. 0902012 – Kopren moved, seconded by Chapman to hold an election in conjunction with the next municipal election on April 9, 2013. Carried. The petition and proposed ordinance are available for viewing at City Hall. Executive session for personnel pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(1): 0912012 – At 8:30 p.m. Chapman moved, seconded by Clements to go into executive session with Bogue and Hulm to discuss personnel matters. Carried. Chairman Chapman declared the meeting back in open session at 9:10 p.m.
will become city property. Garage on city property: Bogue agreed that reasonable effort had been made to contact the owner of the garage on city property and that it could be re-advertised for sale/removal. 088-2012 – Lockert moved, seconded by Kopren to advertise for sealed bids for the removal of the following buildings at 205 East Main Street in Block 8, Original Town of Bison, SD: a story-and-a-half house (three bedrooms, 1 bath); one 12 ft. by 26 ft. garage; and one 10 ft x 12 ft lawn shed with overhead door and that the buildings must be removed from the property, at bidder’s expense, no later than Jan. 1, 2013 and, furthermore, that the buildings will revert back to The Town of Bison upon failure to comply with removal date and that, in that event, the purchaser's payment would be forfeited. Bids will be opened during the November 5 meeting at 7:30 p.m. Carried.
OPEN FORUM: Hulm reported that there is still one delinquent airport lease, due January 1, 2012. She also informed the board that Shane Steiner, KLJ Engineering, and Andy Vandel, SDDOT aeronautics, will attend the Nov. 5 meeting to discuss the Master Plan/Airport Layout Plan and CIP.
accrual and hourly employees vs. salaried positions; smoking in designated areas; work hours allowed for temporary employees; and cell phone usage. A first reading, with changes, will take place during the Nov. 5 meeting.
The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 15
Weather Wise
OLD BUSINESS Continues…Following business that needed input from Bogue, trustees backed up on their agenda to finish Old Business. Interstate Engineering: DENR responded by letter to the engineering report concerning Bison’s wastewater system as prepared by Nick Hoffman, Interstate Eng., Spearfish. DENR offered comments and asked that certain changes be made to the engineering report. Reimbursement through the small community planning grant cannot be made until the engineering report is approved and engineering invoices received in Pierre. Chapman will be in contact with Hoffman. Employee Handbook revisions: Trustees discussed potential changes to the employee handbook including health insurance premiums; vacation
CLAIMS: The following claims were presented and approved for payment. July payroll by dept –Board of Trustees, $1,650; Fin. Admin., $647.56; Streets, $1,188.87; Parks & Rec, $62.40; Library, $523.90; Econ. Development, $29.79; Liquor, $4,678.27; Water, $1,097.52; Sewer, $592.82; Solid Waste, $1,622.52. Total FICA, $2,205.40. Health Ins, $500, SDRS, $600.88; Supp. Retirement, $35. Angry Beaver Wood/Turf, prof. fees, $2,600; Avera, prof. fees, $59.90; Bill Morris, prof. fees, $25; Bison Bar, supp., $131.30; Bison Clinic, prof. fees, $245; Bison Courier, publishing, $223.87; Bison Econ Development, subsidy, $10,000; Bison Grain Co., supp/equip, $838.02; Bison Imp., repairs/maint., $3.89; Coca Cola, supp., $136; Dakota Feed, supp., $330.85; DPFCU, postage/supp., $283.88; Dakota Pump, repairs/ maint., $7,992.10; Frito, supp., $41.24;Grand Electric, utilities/ repairs/maint., $2,557.29; Hettinger Candy, supp., $751.87; JB & Sons, bldg, $669; Jerome Bev., supp., $1,049.50; Johnson Bros., supp., $801.38; M-B Companies, equip repair, $566.50; Kelli Nelson, equip., $93.28; Northern Improvement, supp., $8.588.50; NW Bev., supp., $4,177.95; NWSDRLA, prof. fees, $2,211.27; Pepsi, supp., $491.35; Republic, supp., $510.84; S&S, supp., $1,772.30; Servall, prof. fees, $70.24; Town of Bison, petty cash, $40.46; WRCTC, util., $266.02. ADJOURNMENT: Chairman Chapman adjourned the meeting at 10:42 p.m.
Crystal Lind Lind Insurance 605-865-3301
November 14th, 2012: all wheat production, winter wheat acreage reporting, to get in or out of PRF, and PRF Acreage due.
We now do electronic signatures so you must come in and sign when making any changes and reporting acreage and/or production.
Incorrect information regarding a spouse or Tax ID # will void your policy but not your premium.
Farmers Union Insurance Agency 404 Main Avenue • Lemmon, SD 57638 605-374-3462 or 1-888-868-3282
NEXT MEETING: The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 5 at 6:00 p.m. ATTEST: APPROVED:
Elizabeth Hulm, Finance Officer Juell Chapman, Chairman Town of Bison
[Published October 18, 2012 at a total approximate cost of $63.68.]
Oct. 9 Oct. 10 Oct. 11 Oct. 12 Oct. 13 Oct. 14 Oct. 15
52 30 69 28 68 31 trace 65 29 73 42 69 31 75 43 One year ago Hi 70 Lo 33
Brought to you by Grand Electric Co-op, Inc.
Date: October 9, 2012 Present: Commissioners Schweitzer, Foster & Ottman, Finance Officer Chapman Others present: Rownea Gerbracht, Kelly Serr, Shane Penfield, Tracy Buer, Mike Haines, Linda Edel, Vaughn Meyer, Dave Lensegrav, Beth Hulm, press Absent: Commissioners Gochenour & Henderson Call to Order Chairman Schweitzer called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Minutes Ottman moved, Foster seconded to approve the minutes following correction: Secondary Road levy, 1.092 (rather than 1.093), motion carried.
Perkins County Commission Regular Meeting
Page 16 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
amount of actual cash $150.69; Insured Money Market $1,770,796.98; Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union membership fee $10.04; Certificates of Deposit $495,531.04; South Dakota FIT $101,495.23; Total $2,391,459.26. The total represents state, county, schools, cities and township funds, which will be transferred to each entity of government after being apportioned. •Sheriff car logs were reviewed. •Sheriff fees were reviewed for August – $717.70 and September - $609.07. •Motor Vehicle fees for the month of September, 2012 were reviewed. •Register of Deeds fees in the amount of $4,783.48 were reviewed. •Longevity increase of 10¢ per hour was realized for Joseph Green on October 1, 2012. Highway Department •The monthly maintenance & project report was presented to the Commission. •John Eastburn and Cody Teller resigned this past month. •Buer would like to advertise for three more positions, one mechanic and two operators. Carson Chord is back from Afghanistan and will start working again sometime this week. •Chip sealing of the streets in the Town of Bison was discussed. The board would like to be informed of the decision to chip seal for other entities in the future. They would also like to see the 2012 billing to other entities for the next meeting. ried. Claims The following claims were presented and approved for payment: September payroll: 80,251.90; IRS, fica, 5,217.93; SD Retirement, retirement, 4,189.37; Delta Dental, insurance, 986.94; Lincoln Benefit, insurance, 116.64; SDSDBF, insurance, 16,580.45; A&B Business, supplies 44.26; Adams Law, Court Appt Atty, 290.20; Allied Mfg, repairs, 68.08; Avera Queen, prof fees, 59.90; Best Western of Pierre, travel, 1,155.00; Best Western of Huron, travel, 264.60; Bison Clinic, prof fees, 172.00; Bison Courier, publishing, 874.44; Bison Food, supplies, 32.84; Bison Implement, supplies & repairs, 3,131.61; Brosz Engineering, prof fees, 630.00; Butler Machine, repairs, 888.79, C Loyson, travel, 116.75 & 207.20; Chapman’s Electronics, supplies, 51.90; Country Media, publishing, 501.10 & 619.36; Crane, Roseland, Hardy, Court Appt Atty, 1,042.32; Current Connection, supplies & prof services, 1,651.14; Dakota Business, supplies, 247.31; Dakota Feed, chemical, 12,182.30; Dakota Lodge, travel, 50.00, Days Inn, EM travel, 100.00; Eagle Nest Ranch, chemical rebate, 369.30; ES&S, election supplies, 680.72; Evergreen Supplies, supplies, 100.16; Lemmon Area Med Assn, prof fees, 22.25; Flint Hills, supplies, 19,855.94; G & O Paper, supplies, 726.20; R Gerbracht, travel, 183.77; J Glover, travel, 130.00; J Goddard, travel, 130.00; Grand Electric, utilities, 1851.75; Grimms Pump, repairs, 119.50; John Deere, repairs, 4,186.59; K Klemann, contract, 500.00; Lemmon EMT, subsidy, 1,728.83; Lemmon IGA, supplies, 11.98; Live Inc, subsidy, 1,500.00; Lodgepole Propane, supplies, 145.38; McLeods, supplies, 358.53; Meade County, prisoner board, 1,705.00; J Merkel, chemical rebate, 349.62; Mom’s Place, supplies, 77.50; NACO, dues, 400.00; NAPA, supplies, 351.11; Nat’l Sheriff Assn, dues, 50.00; NW Farm & Home, supplies, 113.02; S Penfield, rent & utilities, 450.00; Pharmchem, prof fees, 163.60; Philip Paul, supplies, 13.00; Pitney Bowes, postage, 5,000.00; Premier Equipment, repairs, 482.21; Premier Equipment, repairs, 579.11; Ramada, travel, 404.75; SBM, supplies, 1,070.76; I Schmidt, travel, 27.75; SD Dept of Health, prof fees, 115.00; SD Dept of Labor, unemployment Comp, 125.79; SD DOT, repairs, 981.41; SD Human Services Center, prof fees, 434.06; SD LTAP, dues, 70.00; SD Remittance Center, Audit, 10,325.80; SDSA, dues, 75.00; J Seim, travel, 133.20; Sheehan Mack, repairs, 96.44; Sheraton Sioux Falls, travel, 624.00; C Shortridge, chemical rebate, 137.15; Smith Drug, supplies, 7.99; Tennant Auto, maintenance, 195.53; Tessiers, repairs, 3,209.21; Three Rivers Mental Health, rent, 900.00; Thunder Butte Spraying Service, prof fees, 300.00; Town of Bison, utilities, 1,458.88; Verizon, utilities, 120.03 & 120.03; VISA, travel, 93.12 & 190.51; West Group, law books, 596.09; West River Telephone, utilities, 889.49 & 866.08 HLS Grant – Grand Electric, equipment, 1217.10; Stocks Electric, equipment, 2812.70.
Western South Dakota Community Action Board Linda Edel representing Western South Dakota Community Action Board was present to inform the board of the mission of the organization. They would like to have a representative from Perkins County on the Board. When there is a full Commission board present, a representative will be appointed. Monthly Reports •Finance Officers Account with the Deputy Finance Officer - To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners Perkins County: I hereby submit the following report of my examination of the cash and cash items in the hands of the Deputy Finance Officer of this County as of September 30, 2012, Sylvia Chapman, Finance Officer, Perkins County. Total amount of deposits in banks $23,475.28, Total
Employee Resignation Gerbracht informed the board that Jennifer Glover had submitted her resignation. Her last day will be October 26, 2012. Gerbracht requested permission to advertise for the position. Foster moved, Ottman seconded to allow Gerbracht to advertise for the position, motion carried. Abatement Request Ottman moved, Foster seconded to approve the abatement request from LACED on Behrmann Mork Addn, Blk 5 Lot 1 in the amount of $3,182.02, motion carried.
Surplus Property Sale Being the time and place, Schweitzer opened the floor for bids on Part of SWNW 29-14-13. Mike Haines was present place a bid of $100. There being no other bids, Schweitzer declared SWNW 29-14-13 sold to Fairview Ranch Inc, for $100.00, motion carried. Comprehensive Planning Vaughn Meyer and Dave Lensegrav were present to visit with the Commission concerning the Perkins County Comprehensive Plan. A draft of a plan was submitted by Dakota Rural Action to be reviewed by the Commission. The Commission has reviewed this and will take this into consideration as they continue seeking community input on a Comprehensive Plan.
Surplus Property Foster moved, Ottman seconded to surplus ROD computers MPC ClientPro 365 (purchased in 2005) Serial #3909201-0001 and MPC ClientPro 385 (purchased in 2008) Serial #4492834-0001, motion carried. November Meeting Date Foster moved, Ottman seconded to set the November meeting date to November 7th due to the need to canvass the General Election, motion carried.
Adjournment Foster moved, Ottman seconded to adjourn the meeting at 12:01 p.m. The next regular meeting of the Perkins County Commission will be held on November 7, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at the Perkins County Courthouse. ATTEST: APPROVED:
E911 Emergency Manager Serr visited with the board concerning the need to update our E911 Ordinance. State’s Attorney Penfield will be working on the updated Ordinance. Serr also requested a letter from the Commission requesting use of E911 funds for updating our system. Foster moved, Ottman seconded to authorize Chairman Schweitzer to draft a letter of request to utilize E911 funds, motion car-
Sylvia Chapman, Finance Officer Mike Schweitzer, Chairman
[Published October 18, 2012 at a total approximate cost of $85.78.]
The Town of Bison will accept sealed bids for the removal from city property of a story-and-a-half house (three bedrooms, 1 bath); one 12 ft. by 26 ft. garage; and one 10 x 12 lawn shed with overhead door located at 205 East Main Street in Block 8, Original Town of Bison, SD. These buildings may be viewed upon request by phoning 2445677 or 244-5678.
Buildings must be torn down or removed from the property, at bidder's expense, no later than Jan. 1, 2013. Buildings will revert back to The Town of Bison upon failure to comply with removal date and purchaser's payment would be forfeited. Mail or deliver bids to Town of Bison, PO Box 910, 309 1st Ave. W., Bison, SD 57620. Bids will be opened at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 5, 2012. Bids may be increased during the time set for bid opening. Please mark your envelope "Surplus Property." ATTEST: Elizabeth Hulm Finance Officer Town of Bison
[Published October 18, 25 and Nov. 1 at a total approximate cost of $37.56.]
CONSENT AGENDA 31. Motion by Beckman second by Arneson to approve the consent agenda with the following addition: Move executive session to 7:45 p.m. to discuss personnel and to approve the financial reports and the minutes of the September 10, 2012 meeting. Motion carried.
Cash on Hand 9-1-12 Invested in Securities Receipts: Local Sources Interest Taxes Miscellaneous Co-Curricular
GENERAL FUND 12503.37 907816.25 268.10 38044.17 820.95 4295.00 609.39 1306.00 31195.00
CAP OUTLAY 4074.36 521885.14 SPED ED 1471.68 31163.73 8.57 1239.32
The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 17
BOOKS ARE FUN, BOOKS, 164.00; FOLLETT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, TEXTBOOKS, 215.49; GRAND ELECTRIC COOP, ELECTRICITY, 2,099.00 TOTAL CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND $2,478.49 carried. RESOLUTION #105 In as much as, the following items listed below are deemed no longer suitable or necessary for school use, they will be sold by sealed bids or destroyed. SEALED BIDS Parts from Walk-In Freezer 30 Volume set of 1957 Americana Encyclopedias DESTROYED 30 old Volleyballs
ADVANCE PAYMENTS, SUPPLIES, 1,115.71; BISON FOOD STORE, SUPPLIES, 271.02; CASS CLAY CREAMERY, SUPPLIES, 848.75; CHILD & ADULT NUTRITION SERVICE, SUPPLIES, 439.98; GRAGE, KERRY, TICKET REIMBURSEMENT, 23.75; SYSCO FOOD SERVICES OF ND, TOTAL SUPPLIES, 3,162.83 SCHOOL LUNCH FUND $5,862.04 Total Payroll for September-$80,413.07 Elem-$20,745.70; Junior High$4,208.13; High School-$17,271.16; Title-$4,583.88; Library-$3,478.89; Network-$661.79; Supt-$5,556.25; Secretaries-$3,596.46; Fiscal-$2,376.88; Custodial-$5,712.56; Co-curricular$2,176.87; Spec Ed-$7,742.45; School Lunch-$2,302.05 DELEGATIONS None
EXECUTIVE SESSION 37. Motion by Thompson second by Kari to declare the meeting into executive session to discuss personnel. Motion carried. Chairman Kvale declared the meeting into executive session at 7:45 p.m. and back in regular session at 8:56 p.m. OPEN ENROLLMENT REQUEST 38. Motion by Arneson second by Thompson to approve the open enrollment request as presented. Motion carried. NWAS REPORT None
29422.40 47776.34
SUPERINTENDENTS REPORT PTC CONFERENCES Crisis Response Training Telephone Updates Coaching Positions
343.44 1770.19
Total Receipts Total Disbursements Cash on Hand 9-30-12 Invested in Securities IMPACT AID FUND TRUST & AGENCY Receipts Sophomores/Concessions General Fund/Sept Reimb FCCLA/Dues Dacotah Bank/Int
State Sources Medicaid State Aid
Intermediate Sources County Apportionment
239.00 2113.63 36888.78 2374.62 488809.73 1486.89 12513.49 1458.19 20150.62 265.45 5015.49 6339.25 28098.64 48041.79
76538.61 129656.47 18020.04 849181.72
BISON SCHOOL DISTRICT ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY-2nd READING 33. Motion by Beckman second by Arneson to approve the amendment to the Acceptable Use Policy concerning Internet Usage. Motion carried. CONTRACT APPROVAL 34. Motion by Arneson second by Thompson to approve the contract of Kathy Hafner as Special Ed Paraprofessional at $8.40 per hour for the 2012-2013 school year. Motion carried. INSURANCE REQUEST 35. Motion by Thompson second by Beckman to approve the request of Joyce Matthews and Kristen Seidel for their medical insurance. Motion carried.
DISCUSSION ON SHOP BUILDING Marcie Kari presented the board with information about the new shop building.
39. Motion by Thompson second by Kari to adjourn the meeting at 9:09 p.m. Motion carried. Dan Kvale, Chairman Bonnie Crow, Business Manager
[Published October 18, 2012 at a total approximate cost of $78.31.]
[Published October 18, 2012 at a total approximate cost of $74.12.]
Disbursements Charles Verhulst/ Official Fee Keith Hanson/Official Fee Eric Sander/Official Fee Scott Besler/Official Fee Jim Wilkinson/Official Fee Krista Warbis/Official Fee Zeta Drolc/Official Fee Petty Cash/Starting Cash Cass Clay Creamery/ Supplies Bison Food/Supplies Child and Adult Nutrition/ Supplies NASSP/Fees SDAEA/Registration Fee Christi Ryen/Travel Reimb Hettinger Candy Co/ Supplies Coca Cola/Supplies Pepsi-Cola/Supplies BSN Carwash/Services Brock Besler/Official Fee Greg Fried/Official Fee Lead Deadwood School/ Entry Fee The Flower Box/Supplies
2413.90 2294.35 306.00 1.24 140.00 70.00 165.00 140.00 92.20 511.28 384.00 200.00 660.94 171.84 282.93 45.00 75.00 78.35
SURPLUS PROPERTY 36. Motion by Arneson second by Thompson to accept sealed bids for the old freezer parts and to declare 30 old volleyballs and a set of 1957 Encyclopedia Americana as surplus. Motion
The Bison School District will be taking sealed bids on old walk-in freezer parts and 1-30 Volume set of 1957 Americana Encyclopedias. Deadline for submitting bids is Noon on Wednesday, October 31, 2012. Bids should be clearly marked “Freezer Parts Bid” or “Encyclopedia Bid”. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Please send to Bison School District, P O Box 9, Bison, SD. 57620. [Published October 18 and October 25, 2012 at a total approximate cost of $12.35.]
Bison School District is taking Sealed Bids
479.77 1891.20 637.80 25.00 92.94 95.00 40.00 61.00
We had beautiful fall weather all week. I finally got the rest of the potatoes dug and the last of the squash harvested. The weatherman predicts a cold front toward the middle of this week with a possibility of rain. Bring it on. Maybe it will be cool enough so I don’t overheat canning the rest of my tomatoes! The Gideon annual Pastors Appreciation banquet was Monday evening in Bison at the Prairie Lounge. The roast beef supper was delicious, Les and Shaley Lensegrav did a great job with the special music, and there were a lot of good folks to visit with. The interesting speakers for the evening were Harry and Ruth Burma from Platte and LaRue Getz, who was raised at Akaska in Walworth County. Reub and Casey have been taking advantage of the warm weather to do some repair work around here now that they’ve finished putting steel on the barn and adding two sliding doors, big enough to drive vehicles through. On Wednesday, Jim, Vicky and Kent Wilkinson came to help Reub and Casey run a new concrete floor in one of our old steel grain bins. Later in the week Reub and Casey started tearing out the rock
Grand River Roundup......................................................................................By Betty Olson
and cement facing around the basement of Casey and Missy’s house and replacing it with cement board below the siding. They plan to jack up the back deck that has settled and run cement supports under the posts to keep it level. The setting hen has hatched out seven chicks and we moved them from the chicken coop to a room in the finished barn so they don’t disappear like most of other chickens have. Last week we had a dozen hens and four roosters, not counting the setting hen and her chicks, and I was getting two or three eggs a day. A couple days later only two roosters and four hens were left. Evidently a fox or raccoon decimated the chicken population and the survivors refused to enter the chicken coop where their compatriots were slaughtered. The few remaining chickens are roosting in the old coop up at the barn and we haven’t had any more casualties since we started locking them up at night. Now that the remaining hens quit laying altogether, we’re hoping most of the new chicks will be hens! We lost two old friends this week. Lulu Mae (Lyon) Wilken, 79, of Meadow passed away Wednesday. Her funeral was Saturday, at Bethel Free Lutheran Church in Faith with burial in the Chance Cemetery. Robert ‘Bob’ Fitch, 85, of Hettinger died at the Western Horizon Care Center on Friday. His funeral will be this Wednesday at the Hettinger Lutheran Church. Our sympathy goes out to their families. We went to Bowman Thursday evening to watch the Harding County junior high football team lose to the Bowman team. Most of the mothers and grandmothers sat in the stands wearing heavy winter coats and wrapped in blankets and we about froze to death! Butchering season starts as soon as it starts cooling off at night and these guys are at it again. Every year Tony Holt sends three fat hogs down here for Casey, Reub, and Doug Doll. Casey picked the pigs up Friday, the guys butchered that afternoon, and now they’re hanging in the cooler, ready to be turned into pork chops, bacon, and sausage. James Sandgren hooked up the cooler and got it ready to go. Now we just have to figure out how to regulate it. I pickled the pork hearts that afternoon and they taste pretty darn good. I went to the football game in Buffalo Friday to watch Harding County win over Lemmon/McIntosh and the weather was sure warmer than it was for the Bowman game. Taz plays football for Chadron College and they won their game against BHSU Saturday afternoon. Casey, Missy, Lanie, and Trig went down to watch the local players on both teams. Bryce stayed home for the Harding County volleyball triangular in Buffalo. Harding County beat McIntosh and Bison to win the triangular. I attended the Friends of National Rifle Association banquet in Lemmon Saturday evening. Clayton Pederson, NRA field rep for North and South Dakota ran the show, along with Steve Bakken from KFYR radio in Bismarck, and Scott Bachmeier, host of the Dakota Prairie Outdoors radio show. The ladies from McIntosh fed us really well and there were lots of interesting things to buy in both the regular auction and the silent auction. You could also buy tickets to win all sorts of rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammunition, knives, and related items and Dalton Gebhart won a really nice gun! The National Rifle Association released their legislative ratings for 2012 and I’m proud to be one of only six (out of seventy) South
Page 18 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
Dakota House members to get an A plus rating from the NRA. Sen. Ryan Maher was one of only three of thirty five SD senators to get the A plus rating and we were both endorsed by the NRA. All the equipment for hunting and self-defense on display at the banquet Saturday night made me think of this Do-It-Yourself Home Security System: 1. Go to a second-hand store and buy a pair of men's size 14-16 used work boots. 2. Place them on your front porch, along with a copy of Guns & Ammo magazine and several NRA magazines. 3. Put a few giant dog dishes next to the boots and magazines. 4. Leave a note on your door that reads: Hey Bubba, Big Jim, Duke and Slim, I went to the gun shop for more ammunition.”Back in an hour. Don't mess with the pit bulls”- they attacked the mailman this morning and messed him up real bad. “I don't think Killer took part in it but it was hard to tell from all the blood. PS - I locked all four of 'em in the house.“ Better wait outside.
DISPLAY ADS: $4.50 per column inch. CLASSIFIED ADS: $5.90 for 30 words; 10¢ for each word thereafter. $2.00 billing charge applies. THANK YOU'S: $5.90 minimum or $3.10 per column inch. $2.00 billing charge applies. HIGHLIGHTS & HAPPENINGS: $5.90 minimum or $3.10 per column inch. $2.00 billing charge applies. HAPPY ADS: With or Without Picture: $15.00 minimum or B $4.50 per column inch.BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: $36.00 for 2x7 announcement. Ad Deadline is Monday at NOON! Legal Deadline is Friday at NOON! 244-7199 or courier@sdplains.com
For rent: Homestead Heights located in Bison, S.D., has a one and two bedroom apartment available. Homestead Heights is a low-income elderly and disabled Section 8 HUD (Housing and Urban Development) housing facility. We are smoke free. Energy Assistance is available for those who qualify. Utilities are included in the rent. Homestead Heights is an equal housing opportunity. For more information, please call (605) 2445473. B14-tfn Help Wanted Now Taking Applications: The Perkins County Director of Equalization Office is now taking appli-
Advertising Rates:
House for sale by owner, 5 bedroom, 21/2 bath, 2 car garage call 605-4844318. B18-2tc
For Sale
Operator Wanted: Perkins County has job openings for an Equipment Operator. Must have or obtain a valid South Dakota Class A Commercial Drivers License within 30 days of employment. Good Benefits and Wages. For application contact the Highway Office in Bison,SD or call 605244-5629. B17-2tc Lost Lost a ramp off of a car trailer on the Chance Road between Bison and Harold Flatmoe’s, if found call 788-2881. B17-2tc Services Do you want to learn how to play the piano? I will give piano lessons. For more information call Teddi Carlson at 244-5441. B18-2tc Thank You A huge thank you to the Red Hatters and all who were involved in the farewell and retirement party for us. Thanks to all our friends and relatives who came and celebrated with us, to those who sent cards, gifts, and best wishes. ( Thank God the goat decided to keep her residence in Bison). Thanks to Kelli, Kindra, Connie, BreAnn, Jarvis, and Jenny for the great job they did at the Bison Bar, for all who brought snacks, and to the Pearly Shells for the great music--we had a great time and was so fun to see everyone. Thanks Danny and Sherri for your hospitality. Thanks to the Town Board for the beautiful watch and for the opportunity to work for them for 26 1/2 years. We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and to have been a part of such a great community. If you ever get to Bismarck please look us up--we would love to see you. God Bless--We love you all, Linda and Kevin 105 Mulberry Ln Bismarck, ND 58501
cations for a full time clerk/appraiser. Please submit your job application or resume to Perkins County Director of Equalization, PO Box 6, Bison SD 57620. Contact Rownea Gerbracht at 2445623 or 605-490-1594 or e-mail rownea@perkinscounty.org for an application or for more information. Deadline is October 29, 2012. An equal opportunity employer. B18-2tc
The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Page 19
DOUGLAS COUNTY COMMISSION is taking applications for full- time Douglas County Highway Superintendent. Must have valid Class A Driver’s License. Experience in road/bridge construction/maintenance preferred. For application contact: Douglas County Auditor (605) 724-2423.
MANAGER NEEDED for progressive credit union. Excellent benefits and salary. Resumes only submitted to Box 69, Gregory, SD 57533. EEOC.
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY inside Major Retailer. Call for details: 866622-4591. Or email: franchiseopportunity@hotmail.com. LOOMIX® FEED SUPPLEMENTS is seeking dealers. Motivated individuals with cattle knowledge and community ties. Contact Bethany at 800870-0356 / becomeadealer@adm.com to find out if there is a dealership opportunity in your area.
WANTED: EXPERIENCE APPRENTICE or journeyman electrician. Excellent wages and benefits. LEC Inc, Gettysburg. Call 800-568-4324 or send resume to kevin@loganelectric. biz. FOR SALE 2008 35FT. NUWA HITCHHIKER 5th wheel with 4 slides, top of line, used very little. Central Vacuum, washer/dryer, lots of storage. Call 605-845-3907.
Crocheted dish cloths and pot scrubbers are available at the Bison Courier. Also Taking orders for embroidered dish towels for information see Arlis at the Bison Courier or call 244-7199. B4-tfn
NOW IS THE chance to buy a well established & successful business in the State Capitol of S.D. The Longbranch is for SALE (serious inquires only). Call Russell Spaid 605-280-1067.
For Rent House for rent, call Don McKinstry or Max Matthews 244-5934 or 2447158. B16-tfn
EMPLOYMENT RDO EQUIPMENT CO. – Competitive wages, benefits, training, profit sharing, opportunities for growth, great culture and innovation. $1,500 Sign on Bonus available for Service Technicians. To browse opportunities go to www.rdoequipment.com. Must apply online. EEO. PERKINS COUNTY HIGHWAY DEPT. has opening for Mechanic. Good Benefits. Applications are available at Courthouse in Bison, SD or call 605-244-5629.
2000 DUTCHSTAR 38FT. RV. Diesel pusher 320 Cummins, stacker washer & dryer, 2 slides, heated undercarriage, driver side entry door, 38,000 mi. 605-461-9246. HEALTH/BEAUTY PELVIC/TRANSVAGINAL MESH? Did you undergo transvaginal placement of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and present time? If the patch required removal due to complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Johnson Law and speak with female staff members 1800-535-5727. LOTS / ACREAGE / LAND SEALED BIDS: CLARK COUNTY, 160 acres, cropland, waterway & old bldg site, 3 miles N of Bradley, SD. Bids due by November 2, 2012. Contact Pro Realty, Pat Kisely, Broker, (605)354-7653 or http://ProRealtySold.com.
Career Opportunities Contact Bev Stradinger at 605-466-2120 for an application and more information on the following opening at the Bison Clinic:
Prairie Community Health, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.
Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
MATH/PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER - Qualifications: Possess valid SD Teaching Certificate for appropriate level. Experience teaching Native American children preferred. Must pass background and drug testing. Indian preference observed & Lakota speaker preferred. Duties: Maintain individual student records as required including three forms of assessment. Confer with parents as needed for student concerns. Supervise meals, playground and early morning duties as assigned. For a complete job description contact Lisa Bielawski, Principal at 605-823-4235. JOIN OUR PLANKINTON CITY CREW! FT maintenance position. Electric, Streets, Water, Wastewater. Competitive salary. Attractive benefit package. In a growing progressive community. For application contact City Hall (605) 942-7767.
LAKEFRONT BANK LOAN Liquidation $29,900 lake property, 100’ clear water shore; Glacial Lakes region NE SD. Thousand Lakes Realty of Minnesota. 866-346-7006 www.1000LakesMN.com. NOTICES ADVERTISE IN NEWSPAPERS statewide for only $150.00. Put the South Dakota Statewide Classifieds Network to work for you TODAY! (25 WORDS FOR $150. EACH ADDITIONAL WORD $5.) CALL THIS NEWSPAPER OR 800-658-3697 FOR DETAILS.
One Bedroom Apartments The Village Manor, Hettinger, North Dakota Small Pets Allowed All utilities included No Age Limitations Rental assistance available
To view an apartment call 701-567-4118 For further information call 701-290-0206 TTY 1-800-366-6888
CHARLEY’S WELDING AND AUTO Repair, part of Kennebec Telephone Co., seeks full-time Mechanic. Excellent pay/benefits! Submit resumes to rodb@kennebectelephone.com <mailto:rodb@kennebectelephone.co m>. Questions, call Rod or Matt, 605869-2220.
OTR & DRIVER OPPORTUNITY $1500.00 SIGN-ON BONUS! EXP. OTR Drivers, TBI, 33¢/34¢, $375 mo., health ins., credit, 03¢ safety bonus, Call Joe for details, 800.456.1024, joe@tbitruck.com.
Page 20 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, October 18, 2012
October 27, 2012 Judging at 8:30 p.m. Prizes, Prizes, Prizes - unveiling at 9:30 p.m.
Halloween Party
Main Street Bison, SD ¥ 244-5265
Bison Bar
Grade Boys Basketball Jr Hi boys & girls Basketball Varsity boys basketball head & assistant Girls basketball head & assistant
contact Don Kraemer at 244-5961
Will be closing October 26th at 5 p.m. to spiff the place up. Opening again October 29 at 6:00 a.m. Thank You!
Mom’s Place
Get ready for the cold weather! Have your furnace checked & cleaned.
L odg e pol e S tore & Pro pa ne
Lodgepole • 605-564-2173

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