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Volume 30 Number 22 November 15, 2012
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Bison Courier
Bison students create flag for Veterans Day
Price is a stumbling block for new shop at Bison School
By Beth Hulm Following Monday night’s school board meeting, board members are no closer to making a final decision on the construction of a new building that would house a shop and other classrooms. Local contractor Bob Jackson, invited by Committeewoman Marcie Brownlee Kari, sat in on her presentation during Monday night’s school board meeting. Kari prefaced her comments to say that Jackson had given her “a lot of really good information,” including the best way to bid out the project. The board had hoped to have plans and specs drawn up for them and then to proceed with the bidding process themselves. Jackson thinks it would be a mistake to do that; much better to hire an engineering firm and let them handle all of the details, he said. “If something goes wrong, it’s their problem,” he said, “not yours.” If bids could all be from local contractors, Jackson said it wouldn’t be so important to leave the details to a professional but he feels sure that the bids won’t all be from familiar sources. In fact, he predicts that the project that the school is proposing – which could end up costing close to a half million dollars – will have “bids coming out of the woodwork.” Board chairman Dan Kvale really wishes that the project would go to a local contractor. “I have a hard time sending a half million of our local tax dollars out of town,” he said. Jackson further advised that everything be written down, including how much it will cost for change orders. Contracts are important, he said, and there will be many contingencies to consider, including handicap accessibility, plumbing, electricity and much more. An engineer could charge as much as 10% of the project total but, in the long run, it would be worth it, he said. Kari had heeded Jackson’s warnings and approached an engineer who offered a ballpark figure approaching $500,000. The board has budgeted only $300,000 for construction and $25,000 for engineering. Jackson said that renovating the existing building would probably be possible within those budget constraints. New board member Angie Thompson volunteered to research available grant money for school construction. Until finances can be arranged, the project will stay on the backburner. Finding coaching staff for all of the school’s basketball teams has been a challenge for Supt. Kraemer this fall. Steve Senn has consented to coach the 7th and 8th grade girls and two high school seniors, Daniel Chapman and Yancy Buer, will team-coach the 5th and 6th grade boys. Following an executive session (that went one hour and forty-five minutes) action was taken to offer varsity boys’ and girls’ basketball contracts to Corbin Alley and Sarah Holzer, respectively. If he agrees, Alley would also coach the boys’ Jr. High team. In other business, board members tentatively set January 7 at 6:00 p.m. for their annual strategic planning retreat. “All we’re doing there is focusing on (long term) planning,” Kvale said. Traditionally, the board would bring their ideas back to a regular board continued on page 5
A huge paper flag that was a school wide project including every student in K-12. See more Veterans Day coverage on pages 8 and 9.
Commissioners hope that exit interviews will give them answers
By Beth Hulm For the second month in a row, County Commissioners received resignations from county employees. In October, Tracy Buer lost two men from his highway crew and Assessor Rownea Gerbracht lost a staff member. Last week, there were two more resignations from county employees – one more from the highway crew and an office secretary who split her time between the State’s Attorney’s office and the 4-H extension office. Commissioners want to know why they are losing employees. Following an executive session that used up an hour during last Wednesday’s meeting, official action was taken to develop an exit interview process for departing employees. County department heads were instructed to come up with questions to ask those who leave their county jobs. Later in the day, when Buer produced resignation letters from the men he recently lost, Commissioners closed the door again for a few more minutes to read and discuss them. Ideally, Buer’s work crew would be 9 to 10 employees. He’s now 4-5 short as he gears up for winter projects. Until more workers can be hired, Buer was told to place patrols strategically throughout the county where local operators could be hired part-time to assist with necessary snow removal. Commissioner Rusty Foster had already contacted a couple of men in the county who would assist. “There are guys out there,” he told Buer. Juell Chapman, chairman of the Bison Town Board, stopped by to personally present a check for $67,264.31 for work that the county crew did recently on some Bison streets and to sing his praises of the work crew. He thanked the board for allowing the assistance and said, “The guys did a superb job!” Chapman also asked if there could be assistance with snow removal from Coleman Avenue this winter. That street is Bison’s main thoroughfare into town and is a designated truck route. The county crew uses that route when they leave town to plow county roads. Buer didn’t voice any objections. “It doesn’t make sense to drive over it and pack it down,” he said. Coleman Avenue actually belongs to Perkins County and there has existed a long-standing argument over which entity is responsible for its care and upkeep. A similar situation exists in Lemmon. Railway Avenue, once the old Highway 12, has belonged to Perkins County since the 1940s. The City of Lemmon maintains it. Mike Schweitzer, chairman of the Perkins County Commission, would like to deed those roads to the cities and be done with the conversations. Bison recently made a formal request to the county board to help fix Coleman Ave. The town would apply for a Community Access Grant next spring and, if awarded, they’d like the county to help with the remaining matching funds. In Lemmon, the City Council has already secured a $200,000 grant towards upgrading Railway Street. That is part of a much larger project that could be a joint effort of continued on page 10
Bison Public Library is holding a Kindle Fire HD raffle. Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10. The drawing will ne held December 13th, at the Christmas coffee. The Girl Scouts are once again holding their Thanksgiving Turkey Raffle. For the cost of a food item or $1 you can enter to win a frozen turkey. All food and money goes to the local food pantry. Drawing to be held November 19th.
Highlights & Happenings
Colony chickens, smoked chickens and smoked turkeys, call Connie 244-5518
Benefit for Gary Skjoldal, November 17th at Smoky’s in Meadow. Roast beef sandwiches, salads and chips at 6 p.m., auction at 7 p.m., music by Badger Horse at 8:30. Auction items can be dropped off at Smoky’s.
Page 2 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, November 15, 2012 Nutrition Site Menu
Thursday, November 15
Meatloaf oven browned potatoes peas, carrots jello w/peaches Macaroni & Cheese stewed tomatoes butterscotch pudding banana
KEVN Black Hills Fox announces 7th annual Rising Star of the West Scholarship contest
KEVN Black Hills FOX is pleased to announce its seventh annual Rising Star of the West Scholarship contest. This year, thanks to First Interstate Bank, the total value of scholarships is once again at $7,500. The first place winner will receive a $4,000 college scholarship, with $2,000 for second place, $1,000 for third place and $500 for fourth place. High school students will have the opportunity to present commentaries on KEVN Black Hills FOX News on topics important to them. Viewers will then be able to view those videos at blackhillsfox.com and help pick the four finalists and the eventual winner. Students who wish to participate need to shoot a short (1 minute) video of them talking about any subject that interests them. They don’t need to be elaborate productions, since those videos won’t run on air. The videos need to be submitted to KEVN Black Hills FOX, along with an entry form, by December 31st. The 20 students selected for the contest will tape their commentaries at the KEVN Black Hills FOX studios to air beginning in February. The four weekly winners will become finalists and will tape four more commentaries on four common topics to air during the finals of the contest beginning in April. Interested students can get entry forms and rules at www.blackhillsfox.com. They could join our previous winners, Shad Christman of Lemmon High School along with Kaitlyn Hemmingson, Annelise Ewing and Janesa Bakeberg of Spearfish High School, Caila Brennan of St. Thomas More High School and Jordan Barthel of Lead-Deadwood High School as the latest Rising Star of the West.
Parade of trees 2012
The 2012 Holiday Season is upon us and the Perkins County Community and Family Extension Leaders (CFEL) wants you to help celebrate by contributing to the annual Parade of Trees at the Perkins County Courthouse. This event is open to any club, church, school or community organizations and gives those involved an opportunity to be creative and rejoice the Christmas Season. We ask that you follow these guidelines 1. All trees inside of the courthouse need to be artificial. 2. Lights are allowed on the trees inside the courthouse this year. 3. Trees inside of the courthouse are required to have a tree skirt. 4. Inside trees need to be clearly marked with your organizations name. 5. Lights may be used to decorate any tree on the courthouse lawn. 6. Trees need to be put up and decorated on Monday December 3, 2012. During regular courthouse hours (8 a.m. t o5 p.m.), and taken down January 2, 2013. Three anonymous judges will be chosen to evaluate the trees and a monetary prize will be awarded to the three best decorated trees. First place will receive $25.00, second place will receive $20.00, and third place will receive $15.00. The trees will be primarily judged on originality. If you want to reserve a spot in the Parade of Trees, please contact Bernice Kari at 244-5472 or in person.
Friday, November 16
Turkey tetrazzini tossed salad w/french dressing mandarin oranges
Monday, November 19
Tuesday, November 20
Sweet & sour pork steamed rice oriental vegetables grape juice apricots
Wednesday, November 21
Roast beef mashed potatoes w/gravy harvest beets peach crisp
Community Thanksgiving Worship Sunday, November 18th at 7:00 p.m.
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
Freewill Collection for local Ministerial Association Aid Fund
Any one interested in writing Girls and Boys Basketball stories contact the Bison Courier 244-7199.
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Meet the people
Marilyn Carr
orado Occupation.. Homemaker Aide - Therapist Something you wouldn't expect from me I'm a hard worker Someone I admire my extended family of clientele and friends Something my grandparents have passed on to me ... Never lived close enough to enjoy - were old timer's My favorite things..... family My favorite food is .... a good steak and salad Something I do every day.....spend time with clients helping or on phone checking on them. My favorite thing to do during a winter storm...sewing or baking carmel rolls My favorite summer things... mowing, weed eating, I like nice things. I'll never forget the time.... Aunt Elsie got out of old car to check how deep the water was on road, Akron , CO. Wasn't Uncle Fred. Someone who has influenced my life.... My parents - loving family home - taught me well always there for me - hard work never hurt anyone. My favorite season.... Spring - new life Something everyone should get to do at least once ..... Enjoy our Old Timers and stories they have to tell.
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Marilyn Carr Age 11-26--1937 Family 4 children; Loretto Preuss, Laurence and Renee. Nola & Kevin Robinson & Glen & Becky. 9 grandchildren (Loretto)Kaylene Preuss, Samuel & Danelle Neuenschwander, Leslie & Neomi Neuenschwander, Weslie Neuenschwander & fiancee Laura, Louis Neuenschwander. (Nola) Kruze & Abba Rae Robinson. (Larry)Nicole & Barney Frankl. (Glen) Cala & Justin Stane. 6 great grandchildren Chloe & Shelby, WA; Weston & Mason, Rapid City; Keith & Bernard, Pierre. Hobbies.... reading I live in Prairie City. I grew up ...Padroni, Col-
Page 4 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, November 15, 2012
Weather Wise
Senate republican caucus elects leadership
The newly-elected Republican Senate Caucus met today to elect its leadership team for the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions. Returning as Senate Majority Leader will be Senator Russell Olson of Madison. Olson has served in that position since 2011. As majority leader, Olson leads the Senate Caucus, plans the Senate's debate calendar, and represents the caucus in discussions with House Leadership and with the Governor. Senator Corey Brown of Gettysburg was selected by the caucus to be President Pro Tempore of the Senate. In that position, Senator Brown will fill the committee rosters, assign bills to committee, and preside over the Senate when the Lt. Governor is absent. Brown, who had served for the past two years as Assistant Majority Leader, will replace Senator Bob Gray of Pierre, who retired due to term limits. The new Assistant Majority Leader is Senator Tim Rave of Baltic. Rave served the past two years as a Senate Majority Whip, and will now fill the position that was vacated by Senator Brown. The caucus also elected three whips for the upcoming session: Senators Larry Rhoden of Union Center, Ryan Maher of Isabel, and Dan Lederman of Dakota Dunes. "Today's caucus election shows that Senate Republicans are ready to get to work," said Majority Leader Olson. "Senate Republicans look forward to working this session with the Governor, with House members, and with our friends in the Democratic Party to lead South Dakota forward." The Republican's 28-7 advantage in the newly-elected Senate is one of the greatest in recent history. With the exception of the current Senate, which stands at 30-5, the new Senate will have the greatest Republican majority since 1967-68. "The 2012 election was a victory for Republican legislators," said Assistant Majority Leader Rave, who is also the State Republican Chairman. "South Dakotans elected a strong team to represent them in the legislature, and that team is ready to come to Pierre in January and work on behalf of our state."
Get your dancin shoes on and bring your friends!
Friday, November 16th Music begins at 9 p.m.
Sparky’s in Isabel
Will be playing at
Nov. 6 57 35 Nov. 7 63 32 Nov. 8 55 33 Nov. 9 32 26 .10 Nov. 10 29 3 Nov. 11 15 6 .11 Nov. 12 32 4 One year ago Hi 60 Lo 17
Brought to you by Grand Electric Co-op, Inc.
The “doing it daily” challenge
By Richard P. Holm M.D. Something changed in my life two months ago. A nurse at our hospital asked if I would like to join her “Doing It Daily” challenge for $20. She said I should turn my three days a week exercise program into a daily habit. All I’d have to do is walk, run, or bike one mile on the days I’m not usually working out. I thought about the four days a week that I don’t exercise, how busy I am, and wondered how would I find the time to do it. “One mile is only 12 blocks,” she said, glaring at me with the dare. “$20 to take the challenge, and those still keeping the promise of doing at least a mile six days out of the week after a year will split the pot.” So my wife and I both threw 20 bucks into the kitty with 35 others and promised to try to get that mile in every day. At first I thought of it as a nice donation to help encourage other exercisers, but I have been doing it six days out of seven for two months now. On the four days a week I used to take off, I now walk the six blocks to my study spot, a local cafe in the early morning, and then home again before work. Something this good is worth sharing, so I offer the same challenge to you. Start your own group with a $20 pot, a charity gift plan, or just do it for fun. Simply walk, run, or bike at least one mile a day, six out of seven days. If your physical condition presently cannot handle a mile, then make it something shorter. One friend suggested walking the dog six blocks twice a day. That would work. But do it daily. I could mention here all the great things walking can do for you to include better bone strength, energy, memory, and aging with grace, but that’s not the main reason to do it. My morning one-mile walk has become a pleasurable time to observe the beginning of the day, it is easy, makes me feel remarkably good, and what’s more, I just might win some money. I dare you to do it too.
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Obituaries Marcie Locken
ND. Marcie grew up in Isabel and attended school there, graduating from IHS in 2005. She then attended SDSU in Brookings earning a BS degree in Biology in 2009. Marcie liked to rodeo in her high school and college years competing for the SDSU college rodeo team. She qualified for the CNFR in 2007. Marcie was the goat tying champion for NRCA in 2010. Marcie loved working with the young athletes and teaching the young girls how to goat tie. She was a member of the SDRA, and was the Goat Tying Director. Marcie loved the outdoors working with horses, livestock, and her Border Collie dogs. During college Marcie worked for an Assistant Living Center in Brookings, taught Sunday School at St. Thomas More, and taught Spanish to 1st Graders. After college Marcie worked as a Lab Coordinator at the Faith Community Clinic and for Locken Farms. She also helped out in the hay field running equipment. Marcie was a real good hand with and around all the equipment on the farm. She enjoyed brandings, gatherings, and team roping. Marcie will always be remembered for her great smile and giggle. Marcie is survived by her parents Steve and Pam Locken of Is-
The Bison Courier • Thursday,November 15, 2012 • Page 5
Bison School
continued from page 1 meeting for more discussion. A contract was entered into with the Perkins County Fair Board, allowing the school to use the Bentley Building again this winter, primarily for grade school basketball practices. The school’s lease is unchanged at $2,500 for the current school year. A report of the recent audit of the school’s books arrived earlier in the day and assistant business officer Colette Johnson invited board members to review it prior to their December meeting when it will be on the agenda for their approval. Also in December, board members will do their annual evaluation of the superintendent. Each board member went home with a packet, which they’ll complete and then turn into Kvale, who will tally the results for the December meeting.
Mass of Christian Burial for Marcie Locken, age 26, of Isabel was held at 10:30 a.m., MT Monday, November 12, 2012 at the Isabel Community Center. Burial was at the Hillsview Cemetery in Isabel under the direction of Kesling Funeral Home of Mobridge, South Dakota. There was a prayer service Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Community Center in Isabel. Marcie passed away November 7, 2012 at the West River Health Services in Hettinger, North Dakota. Marcie Jean Locken was born to Steve and Pam (Alley) Locken on September 12, 1986 in Hettinger,
abel, SD, brother Joe (Mandy) Locken of Isabel, SD, sister Cara (Jerry) Lei of Bowman, ND, nieces and nephews Kendyl, Talley, Lexi, Blaise, and Blake, and grandparents Maurice and Madonna Alley of Isabel, SD, grandpa Harold Locken of Isabel, SD, grandma Alice Lutz of Gillette, WY, and special babysitter Glenna Reich. She is preceded in death by her paternal grandma Dawn Locken. Casketbearers were Tyler Nash, Tee Burress, Patrick Maher, John Maher, Deon Dorsey, Chuck Schmidt, Dane Maher, Todd Lindskov, Aaron Lindskov, Kade Bollinger, Chad Peterson, Grant Perterson, Kolby Porch. Honorary Bearers were Marcie's Rodeo Family and Anyone that has shared a smile or giggle with Marcie. Ushers were Paul Alley, Jim Bob Dorsey, Mark Lindskov, Brady Burress, Jared Podratz. Special music was provided by Arlie Hulm - "That Girl is a Cowboy"; Janal Biegler and Morgan Ducheneaux "Wind Beneath My Wings" & "Amazing Grace"; Congregational Hymns are "On Eagle's Wings", "Amazing Grace", "Peace is Flowing Like a River", "Be Not Afraid", "Song of St. Francis".
There was discussion about a new program through the SD Dept. of Education whereby junior and senior students who don’t score high enough on their ACT tests in math and English could take internet classes for $125 each to improve their scores. Doing so would help them avoid paying for high-cost classes after they get to college….classes that take precious time out of their schedule and for which there is no credit given. Other discussions centered on a school website and the maintenance it would require; and more training in emergency preparedness, should the school ever have to do a lockdown to keep students safe. Dan Beckman attended a recent Northwest Area School board meeting by teleconference. He had nothing specific to report, only that things are “goin’ good.”
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Bob and Betty Walikainen and two friends visited with Bernie Rose and Evie Reed one day this past week. Fred Reede was a dinner guest of Bernie Rose and Evie Reed one day this past week. Father Tony called on Bernie Rose and Evie Reed one day this past week. Carolyn Petik was in Lemmon Tuesday. She was a brief caller at Irene Young's and then attended the Regional Volleyball Match. The LHS Pep Band provided pre-game musical entertainment. Wednesday Carolyn Petik and Jeri Lynn Bakken attended the District Oral Interp contest in Timber Lake. Thursday, Carolyn and Jerry Petik were among several friends and neighbors who gathered to help Ernestine Miller celebrate her 95th Birthday. Thursday evening, Jerry attended a Community Development meeting in Lemmon. Sunday, Jerry and Carolyn Petik attended the Medical Benefit for Sid and Brenda Milliken. Bill Hirchert from Piedmont was a weekend hunting guest at Petiks. Thursday afternoon Bev Schopp attended a birthday party for Ernestine Miller. Katie and Kelly Schopp visited with their grandparents, Fred and Bev Schopp Saturday evening.
Meadow News
By Tiss Treib
Pastors Perspective
PRAYER AND PATRIOTISM “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is ONE God and ONE mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men.” I Timothy 2:1-6. We just had the privilege to have an election in our great land. Most of us have been tired of the campaigning for months and years and depending on who you talk to the election may have gone the right way or the wrong way, as we see it. I personally haven’t visited with anyone who is thrilled with some of the results anyway and many who are afraid of what to look forward too. But this scripture instructs us to pray for those in leadership and authority. This is hard to do sometimes when we do not agree with what they are doing. That is all the more reason to pray. I am writing this on Veterans Day and because of those that have served our country in and out of wartime, and even in wars many looked on as unnecessary and wrong, have kept the freedom we enjoy so we can even have an election. When you look back in history to our founding fathers there is no question they had a strong belief in God and their founding principles displayed that faith and belief. When the Apostle Paul wrote this letter to Timothy He expressed the need to give thanks as well and we truly have much to be thankful for. The last part of these verses gives us the real meaning of thankfulness, that Jesus paid the ransom for sin and God’s desire is that all come to the knowledge of the truth and believe in Christ as their personal savior. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Slim Buttes Lutheran Pastor Henry Mohagen
Sunday School 9:30 a.m. • Worship Service - 10:30a.m. Wednesday Prayer Mtg. - 6:30 p.m.
Grace Baptist Church • Pastor Phil Hahn Church of Christ
Prairie Fellowship Parish ELCA • Pastor Margie Hershey
Indian Creek - 8:00 a.m. • American - 9:30 a.m. • Rosebud - 11:00 a.m.
18 mi. south of Prairie City - Worship Service - 10:00 a.m.
Christ Lutheran Church WELS •
Pastor Gerhardt Juergens
Sunday Bible Class - 8:00 a.m., Worship Service - 8:30 a.m. Tuesday Bible Class - 7:00 p.m. South Jct. of Highways 73 & 20 Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.
Coal Springs Community Church Pastors Nels & Angie Easterby
Seventh Day Adventist Church • Pastor Donavon Kack
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church • Fr. Tony Grossenburg
Saturday Mass: Morristown - 4:45 p.m. Lemmon - 7:15 p.m., Sunday Mass: Lemmon - 8:15 a.m., Bison - 11:00 a.m. Sabbath School - 10:30 a.m., Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.
First Presbyterian Church • Pastor Florence Hoff, CRE
Reva • Sunday School 9:45, Worship Service - 11:00 a.m., WMF 2nd Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.
Holland Center Christian Reformed Church Pastor Brad Burkhalter • Lodgepole
Worship Service - 8:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. • Worship Service -10:30 a.m.
Slim Buttes Lutheran • Pastor Henry Mohagen
Prairie City Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Morning Worship - 11:00 a.m. Vesper Service - 6:00 p.m., Wed. Evenings - 7:30 p.m.
Beckman Wesleyan Church • Pastor Brad Burkhalter
Page 6 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, November 15, 2012
8th grade students study wind --------
Jacob Kolb, Kim Kvale, Toss Collins, Sydney Senn, Josh McKinstry, Madelyn Seidel, Sara Hatle, Julianna Kari, Dylan Beckman, Jacob Schalesky, Ty Collins, Greg Voller, Jenna Kari, Nicoel Hafner and Rebecca Spangler
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EOE/M/FV/D Drug Free Workplace Employer
Must have good work ethic. FREE C.N.A. certification Complete wage and complete benefits package for FT. For more information call Human Resources at 605-374-3871 or get application at Five Counties, Box 479, Lemmon, SD 57638. fch1@sdplain.com
Seeking persons for •CNA - FT/PT •RN and LPN FT/PT
Need extra cash? Job security as a trained health care worker.
Bison High School
1st nine weeks honor roll
"A" HONOR ROLL Jim Brockel Matthew Johnson Tylee Lundberg Tuff Seim Gracee Veal "B" HONOR ROLL Hope Crabtree Christapher Fisher Jacob Kahler
7th Grade
Ross Collins Sara Hatle Jenna Kari Julianna Kari Madelyn Seidel Rebecca Spangler Reed Arneson Collin Palmer Tori Voller
8th Grade
Dylan Beckman Nicole Hafner Jacob Kolb Kimberly Kvale Joshua McKinstry Jacob Schalesky Sydney Senn Cody Buer Cole Buer Marranda Hulm Reece Leonard Paden Sexton
Tuesday, Johnson’s sorted cattle at the Sandgren ranch and Thelma went to Lemmon to vote. Vince Gunn stopped in at Thelma Sandgren’s Tuesday and brought her some good brown eggs. Wednesday, Steve Sandgren and Mike Schmeltzer were dinner guests of Thelma Sandgren and later John Johnson had a coffee break. Thursday, Al Treib and Jim Gilland delivered Thelma’s cat food that Tiss had brought home the day before, they had a coffee break with Thelma. Steve Sandgren and Mike Schmeltzer had lunch with Thelma. Friday, yes, Thelma Sandgren stayed home. Georgia Sandgren of Sturgis came up to spend the weekend.
Rosebud News ..................................by Tiss Treib
Saturday, Thelma and Georgia made lefsa and enjoyed themselves and Sunday afternoon she went back to Sturgis. Al and Tiss Treib made a trip to Rapid City Monday. Tiss Treib sat on the election board in Lemmon Tuesday along with Patsy Miller and Sharon Longwood. Jason Hanson, Rick and Carolyn Rieck of Sioux Falls arrived Friday evening at Al and Tiss Treib’s. Al and Tiss made a trip to Lemmon and they all went out to supper together. Saturday, Jason Hanson, Rick and Carolyn Rieck hunted at the Treib ranch. Lucas Allen, Dusti, Stanford and Dally and LaKrista Allen came out to the Treib ranch Saturday morning. They were joined by Lynn Frey and Jim Gilland and they preg tested cows. They were all dinner guests and in the afternoon, the guys played “The Farming Game” for six hours. They were all supper guests and left later in the evening. Jason Hanson, Rick and Carolyn Rieck called on Al and Tiss Treib Sunday. Last Sunday, Shirley Harris traveled to Bismarck where she met Denise, Rebecca, Kristina, Zachery, Brooklyn and Daniel Haugen. Lee Jenkins of Aberdeen and a friend visited with John and Shirley Johnson Saturday and Sunday.
The Bison Courier • Thursday,November 15, 2012 • Page 7
Max Smebakken helped John and Gary Johnson haul to town this week. Thelma Sandgren was a Thursday afternoon coffee guest of John and Shirley Johnson. Don Meink arrived Wednesday at Helen Meink’s to spend time with family. Justin and Jo Seim and Jacob of Belle Fourche arrived Saturday at Tim and JoAnne Seim’s. Chet and Mandy Anderson and family and Justin, Jo and Jacob were Saturday supper guests of Tim and JoAnne Seim. Keith and Bev Hoffman traveled to Glenden, MN to visit Paul, Harmony and Amya Hoffman Tuesday, they returned home Friday. Albert Keller returned to the rigs Tuesday at New Town, ND. Bridget Keller went to Lemmon to vote Tuesday. Wednesday, Bridget and Lil Albert Keller traveled to Hettinger. Sarah Dreiske came out Friday and helped Bridget Keller unpack into their new house. Dawn Harris, Bridget and Lil Albert Keller spent Saturday at the Christmas Fair in Hettinger. Jim and Patsy Miller traveled to Hettinger Thursday. Patsy Miller called on Nolan and Linda Seim Friday evening. Sharon Longwood spent Sunday with Patsy and Jim Miller. Jasmine Seim spent the weekend with Greta and Ella Anderson. Patsy and Christi Miller traveled to Bismarck Monday.
9th Grade
Layton Hendrickson Madison Hulm Tyler Kari Elyssa Veal Sydney Arneson Charlotte Johnson Tyler Plaggemeyer Beth Seidel Julianne Veal
10th Grade
Kiana Brockel Tessa Kopren Kimberly Peck
11th Grade
Rick Oldaugh Construction
30 years experience
Daniel Chapman Anna Hatle Wil Kolb Lane Kopren Shaley Lensegrav Shelly Peck Megan Serr Ryan Serr
12th Grade
Seth Buer Kayley Johnson Stephanie Kolb Michael Kopren Joseph Kvale Lenae McKinstry Christopher Morris Conner Palmer Clayton Prelle Brianna Sexton Dodge Weishaar Brittnee Aaker
Wednesday, November 21
Tuesday, November 20 Chili salad bar wg bun fruit milk Sausage patty egg patty wg bun salad bar fruit & milk
Monday, November 19 Lasagna coleslaw salad bar peaches wg bun milk
Thursday, November 22 THANKSGIVING NO SCHOOL
pole buildings • garages roofing • siding custom homes excellent craftmanship
307-689-4820 insured • free estimates
Page 8 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, November 15, 2012
Veterans Day program 2012
Dan Kvale
Color Guard back row Clyde Hafner, Bill Morris, Harold Heupel. Front row Jerry Landis, Arlen Aaker, Gary Juergens, Eric Kahler.
Frank Vetter
Merle Hulm David Storm Arlen Aaker Eric Kahler
Darrol Aukland
Matt Butsavage
Don Kraemer
The Bison Courier • Thursday,November 15, 2012 • Page 9
Loyd Veal Back row: Dodge Weishaar, Joseph Kvale, Tucker Watson Veal, Ross Collins, Matthew Johnson, Lenae McKinstry. Middle row: Joey Aukland, Jim Brockel, Jon spangler, Darrick Sacrison, Charlotte Johnson, Kayley Johnson, Julianna Kari. Front row: Kim Kvale, Tylee Lundberg, Nicole Hafner, Gracee Veal, Anna Hatle, Jenna Kari, Sara Hatle.
Bob Crow
Bison School and the surrounding community gathered in the school gym on Monday, November 12th, to honor and thank the veterans at the annual Veterans Day program. The fourth, fifth, and sixth graders greeted the veterans as they arrived and pinned beaded flag pins on them that the classes had made especially for the veterans. The gym doorway was decorated with posters made by the Kindergarten, third grade and high school government classes. The posters included photographs, pictures and 3-D art. The eye-catching backdrop behind the speakers and parade participants was a huge paper flag that was a school wide project including every student in K-12. Each class designed a stripe that they decorated with messages to thank the veterans for their service. The high school art classes had a display for the community to view. On the first day of school they were challenged to start designing a project that would include a small American flag. The students were given the option of many different materials. Craft sticks seemed to be the most popular material, but there were more unusual items like a huge bar of soap and a flag made out of pipe cleaners. Superintendent and Veteran Donald Kraemer welcomed the audience to the program. He asked that everyone remember fellow veteran Emil Schell and his wife, Gladys, as they had lost their home and belongings to a fire. Following the welcome, Tyler Kari and Kianna Brockel announced the Patriotic Parade. Kindergarten, first, second and third grades, along with students of the Christ Lutheran Preschool, waved flags and thanked the veterans with headbands, banners and pinwheels they had made as they marched around the gym. The fourth grade students carried photographs of their special veterans and told about each one. The fifth and Steve Vetter sixth grade classes carried flags and recited the Preamble to the Constitution. Mrs. Teddi Carlson provided patriotic piano music during the parade. Bison American Legion Color Guard posted the colors, and Anna Hatle sang the National Anthem. The Junior High/High School Chorus performed three selections, including This Land Is Your Land, America the Beautiful and God Bless America. The highlight of the program came as the veterans stepped to the microphone and introduced themselves, telling their branch of service and where and when they served. The audience responded with many rounds of applause and a standing ovation. The colors were retired by Bison American Legion Post Color Guard, and Warren Veal, trumpeter, played Taps. The program concluded with refreshments and a time of visiting with the veterans. It was a great privilege to be able to honor and thank the veterans.
Jim Wishard
Darwin Oliver Jim Haggart
Glen Worthen
Gary Lensegrav
continued from page 1 the City and Perkins and Adams Counties. A young engineer and Lemmon native, representing a Bismarck firm, was at last week’s meeting to discuss that project, which could cost $36,146,000. Most of that cost would belong to Adams County; Perkins County’s share would be approximately $5,351,000 and the City of Lemmon’s $4,196,950. The engineering plans are to build the road with 12 ft. lanes and 2 ft. shoulders, which would bring it to current design standards, according to the engineer. Foster said that the numbers were “huge,” compared to what it cost for the Highway 73 project cost this past summer. The number one reason for fixing Railway Avenue and the Theater Road which joins it to Highway 12 is that it sees “significant truck traffic” by Southwest Grain customers. “That’s a lot of money to spend on a business that brings in $6,000 (per year) in tax dollars,” Foster said. He added that it would take a long time to recoup the expenditure. Schweitzer agreed that it would take a “creative funding solution.” The project might have to be down-scaled, he said. “This is a Cadillac; we may end up with a Volvo.” The project could also be built in phases. Ida Schmidt, 4H/Youth advisor for Perkins and Harding Counties, gave a report about what’s happening in her offices. She thinks that the changes that the state made over a year ago, when they established regional extension centers and separated 4H from them, is being accepted. Foster told her that he’s been “impressed” with the transformation. He admitted that he wasn’t optimistic that it would work because the job description for the advisor position was “so vague.” Jill Olson, Lemmon, the new secretary for Community Health Nurse Patti Benson, was introduced by Benson to the board. Wayne Henderson was appointed to his second board that holds monthly meetings in Rapid City. He’ll represent Perkins County on the Western SD Community Action Board as well as on the Black Hills Council of Local Governments. Blaise Emerson, Director of BHCLG, will be invited to present public meetings, tentatively on Dec. 4, in Lodgepole, Lemmon and at Indian Creek Church, to explain Comprehensive Planning and Zoning Ordinances. Emerson met with a group in Bison earlier this fall. The last order of business on Wednesday’s agenda was to canvass the General Election of the previous day. The accompanying spreadsheet was prepared by Sylvia Chapman, Perkins County Finance Officer.
Page 10 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, November 15, 2012
The Bison Courier • Thursday,November 15, 2012 • Page 11
Anyone interested in writing Girls and Boys Basketball stories contact the Bison Courier 244-7199.
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il ’ & s Pai n Bo dy t
T i PC tle C
Ja Tr ckson enc hin g
Bi Co son uri er
Da k Pla ota i FC ns U
Bis ple on me nt
Bis od on Sto re
Bi s Gr on ain
Br i Re xey pa ir
Page 12 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, November 15, 2012
Palace Theater
TREE FACTS – Pros & Cons of Weed Control Fabric
seedlings during drought cycles, in sandy soils, on upland sites, and on naturally arid sites thereby reducing replanting costs. It is very important to protect newly planted tree seedlings from competition for at least four years. Weed control fabric will keep competing vegetation away from the trees. Without fabric, competition must be controlled by spraying herbicides and/or tillage several times during each growing season. Weed control fabric originally was thought to decompose after approximately five years; however it is not uncommon for it to be almost as good as the day it was laid down after 10-20 years. As trees and shrubs grow in diameter they can begin growing over the fabric, eventually, girdling and killing them. To prevent these problems it is recommended after 5 years or so to cut the fabric back away from the plant stem so it has more room to grow. A homemade tool for this can be made, by fastening a box cutter to the end of a long stick, broom or shovel handle. The use of weed control fabric has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the following: applied only once, increases chances of survival and establishment, increases growth rates immediately following planting, easier, more timely and longer lasting weed control and comparable cost to other weed control methods when averaged over 5 to 10 years. The disadvantages include the following: initially expensive, requires special machinery and trained crew to install, proper installation is critical to avoid air pockets and to prevent wind from unraveling it, doesn’t breakdown and disintegrate, trees may be girdled and killed, suckering of shrubs is restricted and dense sod can become established on top of fabric complicating future maintenance. Weed control fabric requires management. It should be inspected at least annually to ensure that the edges are firmly anchored, ensure that the openings are not damaging the trees, to keep soil and organic matter off of fabric, to control aggressive weeds that may establish in fabric openings and to enlarge openings as needed to prevent stem girdling. Weed control fabric has greatly increased tree planting success and vigor in conservation plantings but it is not trouble free. You cannot have the trees planted, weed control fabric laid and never go back. Regular maintenance is needed in order to achieve optimum growth and survival. In addition to maintenance grass and weeds between the rows need to be mowed several times during the growing season to reduce competition to the tree seedlings. Tillage can be done instead of mowing but can cause damage to the fabric or roots of the seedlings. Since fabric can inhibit suckering of some shrub species, another weed control method may be more appropriate for certain types of plantings. My sources for this news release were the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and SDDA Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry. If you would like more information about “Pros & Cons of Weed Control Fabric,” contact Bob Drown at the Conservation Office at 605-244-5222, Extension 4 or by e-mail at robert.drown@sd.nacdnet.net.
Breaking Dawn 2
Special Showing Nov. 15 - 10 p.m. Nov. 16 - 18
surround sound Lemmon 374-5107 8:00 p.m. nightly PG-13 116 minutes
Twilight Saga:
By Robert W. Drown, Natural Resource Specialist Weed control fabric is made of strands of black polypropylene fabric tightly-woven like burlap. It is used as a method of reducing competition from grass and weeds and conserving moisture for tree seedlings especially in shelterbelts. The use of weed control fabric increases the cost of tree plantings considerably and poses some management/maintenance considerations. However, it can improve survivability and growth of tree
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Dakota Farm Equipment Lemmon IGA
Spring 2012 newly planted shelterbelt with weed control fabric.
Smith’s Drug
State Farm Insurance
Bank of the West
Dakota Auto Parts
Lemmon Pit Stop Shane Penfield Attorney at Law
Alaska Cafe
Saturday, November 17 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Located at the Beeler Building on Main Street
Lemmon Christmas Fair
Summerville Store
Over 80 vendors - featuring
crafts, food, home based business & more!
Concessions available
Monday, November 5, 2012 6:00 p.m. City Hall
Bison Town Board
sulted in some of the bigger new meters not registering correct monthly usage.
CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL: Chairman Juell Chapman called the regular monthly meeting of the Bison Town Board to order on Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. All trustees - David Kopren, Luke Clements, Matt Butsavage, Mike Lockert - were present. Others present: Andy Vandel, Shane Stiener, Steve Cameron, Lyle Rieff; Employees Heath McKinstry and Beth Hulm; and Teddi Carlson, press. THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE WAS RECITED BY ALL.
ALL ACTION IN THE FOLLOWING MINUTES CARRIED BY UNANIMOUS VOTE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. MINUTES: 092-2012 – Butsavage moved, seconded by Lockert to approve the minutes of the regular Oct. 8, 2012 meeting. Carried.
FINANCIAL STATEMENT: 0932012 – Clements moved, seconded by Kopren to approve the October Financial Statement as presented. Carried.
Graphic Designs & Printing
ce Ag
STATUS REPORT: Trustees reviewed McKinstry’s written status report with him. The complete report is on file at City Hall. As a result of a recent sewer inspection/root removal by A-1 Sewer & Drain, Rapid City, McKinstry was instructed to proceed with fixing a collapsed sewer main. He will also pick up Trac phones for use by city employees. There was discussion regarding a data entry error that has re-
7:30 P.M. BID OPENINGS: 094-2012 – Kopren moved, seconded by Clements to open bids, as advertised, for the removal of three buildings from city property at 205 East Main Street. 095-2012 – Butsavage moved, seconded by Chapman to accept Eric Newman’s high bid of $205.01 on the 12 x 26 ft. garage and Lyle Reiff ’s high bid of $106.01 for the 12 x 12 ft. shed. Carried. There were no bids received for the story-and-a-half house.
d He
OPEN FORUM: Employee evaluations will be performed soon. Trustees will develop criteria.
CLAIMS: The following claims were presented and approved for payment. October payroll by dept –Fin. Admin., $646.70; Streets, $1,199.11; Airport, 35.08; Parks & Rec., $450.57; Library, $542.66; Econ. Development, $18.62; Liquor, $5,006.19; Water, $495.65; Sewer, $672.60; Solid Waste, $2,055.46. Total FICA, $2,127.88. Health Ins, $500, SDRS, $642.68;
w vie
nE sio xpres ns -
DELEGATIONS: Airport CIP Shane Steiner, KLJ Engineering and Andy Vandel and Steve Cameron, SDDOT Aeronautics, made an annual appearance to discuss Bison Municipal Airport’s 10-year Capital Improvement Plan. Crack sealing, scheduled for 2013, and pavement rejuvenation of all airside pavements, scheduled for 2014, will both be completed next summer using DOT grant money. Bison’s projected 2% cost share of the $60,000 project will be $12,000. Earlier trustees deleted any runway expansion to the west from the plan, citing lack of room. Trustees discussed the need for a cardtrol fuel system, which the engineers said might be eligible for federal funding through entitlement funds. Steiner will research those costs. Speakerphone conversation with Allan Page, KJM, Engineering – Page phoned in during the meeting to provide a progress report regarding the proposed storm sewer project. He is just waiting to get the go-ahead approval from DENR in Pierre, regarding resubmitted plans and specs. Trustees are concerned that they are spending too much money on engineering fees, while seeing no progress with the project. A public hearing has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 7 p.m in the Grand Electric Social Room to determine if the public supports moving forward with the storm sewer project,
NEW BUSINESS Liquor License renewals: It was the general consensus of trustees to approve 2013 liquor licenses for Bison Municipal Bar (on and off sale) and for the American Legion Post #255 (on sale). Chairman Chapman and Finance Officer Hulm signed the paperwork. The application for Prairie Steakhouse and Lounge was not renewed, pending their intended closing on Dec. 22, 2012. Auto Supplement: 096-2012 – Clements moved, seconded by Chapman to auto supplement $7,716 to the airport budget from grant #3-46-000306-2010. Carried. Supplemental Appropriations: 097-2012 – Clements moved, seconded by Butsavage to approve the first reading of Ordinance 2012-3, which would move $20,000 from undesignated surplus in the General Fund to the street budget. Carried. A second reading will take place at a special meeting, tentatively set for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 27. December meeting dates: The regular meeting was unchanged from Monday, Dec. 10 at 6:00 p.m.; the special year-end meeting was not scheduled. Golf Course Mower: 098-2012 – Kopren moved, seconded by Chapman to allow Bison Country Club to purchase a John Deere mower from Dakota Farm Equipment, Lemmon, for $3,367, through the Town of Bison’s state bid process. Roll call vote: Chapman, aye; Clements, aye; Butsavage, nay; Lockert, aye; Kopren, aye. Carried 4-1. Hausauer quote: Trustees approved a $415 quote from Hausauer’s Seamless Products, Lemmon, to supply and install 49 ft. of 5 in. seamless gutters with two downspouts on the east end of the pump house. RETIREMENT Trustees acknowledged receipt of Library Director Jan Gossman’s intent to retire, effective January 1, 2013. Gossman has held the position for 14 years.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS Landfill retaining wall: The project is about 80% complete. Engineering report for lagoon projects: All comments from DENR have been addressed and the plans and specs are awaiting state approval.
EXECUTIVE SESSION FOR PERSONNEL PURSUANT TO SDCL 125-2(1): Chapman moved, seconded by Clements to enter executive session at 9:58 p.m. Chapman announced open session again at 10:05.
Supp. Retirement, $35; 701 Foods, supp., $340; A-1 Sewer & Drain, repairs, $2,932.90; Bison Bar, prof. fees, $350; Bison Courier, publishing, $93.48; Bison Grain Co., supp, $150.08; Bison Imp., repairs/maint., $950.51; Coca Cola, supp., $147.50; Dakota Feed, supp., $326.14; DPFCU, travel/postage/supp./repairs, $825.88; Dept. of Rev., sales tax, $1,918.50; Flint Hills, supp., $40,433.91; Frito, supp., $84.24;Grand Electric, utilities, $2,133.08; HD Supply, supp., $3,359.29; Hettinger Candy, supp., $1,322.62; Jerome Bev., supp., $3,251.80; Johnson Bros., supp., $1,518.38; KBM Eng., prof fees, $13,077.07; Lockert, M., travel, $145.02; Kelli Nelson, supp., $96.71; NW Bev., supp., $3,185.35; NWSDRLA, prof. fees, $2,061.27; One Call, prof. fees, $14.70; Pepsi, supp., $804.50; PCRWS, water, $3,686.50; Perkins County Sheriff, prof. fees, $3,000; Republic, supp., $1,716.41 SD Municipal League, ins/conf/dues, $5,375.68; SD Airport Management, dues, $25; SD Assoc of Codes, dues, $40; SD Finance Officer Assc., dues, $40; SD Human Resources, dues, $25; SD Liq. Control Assn., $25; SD Street Maint., dues, $35; Servall, prof. fees, $74.64; WRCTC, util., $260.85.
The Bison Courier • Thursday,November 15, 2012 • Page 13
ADJOURNMENT: Chairman Chapman adjourned the meeting at 10:07 p.m. NEXT MEETINGS: A special meeting/public hearing is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 6:30/7:00 p.m.; the next regular meeting is Monday, December 10 at 6:00 p.m. ATTEST: APPROVED: Elizabeth Hulm, Finance Officer Juell Chapman, Chairman Town of Bison
Hettinger Theater
[Published November 15, 2012 at a total approximate cost of $.]
Dr. Jason M. Hafner Dr. David J. Prosser
120 minutes
featuring digital surround sound
Every 1st Wed. of the month Every 3rd Wed. of the month
Buffalo Clinic
Faith Clinic
Nov 16 - 19
Nightly • 7:30 p.m. Sunday Matinee 2:00 p.m. 3-D Glasses $2.00
Turkey Give-away!
Register now at one of these Hettinger businesses for a chance to win a F R E E turkey in time for Thanksgiving.
CORRESPONDENCE: Trustees discussed with McKinstry whether to send Larry Hendricks to Water/Wastewater certification training early next year; they read a thank you note from former employee Linda Hanson; and acknowledged receipt of an invitation to participate in Bison School’s Veteran Day parade on Monday, Nov. 12 at 2:30 p.m. and the PCRWS Annual Meeting on Thursday, Nov. 8 at 1:30 p.m.
o Wo
EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK: 0992012 – Clements moved, seconded by Butsavage to approve the first reading of employee handbook policy changes. Carried. The second reading will take place during the Dec. 10 meeting.
Winners will be notified on November 19th. Turkeys can be picked up at Jack & Jill. Co-sponsored by the following Hettinger businesses and the Bison Courier.
ste We ta k ko Ban Da rn
Jack & Jil Hetting l er
Alco Main St Hettinger
ri eG dfir
ls ah
This has been a wild week! I’ll begin with the weather report. The calendar doesn’t show it, but winter has arrived in the Dakotas. There’s a half inch of ice covering everything and a couple inches of snow covers the ice underneath. The temperature dropped to zero Saturday night and the roads are still icy. The election was Tuesday and I have mixed emotions about the outcome. South Dakota made what I thought were mostly the right choices. Most importantly, Initiated Measure 15, a poorly written initiative that would have raised the sales tax by 25 percent on everything we buy forever, was shot down by the voters. Voters also approved Constitutional Amendment O, saving the cement plant trust fund from being depleted, and Constitutional Amendment P, the balanced
Grand River Roundup......................................................................................By Betty Olson
budget amendment. There will be a lot of new faces in the South Dakota legislature this session. Five new senators and 28 new House members won the election, including our former neighbor Elizabeth May down in District 27! On the down side, the national election didn’t go so well. After running up a budget deficit bigger than all former presidents combined, liberal voters gave President Obama four more years, evidently based on his promises to give them more free stuff paid for by the taxpayers, an illustration of the ‘takers’ versus the ‘makers’ mentality. Our country is set to fall off the fiscal cliff on January 2nd, the economy is in free fall, and taxes will increase on everyone, not just the rich. Our healthcare system is on life-support, there’s a huge scandal involving the administration’s cover-up of the deaths of four Americans in Libya, and Obama has added thousands of job-killing regulations on businesses. The next four years could be really ugly. Jess Wammen called early Tuesday to tell me a mountain lion ran across the highway in front of him that morning down by Reva Gap, not far from where Laura Johnson hit the mountain lion on her way home from school a few years ago. Last week a lion was seen in Rapid City near an elementary school and a few days ago a guy in Custer shot one on his porch. Remember it’s legal to shoot a mountain lion if it’s a threat to you, your family, or your animals, but you can’t keep the lion unless you’ve bought a license. You have to notify GF&P within 24 hours and if you don’t have a license, they’ll take the lion. Did you watch Harding County beat Colome in the championship football game at the Dome in Vermillion Thursday? The Harding County boys played a wonderful game with lots of excitement. Harley Mollman ran a 99 yard touchdown and the team worked well together. Congratulations Harding County, we're proud of you! Casey and Missy joined most of Harding County for the trip to the Dome and had a hazardous trip home following the game. Kyler Baier rode home with Casey, Missy and Bryce and they left Vermillion right after the game for the long drive back to Harding County. Things were going well until the Suburban hit a patch of black ice on Highway 20 east of Prairie City just after 5:00 Friday morning. The vehicle slid toward the ditch until the tires caught the gravel on the shoulder of the road, causing the Suburban to roll completely over, landing on its wheels again. Casey, Missy and Kyler were fine, except for a knot on Casey’s head, but Bryce had been sleeping way in the back and was thrown out the back window. They found her crumbled in the ditch, covered with blood, and just regaining consciousness. Missy called me on her cell phone to tell me that Bryce was injured, while Casey got the Suburban started again. They loaded Bryce up in the now windowless vehicle and started west to meet me. I grabbed my jump kit and almost killed myself when I ran out onto the icy deck to get to my car. I had to drive pretty slow just to stay on the road and Casey was just rounding the corner by the Catholic Church by the time I got to Highway 20. They loaded Bryce in my vehicle; I checked her over pretty fast, cuddled her up in a blanket, and Missy and I headed for Hettinger. Bryce was bleeding from a multitude of cuts on her face and in her hair, had some deep lacerations in one leg, and couldn’t remember a thing. After the slow and sliding trip over the icy roads to the hospital, she walked barefoot across the ice and into the emergency room where she received outstanding attention to her wounds from the doctors and staff at West River. After a CAT scan revealed a brain bleed, Dr. Thorngren admitted her to the hospital and didn’t let her come home until
Page 14 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, November 15, 2012
another scan Saturday morning showed the bleeding in her brain had stopped. None of us come with any guarantees on longevity, but thank God Bryce survived her ordeal. On a much sadder note, Cara Lei’s sister, Marcie Locken, only 26 years old, lost her battle with cancer last Wednesday. Marcie’s funeral was Monday at the Isabel Community Center with burial at the cemetery in Isabel. The loss of this fine young woman is a real blow, not only to her family and friends, but to the whole community. Our sympathy is extended to her family. Deb Kahl sent me this story a while ago that illustrates the problems with the expansion of government: Back in 1990, the government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it. They failed and it closed. Now, we’re trusting the economy of our country, our banking system, our auto industry, and our health care to the same nit-wits who couldn't make money running a house of ill-repute and selling whiskey?! What are we thinking?
Any one interested in writing Girls and Boys Basketball stories contact the Bison Courier 244-7199.
The Bison Courier • Thursday,November 15, 2012 • Page 15
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clude: Health & Dental insurance, retirement, sick leave, vacation and paid holidays. For application and details, contact the Highway Office in Bison,SD or call 605-244-5629.
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ADOPTION ADOPT - WE WILL PROVIDE a happy, loving home, beautiful life for your precious newborn baby. Expenses paid. Married couple Walt/Gina. Call for info: 1-800315-6957.
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Position open until filled. Perkins County Highway Dept. Box 158 Bison, SD 57620 B21-3tc Employment POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT-The Perkins County State’s Attorney’s Office and Perkins County 4H Advisor are now taking applications for a part-time secretarial position located in Bison. Requirements include good communication skills, word processing and organizational skills. This position includes county benefits (including state retirement and health insurance). E-mail or mail resume and work experience history by November 27 to Shane Penfield at shane@penfieldlaw.com or P.O. Box 364, Bison, SD 57620. Perkins County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Thank You Thank you to the students at bison High for moving your cars so the community could park in the parking lot for the Veterans Day program.
BASKETBALL The Cougar Classic Basketball Tournament in Rapid City is December 1 & 2. Open to girls and boys teams grades 4-8. Registration is $135/team, three game guarantee. Rosters due November 21. For information: www.rapidcitycourgarclassic.com. CELEBRATIONS WANTED FOOD VENDERS for the Rosholt, Centennial, August 16-18th 2013. For more information call 605-537-4426 ask for Mary.
EMPLOYMENT DENTAL ASSISTANT, Delta Dental is looking for a Dental Assistant to join a dedicated team of professionals aimed at improving oral health and keeping kids across the state of South Dakota smiling. The position will work directly out of a 40-foot-long, stateof-the-art mobile dental unit. Responsibilities will include: providing chair side assistance, taking xrays, patient charting, and equipment sterilization. Position is based out of Pierre. Extensive travel is required (75% of the time M-F). Person must have graduated from an accredited dental assisting education program or have at least one year of experience working in the dental assisting field. Current CPR & x-ray certifications are required. Excellent salary and benefits package. Email cover letter, resume and professional references to summer.sporrer@deltadentalsd.com or for more information please contact Summer Sporrer at 605-4942569. LICENSED INSURANCE AGENTS - A+ Rating, Great Pay, .Lifetime Renewals. Offer great Tucker training! Call today. Tonkel 605-645-7502.
Call evenings: 605-466-2650.
LIVESTOCK FOR SALE: PURE BRED Rambouillet Rams. Yearling or Lambs. Big, Hardy, Fine Fleeces. Call evenings: 605-466-2370.
NOW IS THE chance to buy a well established & successful business in the State Capitol of S.D. The Longbranch is for SALE (serious inquires only). Call Russell Spaid 605-280-1067.
LOG HOMES DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders representing Golden Eagle Log Homes, building in eastern, central, northwestern South & North Dakota. Scott Connell, 605-5302672, Craig Connell, 605-2645650, www.goldeneagleloghomes. com. NOTICES ADVERTISE IN NEWSPAPERS statewide for only $150.00. Put the South Dakota Statewide Classifieds Network to work for you today! (25 words for $150. Each additional word $5.) Call this newspaper or 800-6583697 for details.
Crocheted dish cloths, pot scrubbers, fleece scarves, fleece caps, crocheted caps and some Louis Lamour books are available at the Bison Courier. Also Taking orders for embroidered dish towels for information see Arlis at the Bison Courier or call 244-7199. B4-tfn Work Wanted Need Help? Experienced in all aspects of livestock handling and fencing. Now booking day jobs for the winter season. Call Christian at 605-866-4530. B21-2tc For Rent For rent: Homestead Heights located in Bison, S.D., has a one and two bedroom apartment available. Homestead Heights is a low-income elderly and disabled Section 8 HUD (Housing and Urban Development) housing facility. We are smoke free. Energy Assistance is available for those who qualify. Utilities are included in the rent. Homestead Heights is an equal housing opportunity. For more information, please call (605) 2445473. B14-tfn Help Wanted Perkins County has job openings for Mechanic and Equipment Operators. Must have or obtain a valid South Dakota Class A Commercial Drivers License within 30 days of employment. Benefits in-
Ad Deadline is Monday at NOON! Legal Deadline is Friday at NOON!
244-7199 or courier@sdplains.com
PERKINS COUNTY HIGHWAY DEPT. has opening for Mechanic and Equipment operators. Good Benefits. Applications are available at Courthouse in Bison, SD or call 605-244-5629. RDO EQUIPMENT CO. – Competitive wages, benefits, training, profit sharing, opportunities for growth, great culture and innovation. $1,500 Sign on Bonus available for Service Technicians. To browse opportunities go to Must www.rdoequipment.com. apply online. EEO. FOR SALE 2009 POLARIS 850XP 4x4. 50K miles, Green. $5500.00 or OBO.
OTR & DRIVER OPPORTUNITY $1500.00 SIGN-ON BONUS! EXP. OTR Drivers, TBI, 33¢/34¢, $375 mo., health ins., credit, 03¢ safety bonus, Call Joe for details, 800.456.1024, joe@tbitruck.com. DRIVERS: $1,000 SIGN-ON BONUS. New Pay Program! *Earn up to 50 cpm *Home Weekly *2500+ miles, 95% notarp. Must be Canadian eligible (888) 691-5705. REAL ESTATE INCOME PROPERTIES. Stable, fully managed properties in the Black Hills, great condition and locations. Would make good exchange properties. Call Todd Young, SDRE broker, 605-6454917.
One & Two Bedroom Apartments The Village Manor, Hettinger, North Dakota Small Pets Allowed All utilities included No Age Limitations Rental assistance available
To view an apartment call 701-567-4118 For further information call 701-290-0206 TTY 1-800-366-6888
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email the Bison Courier at courier@sdplains.com or call 244-7199 with news tips
Crystal Lind Lind Insurance 605-865-3301
Grizz’s Taxidermy
244-7534 or 605-222-9054
Quality Meat Processing to Your Specifications
• Deer & Beef Processing • Skinning & Dressing • Boning & Cutting • Sausage, Jerky & Steaks SPECIALIZING IN SAUSAGES
• Country Style • Summer Sausage Smoking
• Strip • Ground • Slim Jims
You’ve tried the rest - now try the BEST!
DEER: Process includes skinning. If already skinned, must be clean. ANTELOPE: Processing & Skinning DEER OR ANTELOPE: Caping ELK, MOOSE OR CARIBOU: Processing Cooling & Handling: We prefer all deer carcasses with hide on.
Bird cleaning available.
No One Does Wild Game Processing Better Than
207 Hwy. 12 E • Hettinger, ND • 701-567-2422

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