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Volume 30 Number 42 April 4, 2013
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Bison Courier
tize these issues I would say the sewer mains need to be addressed first, secondly the storm sewer, thirdly the lagoons, and finally the streets because it doesn't make a lot of sense to fix streets and tear them back up as the other projects are completed. Other needs of the community are housing, the lack of and condition of what is available. Fortunately we have private individuals addressing this concern, but the Town of Bison needs to work with these individuals to encourage the growth. We have nice parks maintained by the town and volunteer organizations and individuals. People have asked about a swimming pool at this time that is not a feasible asset. How do you see yourself putting the needs of the community as a whole? When it comes to the needs of the community I like to visit with individuals on a personal basis and ask people at random versus just the individuals in my "NEIGHBORHOOD". I am not going to ignore an issue because it doesn't pertain to me or affect me. If it is a valid issue or concern I will take it to the board to discuss as a whole and invite the individual to come to the meeting or remain anonymous which ever they choose. Some items I have brought to the board I may not have agreed with, but it was asked of me to do so, I like to keep an impartial stand until all facts are represented rather than gather only the facts that support the side of the issue I support. Do you consider yourself a forward thinker and how would you work with the other members of the Board and the community to think creatively about solutions? I think it is very important to be proactive about issues. I do think outside the box I feel to find the most feasible and agreeable solution to an issue. I try to research different solutions when time allows and feel it is very important. I am always looking for the best solution and the best use of finances. Please discuss your thoughts on open government where business is conducted at the meetings, and not on the street thus being consistent in what is said and done from meeting to meeting. I feel open government is important. It gives the public opportunity to participate in meetings, or just sit in to learn what is going on. It is hard at times to post an agenda far enough ahead of time when an engineer or other individual is in town on short notice and could have a meeting about project information. Sometimes by being able to have these meetings with all board members present and no action being taken can save the town money. What do you want to see happen in the next 3 years in Bison? I would like to see work on the infrastructure as time and funding allows. Our streets are in such deplorable condition, something needs to be done, are they going to get anything done? As discussed in a previous question. After conversations with SDDOT engineers and contractors giving their professional opinions of addressing the water issue before repaving streets. At an estimated cost in excess of $130,000 per mile, with roughly 7 miles of streets in the town of Bison basing my decision on their advice that's a lot of money wasted. In cooperation with Perkins County a grant is being applied for to help with the cost of fixing Coleman Avenue. The chip sealing done last year was just a band aid so to speak to extend the life of the streets until they can be properly fixed. An example of the water issue is the new pavement between Grand Electric and Bison Grain on 1st Avenue West it didn't last very long and was very expensive.
Three candidates vie for two seats on the Town Board
All candidates received the questions and were asked to return them, following are those that responded.
Three vie for School Board
Dan Beckman
Why did you decide to run for school board and what do you see as your qualifications to serve other than being a resident and taxpayer? I decided to run for school board again because I have 4 children in the Bison School, and one is a special needs student. I want to make sure that all the students in the school district get the best education and learning environment we can give them. What are your feelings on Bison building a new school, and if a new school is not built what are your views on correcting the problem. I feel that something major needs to be done with the current building situation. Whether it is building a new school or making improvements on the current building. There are still many things to consider and a lot of unanswered questions for me to say one way or another on building a new school . I am one person on the school board representing the people of the school district and I want to be more informed and base my vote on how the people feel not solely on my personal feelings. If a new school is not built I believe that a thorough inspection of the current school needs to be done and categorize the areas of concern and concentrate on the most pressing ones. I want a safe and comfortable school for our students and will do my best as a board member to make that happen, whether it is building a new school or not. What do you see as the most pressing issue facing the Bison School District? I think that a couple of issues facing the school , as a board we need work on ways to attract highly qualified teachers to our district as well as incentives to get them to stay and the building issue. Why should I vote for you? I believe you should vote for me because of my past years of experience and dedication to the Bison School Board, I represent and listen to the people in our district, and want the best education for our students.
Luke Clements
Describe any Business experience and financial management experience that you have beyond that of household finances. I am currently a trustee of the Town of Bison, to which part of my responsibility is to review and approve the monthly claims of the town. It is also part of my responsibility to review contracts and bids for projects along with the rest of the Board to make decisions that are felt to be in the best interest of the town. How would you conduct a needs assessment of the community and then prioritize those needs in terms of time and money. The infrastructure of Bison is in need of attention in some areas such as streets and sewer. Most of the waterlines have been updated within the last 35 years. Some of the sewer lines have been replaced and some still need some attention. Due to some unforeseen circumstances and climate the sewer lagoon cells that were suppose to be dry most of the time hold water most of the time thus causing erosion. The dry cells were designed and built without riprap which is now needed on account of the water to prevent the cells from washing out. The streets as many people know need some attention, after being advised by engineers from the SDDOT and contractors until the water is removed from town and gotten away from the street bases and edges it will only waste finances to repave streets. Bringing forth the storm sewer project which will help resolve these issues. The storm sewer project is being designed to allow for expansion to more areas of town as money allows. To priori-
Dave Kopren
Describe any Business experience and financial management experience that you have beyond that of household finances. I have worked for Bison Grain Company for 26 years running the fuel department from, ordering, delivering to pricing. How would you conduct a needs assessment of the community and then prioritize those needs in terms of time continued on page 12
BHS seniors and parents please email or drop off a senior picture for the graduation page in
Highlights & Happenings
Why did you decide to run for school board and what do you see as your qualifications to serve other than being a resident and taxpayer? I decided to run for school board because I care about the quality of education that our children receive. My qualifications include being a graduate of Bison High School and a parent of three children, two whom are enrolled in the Bison School. I have lived here most of my life having deep family ties. What are your feelings on Bison building a new school, and if a new school is not built what are your views on correcting the problem. I feel that we need to take a serious look at the condition of the current buildings and what the needs of the district will be in the future. Security, health and safety and handicap accessibility will all need to be considered when determining the building needs of the Bison School. What do you see as the most pressing issue facing the Bison School District? The most pressing issues will be staffing followed by building issues. Why should I vote for you? I am dedicated to making our children’s education positive. I will strive to make decisions that will better our children’s education and our school. I welcome comments from patrons and will work with them to address concerns. continued on page 3
Chris Seidel
the Bison Courier. courier@sdplains.com Thank You
Page 2 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013
What is happening to our home town
Alcoholics Anonymous is meeting weekly in Bison. The group meets every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in the basement of the Presbyterian Church. Everyone is welcome. Please note: Due to a church event, there will be no meeting on Thursday, March 28th.
The Bison Public Library will have a story time on April 5th and 19th at 10:30 a.m..
by the concerned citizens of Bison Citizens of Bison are extremely troubled by the ordinance they will be voting on April 9th. They feel it is an infringement upon the rights of all citizens of Bison. It appears that this ordinance is geared towards the benefit of a few people, not for the best of the common good. This goes against the American way of life. Any law or ordinance in existence should be written to benefit citizens as a whole. This ordinance is written in vague terms and much of it's contents is subjected
to multiple interpretation and frivolous penalties. How can the town of Bison dictate what people can do on and in their own properties? As far as the citizens of Bison know, no one signed any covenants or part of a homeowners association. How is it that the town of Bison can tell a landowner they are not allowed to lease their own land? Or have a compost pile? Do the penalties extend to gardens or unwanted varmints on people's land as well? Why should Bison citizens have to ask their neighbors for permission to buy a pet for
their child? Seems silly, but some of these items could be seen as part of what the ordinance covers. ( Again, too vague). The citizens of Bison feel that if this is allowed, more negative " ordinance’s " are to follow. The citizens of Bison need to consider the negative impact this ordinance will have on the majority of the people. This is Bison South Dakota of the United States of America not the Republic of Russia or China.
Prom is Saturday, April 6th everyone is invited to attend Grand March at 8 p.m.
Letter to the Editor
ATTENTION: Voters of the Town of Bison. On Tues day April 9th the citizens of Bison will be voting on a Nuisance Ordinance. Please really think about how you vote! Pets will have to leave or be paid for! If you want to bring an animal or animals into the Bison city limits you must 1st apply for an Animal Permit - pay $30.00 - what if they say no? What happens if someone comes into town with a dog, ect. will the
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Bison Clinic
Town Board demand payment? Also does one pay when they bring an animal to be butchered? People won’t even dare stop for gas - if they have an animal in their car or horse trailer. So for all the animals that are now in town do those owners have to pay to keep them? It also mentions manure piles smelling. I think the lagoon has smelled more than the manure pile. So if the lagoon really throws a big stink will they remove it!
I also don’t think the few cows or sheep we have had in the past made any more noise then the barking dogs. Next we’ll have a barking dog ordinance. After reading the Nuisance Ordinance petition one really wonders what were those few people thinking when they started this? I urge all citizens to vote NO! /s/ Cheryl Hulm
Letter to the Editor
I am a little confused and angered by the latest Bison Town board’s animal control proposal. I was unaware we had such a big problem. The town of Bison has had a dog leash law for as long as I can remember, but is seldom enforced. I was also under the impression that property with large animals was grandfathered in and when the property was sold the ability to have large animals was then removed. This has been enforced as well as the current leash law. The current proposal seems like someone’s inability to control one specific animal and instead legislates all animals. I was not aware that house pets were a problem. The proposed legislation is ambiguous and must have been put together by the combined efforts of an attorney
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and an engineer. If I am understanding this proposal correctly, individuals that are renters will not be able to have any pets because they do not own property. if our children come to visit or if someone using one of our two camp grounds come to town, they would not be able to have their pets. We are unable to drive on any street in town without overusing the shock absorbers, but we can spend money hiring an attorney to write a policy that will put one resident against another. If someone does not like me, he or she can say, during the public hearing, they do not want me to have pets and then I would have to put my pet down. What is next to be controlled? I have always thought being able to have a large animal or someone’s cat gets their neighbor’s cat pregnant? Who pays for the kittens. The kids that are in 4-H like to come in and work with their animals when it’s farther than 14 days from an event at the fairgrounds. They have to pay every time they want to bring their livestock in and work with them. How does this ordinance affect people who are visiting their families and bring their pets along with them? They not only have to buy the gas to drive here but also have to spend $30 for their pet. Not only does it greatly affect all those citizens with pets, but also those who have the land to have a few head of livestock for their
small pets was part of Bison’s charm. Maybe the smell someone is detecting occasionally is not large animal waste but instead is our own lagoon or our compost pile. Next, we will be wanting to cover the lagoons so that no one is offended by a smell. I suggest we concentrate on promoting our quiet, safe community and not encouraging disputes between neighbors. I also find it interesting that this proposal was introduced to the public March 28th with less than two weeks till the election. I suppose I could be fined for having an undocumented animal if someone sees me buying mouse traps. /s/ John Bolsmo
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I am writing this to address the proposed Nuisance Ordinance that will be voted on Tuesday, April 9th. Attempting to make it unlawful to possess any animal within the city limits with the exception of horses and possibly dogs is ridiculous. There are so many families that are barely scraping by and it seems like a crime to then attempt to charge them to own pets that they have had for years and that are another family member. Not only that but what about those who are starting families or who have young children and want to start teaching them responsibility by getting them a kitten or a fish or a puppy. they will have to pay $30 for their goldfish. What if
Letter to the Editor
livelihood. How is it fair that if this passes the city can take that livelihood away from them. That hardly seems fair. Citizens don’t like the smell coming from the lagoon. Can we move that when the stink blows towards town? It seems to me that people are forgetting we live in small town South Dakota and not Chicago. This is rural America. We have livestock here because it’s our livelihood. We have pets because we have the room for a yard for them to run around in. It seems ludicrous to make people pay for that. /s/ Tara Burton
The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 • Page 3
School Board Candidates
board include 8 years of experience on the school board, one of which, as schoolboard president. Another qualification is my experience supervising the staff at the Bison Clinic who have professional degrees similar to those of staff at the school. What are your feelings on Bison building a new school, and if a new school is not built what are your views on correcting the problem. I am in favor of improving our school, whether this means building a new structure or a renovation of the current building. Whichever route the community chooses to go, it needs to be an informed decision. There are several upcoming major expenses to the old building that may cost nearly as much to repair as a new structure. I am in favor of several community meetings to find the direction the community wishes us to proceed, doing the research to find the costs and then put the matter up for a ballot vote. What do you see as the most pressing issue facing the Bison School District? The most pressing issues facing the Bison School District are the
continued from page 1
Pastors Perspective
Pastor Florence Hoff, CRE First Presbyterian Church
THERE IS NO “PLAN B” These are the names of the twelve apostles: first Simon (who is called Peter) and his brother Andrew; James son of Zebedee, and his brother John; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus; Simon the zealot and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him. these twelve Jesus sent out. (Matthew 10:2-5) Look at that list of names. For the most part, they are famous names. With the exception of Judas Iscariot, we now call these men “saints”. We name children and churches after them.
Dan Kvale
Why did you decide to run for school board and what do you see as your qualifications to serve other than being a resident and taxpayer? There are several reasons I am running for the school board. Primarily, I see a high quality education as key to the success of every student in any field of businesses today. In my profession, as a Physician Assistant, higher education allows my associates and I to do the work that we do. Without a higher education, I would not be able function in my current role. I also have 3 children in the Bison school system and therefore have a vested interest in the success of our school and students. My qualifications for the school
maintenance of the building, funding and providing a high quality education. Portions of the current building are 80 years old and have been added onto over the years. We have been improving and repairing the building since I joined the schoolboard in 2004. We are now at a crossroad of deciding to continue with some expensive maintenance or begin anew. Funding for rural schools continues to be a battle with our State Representatives. Attracting new teachers to rural areas has always proven difficult. We currently have some fantastic teachers, however we seem to be looking for about one new teacher each year. I have been proposing some ideas recently to the board to perhaps draw in some new talent to our rural community. Why should I vote for you? Voters should select me because I feel I have ideas to help the school grow. I try to be communityminded as seen by my involvement in Bison Economic Development, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and the Bison Ambulance. I enjoy problem solving and will approach each obstacle with an open mind.
However, when Jesus first chose these men to be his apostles, they were not famous. They were just common folk: mostly fishermen, a tax collector, and a zealot. Jesus did not chose them because of their spotless moral background, their great potential, or their superior sanctity. They were chosen by grace. They were also sent by grace. We call the “apostles” because Jesus sent them out to announce the Kingdom , to proclaim the coming of the Messiah, to preach the good news, to bring the Savior’s healing love to people in need.
Christ has called and sent us too! We share the assignment given to the apostles: “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” (MK 16:15 Like Peter, John and the others, we have been called and chosen by grace and expected to share the good news. Without any worthiness or “potential”, we were chosen to be recipients of God’s mercy. God loved us and sent his son to die for us. Christ loved us and gave himself in payment for our sin. Now our Savior sends us to tell what he has done. The story is told that when Jesus ascended to heaven after his mission on earth, the angels asked him, “Did you accomplish your task?” “Yes, it is all finished,” the Lord replied.
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“We have a second question” said angels. “Has the whole world heard of you?” The angels then asked, “Then what is your plan?” “No,” Jesus said.
Monday, April 8
Jesus said, “I have left twelve men and some other followers to carry the message to the whole world.” Jesus said. “There is no Plan B. I will reach the world through those who are my disciples.” The angels looked at him and asked, “What is your Plan B?”
Tuesday, April 9
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Prayer: O Lord, we praise you for bringing us to faith. Count each of us among those you will use to tell the world what you have done, Amen.
Page 4 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013
Leonard Stockert
love for each other. After the wedding, they made their home near Amidon, North Dakota, and worked in partnership alongside his father, Chris. Their first winter, they endured a hard winter, but managed to stay warm in their small 8'X27' home. His dream of owning his own farm became a reality in October of 1961 when Leonard and Ann, along with the two oldest boys were able to move and purchase a farm/ranch 11 miles south of Bison, South Dakota. There were many trials and challenges that he faced during this time, but God had orchestrated those experiences to capture Leonard's attention which led him to come, know and accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior in October of 1969 at the Grace Baptist Church in Bison. Life for him took on a new role. He became bold in his new found faith and his love for the Lord which he loved to share with those around him, whether stranger, friend or family!! God had greatly blessed Leonard, and in 1974, Leonard and Ann along with their 5 children were able to build a warmer and much larger home on the farm in Bison. Carpentry was another seemingly inate skill that Leonard had developed. Through the years, Leonard and Ann had talked and dreamed of relocating in the Black Hills area. Once again, God blessed them with an opportunity to purchase a ranch 13 miles east of Sturgis, SD. In May of 1989, Leonard and Ann moved to their new ranch. Shortly thereafter, they had designed and had a new home built. Leonard embraced the challenge of restoring this ranch and had worked hard to construct new barns, corrals, fences, water systems, and establishing a new shelter belt. During their time near Sturgis, they attended church at Calvary Baptist. As the years progressed, the decision was made to sell and consider retirement. Their plan was to pursue many of his leisure interests and hobbies as well as travel. He enjoyed reading and studying the Bible, restoring tractors, raising trees and tomatoes, card games with family and friends, evening walks, bowling, and spending time with his kids, grandkids, family, and friends. During his alone time, he would spend many hours watching his movie hero, John Wayne. Leonard had served many active roles throughout the years in the churches he had attended. He was a man of service! Those positions included Deacon, treasurer, usher, Sunday school teacher, and at times preaching God's word from the pulpit. He especially loved carpentry and maintenance work at the churches. Leonard was a member of the Gideons. Before Leonard and Ann were able to start their retirement pursuits, he was involved in a farm related accident in which he broke his back. Once again, God had a plan and led them to relocate. In February of 2006, they purchased a small acreage, designed and had a new home built one mile west of Belle Fourche, SD. The last few years, there were many trials he endured including losing his life partner, Ann, as well as his own health issues. In October 2012, he was diagnosed with MDS. Despite the news and multiple medical procedures that accompanied this cancer, Leonard remained focused and driven. His stronghold was his faith and his love for his family. Leonard went home to be reunited with his wife, family members, friends, and his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on March 25, 2013. Leonard is survived by his five children and their families: Leonard Jr. (Donna) Stockert of Lemmon, SD, and their son, David, of Dickinson, ND; Curt Stockert, Sturgis, SD; Darrel (Michelle) Stockert of Bison, SD, and their children, Michael of Aberdeen, SD, and Jessica of Bison, SD; Brenda (Ron) Dragoo and their children, Christopher (Ginger) Dragoo and their daughter, Layla, Stephen (Kerry) Dragoo, all of Hettinger, ND, and Heather Dragoo, Spearfish, SD; and Doris (Rick) Weber and their children, Kayleen (Erich) Reissmueller and expectant child, Rachel Ann, and Winston Weber, all of Orange, CA. Leonard was preceded in death by his wife, Ann; his parents; brothers, Jerome, Floyd, and Archie; sister, Mary Parker; and one infant grandson, Jeremy. Visitation will be Monday from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with a prayer service beginning at 7:00 p.m. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, April 2, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. at Calvary Baptist Church in Sturgis with Pastor Harold Holder and Pastor Andy Anderson officiating. Burial will follow at Bear Butte Cemetery. A memorial has been established. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.kinkadefunerals.com.
Leonard Stephen Stockert was born at home on October 21, 1937, in Buffalo Springs, North Dakota. He was the fourth oldest of eight children born to Chris and Magdalene (Frank) Stockert. He earned his education in a country school near Amidon with his siblings, and by the time he had reached the 7th grade, he knew that someday he would become a rancher/farmer. Even at that young age, he loved working with horses, cattle, and tilling and working the land and had already begun learning and developing the necessary skills needed to make that dream come true. It seemed as though there was nothing that he could not fix and no problem he could not solve or resolve in his career life. In the summer of 1956, Leonard met Ann Gawryluk through mutual friends, which developed into dating, and eventually a lifelong
Sunday School 9:30 a.m. • Worship Service - 10:30a.m. Wednesday Prayer Mtg. - 6:30 p.m.
Grace Baptist Church • Pastor Phil Hahn Church of Christ
Bruce A. Miller
Prairie Fellowship Parish ELCA • Pastor Margie Hershey
graduated from Northern State College in 1980. On June 5, 1982, he married Danette Ham at Calvary Lutheran Church in Lemmon, SD. Bruce worked in the energy industry for 28 years, most recently as the Director of Coal Origination for Enserco Energy. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, golfing, and riding his Harley. Bruce's many friends found him to be quick with a joke, quick with a laugh, and quick to brighten everyone's day. Bruce is survived by his wife, Danette, children Heather (of Parker, CO), Sabra (of Lincoln, NE) and Cory (of Parker, CO), future son-in-law, Adam Peetz (of Sidney, NE), his mother, Florence (of Rapid City, SD), his brother, Steve (Barb) Miller, sister, Roxanne (Gary) Holzer ( all of Rapid City, SD) and Bruce's hunting companions, Sage and Misty. He is also survived by his mother-in-law, Martina Ham (of Shadehill, SD), sisters-in-law Dianne (Wayne) Kunz (of Dickinson, ND), Debbie (Pat) Nehl (of Watauga, SD), Dawn (Doug) Hewitt (of Miamisburg, OH), and one brother-in-law, Doug (Linda) Ham (of Lemmon, SD), as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Bruce is preceded in death by his father, John Miller, father-inlaw, Don Ham, brother-in-law, David Ham, and his niece Jeanna Nehl. The Memorial Service for Bruce will be held at 10:00 a.m., Saturday, April 6, 2013 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Lemmon. Deacon Bill Dustman will officiate with inurnment in Greenhill Cemetery at Lemmon. A memorial has been established to the Kidney Cancer Association and Pheasants Forever of Lemmon, SD. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.funeralhomesofcaring.com.
Indian Creek - 8:00 a.m. • American - 9:30 a.m. • Rosebud - 11:00 a.m.
18 mi. south of Prairie City - Worship Service - 10:00 a.m.
Christ Lutheran Church WELS •
Pastor Gerhardt Juergens
Sunday Bible Class - 8:00 a.m., Worship Service - 8:30 a.m. South Jct. of Highways 73 & 20 Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Worship Service - 11:00 a.m. Sabbath School - 2:00 p.m., Worship Service - 3:00 p.m.
Coal Springs Community Church Pastors Nels & Angie Easterby
Seventh Day Adventist Church • Pastor Donavon Kack
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church • Fr. Tony Grossenburg
Saturday Mass: Morristown - 4:45 p.m. Lemmon - 7:15 p.m., Sunday Mass: Lemmon - 8:15 a.m., Bison - 11:00 a.m.
Bruce A. Miller, 53, of Parker, Colorado, formerly of Lemmon, South Dakota; lost a long and courageous battle with kidney cancer on March 22, 2013. He passed peacefully at home with his family by his side. Bruce was born on January 17, 1960 in Lemmon, S. D. to Johnny and Florence (Zentner) Miller. He
First Presbyterian Church • Pastor Florence Hoff, CRE
Reva • Sunday School 9:45, Worship Service - 11:00 a.m., WMF 2nd Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.
Holland Center Christian Reformed Church Pastor Brad Burkhalter • Lodgepole
Worship Service - 8:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. • Worship Service -10:30 a.m.
Slim Buttes Lutheran • Pastor Henry Mohagen
Prairie City Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Morning Worship - 11:00 a.m. Vesper Service - 6:00 p.m., Wed. Evenings - 7:30 p.m.
Beckman Wesleyan Church • Pastor Brad Burkhalter
Obituary Ione Ostenberg
She attended Hooker School in Marshfield Township, graduating second place from grade school in Perkins County. She continued her education at Lemmon High School, graduate fifth in the class out of 66, in 1939. Following her schooling, she attended a year of college in Yankton, South Dakota. Ione enjoyed country-western and gospel music over the years, appearing in amateur contests and guested over several radio stations, playing her guitar, singing and yodeling. After the term in Yankton College, she was given a job in the Rural Credit Office, the state land office, starting out in Bison and moving to Lemmon the beginning of 1941. At that time, she met Glen Ostenberg and they married in Baker, MT, on October 25, 1941. They farmed on Glen’s home place in the Spring Butte area, north of Lemmon. Two sons, Terry and Ray, were born to this union. In 1954, the family moved to Ione’s home ranch and lived there until 1971. Their sons being grown and away, Ione and Glen retired to Lemmon. In 1992 Glen passed away. Ione continued living in Lemmon, staying active in church, Homemaker’s Club, volunteer work at the hospital auxiliary, Thrift Shop and help-
The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 • Page 5
Jessie Kolb
with Pastor Marjorie Hershey, officiating. Burial will be on Friday, April 5, 2013 at Black Hills National Cemetery near Sturgis. She is survived by her husband Herb, at resident of Five Co. Nursing Home in Lemmon, her daughter, Salli Blazey, Bison, South Dakota; son-in-law, Doug Young, Isabel, South Dakota; 3 grandchildren, Tyler and Nikki Blazey, and Trey Young, 1 brother and sisterin-law, Jerry and Pat Poseley, Bison, SD; 2 sisters, Frankie Almen, Sturgis, SD; Patricia Hamilton, Whitewood, SD; and numerous nieces and nephews. Visitation will be Thursday one hour prior to services at the Bison American Lutheran Church. Jessie's favorite color is red. In her honor, the family asks that you wear red.
Funeral services for Ione Ostenberg, age 92, of Lemmon, South Dakota, were held at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Lemmon ,SD. Rev. John Irwin officiated with burial to follow at the Greenhill Cemetery in Lemmon.’ Ione Dalph Thompson was born on September 29, 1920 to Harold F. and Bertha “Birdie” (Alley) Thompson in Cole, South Dakota, an area of Perkins County. Around the age of five, the family moved to the original Turkey Track ranch located on the South Grand River, northeast of Bison, South Dakota.
ing with music at the nursing home “Sing Along”. Ione had a great love of plants and flowers, which continued while she still lived at home. Ione had a deep faith in Jesus Christ and was thankful for the many friends, loving family and long life with which He blessed her. Ione passed away on Monday, March 25, 2013 at the Five Counties Nursing Home in Lemmon, SD. She is survived by two sons, Terry (Barbara) Ostenberg and Ray (Ruby) Ostenberg; seven grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews; plus many loving family members and friends. She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Glen; and one sister, Viola Thompson. A memorial has been established to the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Lemmon, SD. Visitation was from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at the Evanson-Jensen Funeral Home in Lemmon. Condolences may be sent through our website at www.evansonjensenfuneralhome.com.
Jessie M. Kolb, age 87 of Bison, passed away on Friday morning, March 29, 2013 at Five Counties Nursing Home in Lemmon. The Funeral Service for Jessie will be held at 10:00 am Thursday, April 4, 2013 at the Bison American Lutheran Church in Bison
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
Monday, April 8 Chicken patty macaroni salad cheesy broccoli applesauce bun & milk
Anthony “Tony” Buckmeier
Mass of Christian Burial for Anthony “Tony” Nicholas Buckmeier, a long time Attorney in Mobridge, South Dakota, age 77, were held at 10 a.m., Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Mobridge. Visitation will start at 3 p.m. Monday at Kesling Funeral Home with a prayer service at 7 p.m.. Tony passed away March 28, 2013 in Sioux Falls after a long illness. Kesling Funeral Home of Mobridge is in charge of arrangements. Tony was born in Meadow, South Dakota, on January 12, 1936, to Margaret and Anton Buckmeier. Tony was an avid sports fan spending many a night watching high school football, volleyball, and basketball games. He
also loved to watch the Vikings and Fighting Irish play football. His other passion was golf. He enjoyed riding in his golf cart and spending time on the course. He loved to travel and succeeded in visiting 47 states, Mexico, and most of Canada. Much of this travel was done in a Ford Galaxy 500 with no air conditioning, an AM radio, and two very hyperactive children in the back seat asking, “are we there yet” every 20 miles. Tony had enormous patience. Tony graduated from Bison High School in 1954 as valedictorian of his class. He then attended the University of South Dakota Business School followed by USD Law School, graduating in 1961. After college he came to Mobridge to practice law with Ivan Bormann. He continued to practice law for over 50 years receiving recognition from the State Bar of SD for his lengthy and excellent service. His clients were always his number one concern. While in college he was a member of Alpha Tau Omega social fraternity, Dakotans, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, and listed in Who’s Who in American Colleges, Interfraternity Council, and served as Vice-President of the Student Government. While living in Mobridge Tony was a member of St. Josephs Church, Knights of Columbus and
4th Degree, Jaycees, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, he served as city attorney for Mobridge and McLaughlin for a number of years, was a member of the Mobridge Hospital Board and Mobridge School Board. He married his college sweetheart and love of his life Jeaneane in 1958, at the Cathedral in Sioux Falls. Their first son Anthony Mark was born in 1960 followed by Brian Edward in 1962. Family always came first in his life attending all of their events. He is survived by his wife of 54 years and sons Anthony and Shelly Buckmeier and granddaughters Allyson and Lindsey, of Fairfax, VA, son Brian Edward and his fiancée Frances Wetzbarger of Sioux City, IA, grandsons Carter and Adam, brother Duane and (Rose) Buckmeier of Prairie City, SD, and their daughter Melanie (Narsisso) Acosta, and sister Darlene (Arnold) Peck of Bowdle, SD, and their daughter Denise Tescher of Rapid City, Sd, and Audrey (Josh) Burris of Aberdeen, SD. He was preceded in death by his parents Margaret and Anton Buckmeier and grandson Grant Buckmeier and his grandparents, the Frank Buckmeier’s and the Nick Wunder’s of Bison, SD. He left behind family and friends who loved and admired him for being a wonderful hus-
band, father, grandfather, and friend. Family was his greatest joy. Visiting with his sons and grandchildren always made his day that much brighter. He will be missed and remembered every day. If the life of a person can be measured in the good things they accomplished during their life, how they lived their life, and the impact they had on the people they encountered throughout their life then Tony lived an exceptional life. Tony’s family would like to thank everyone for their kind words, gifts, flowers, and prayers. In lieu of flowers memorials may be sent to St. Josephs Catholic Church building fund or Mobridge Swimming Pool Fund.
Tuesday, April 9 Goulash, coleslaw peaches cinnamon roll & milk
Wednesday, April 10
Pizza, salad bar fruit choice & milk
Thursday, April 11
BBQ meatballs potato salad salad bar fruit & milk
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Weather Wise
$500 local scholarship offered to high school seniors
Calling all high school seniors! There are two $500 college scholarships available through Perkins County Community and Family Extension Leaders (CFEL) for those who will be entering the fields of Home Economics or Agriculture. A second chance selection is available for current college students if the scholarships are not awarded to graduating seniors. The applicants’ parents must reside within either the Bison or Lemmon school districts in Perkins County, South Dakota. The scholarships will be awarded based on financial need, scholastic ability, character, personality and desire. High school seniors or college students - who are entering their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year - may apply. Preference is given to high school seniors but in the event that nobody qualifies, students who are already attending college may be awarded a $500 scholarship. All qualifying students may apply and receive this scholarship two times. For example, a successful high school senior could apply and be awarded the scholarship another year, while attending college in the designated fields. When no high school student is eligible, a college student could apply and receive the scholarship in two different years if their field of study remains in Home Economics or Agriculture. Note: there are varied deadlines. High school seniors must apply this year by May 1 in Lemmon and May 10 in Bison. Students already attending college should apply by June 1, 2013. College applicants should contact the scholarship committee before sending an application to find out if there are still scholarships available. Applicants for the $500 scholarships should submit the following to either member of the scholarship committee of the Perkins County CFEL: A statement from the student regarding future educational intent. A transcript of high school grades. A letter of recommendation from a high school administrator, guidance counselor or mature non-relative regarding maturity, honesty, adaptability, personality and capability of the applicant. The application must be received by one of the people listed below by the respective deadlines. Beth Hulm, P.O. Box 115 Bison, SD 57620 (244-5231) Donna Erhart, 411-12th Ave. W. Lemmon, SD 57638 (374-3569) It is expressly understood and agreed to by all applicants that the scholarship committee of Perkins County CFEL shall have the final and unquestioned decision regarding the awarding of these two scholarships. Perkins County CFEL reserves the right in any given year to withhold the scholarships at its own discretion and with out the necessity of public explanation. In the event that the scholarships are awarded to a high school senior, they will be presented during the high school academic award’s ceremony; college students will be notified by telephone or letter.
Mar. 26 36 11 Mar. 27 52 11 Mar. 28 61 22 Mar. 29 69 25 Mar. 30 67 33 Mar. 31 33 19 Apr. 1 44 20 One year ago Hi 84 Lo 30
Brought to you by Grand Electric Co-op, Inc.
Garden Gate
Pruning – Roots, That Is Root pruning? How do you prune roots? You get the same results pruning roots as you do pruning stems or branches. When you prune a tree or shrub you cut off the tip or terminal bud, the plant then thinks, “this is bad I better grow more buds”, so it does and you have a bushier denser plant. Usually the more you wisely prune the better shaped and healthy your plant will become. Sometime take notice of the spindly trees in a thick overgrown forest. The roots of plants are no different. They continually grow in an outward direction from the plant farther and farther. This of course does not bother the plant until you decide to move that plant by transplanting somewhere else or sharing it with someone. When you go to dig up that plant you are going to sever a good amount of the roots because they lay beyond the area you plan to dig up. This makes the plant difficult for you to dig up and may risk survival of the plant. So what is the solution? If you plan ahead you can easily accomplish the transplanting of larger well established plants. One year before the move you can root prune the plant by taking a regular digging spade and forcing it into the soil around the plant about the distance from it where you would actually dig it up. Do this during the plant’s dormant stage, here probably late fall after hard freeze but before the ground freezes. Then what? This forces the plant to replace its cut roots, this will cause the new roots to be closer to the plant stem and be in the root ball you dig up a year later. The plant will have a better root system in its new home and will not have to use all of its energy to replace those severed roots. The new roots generated by pruning are small and more fibrous allowing a greater ability to absorb water and nutrients. If you have a plant in your landscape that isn’t doing well, possibly it is not able to absorb enough nutrients and water, you might try root pruning it to increase its vigor. When pruning roots it should be noted not to cut the roots completely around the plant but leave a few uncut spaces to insure you do not kill your plant. Note: If you want rhubarb plants this Spring please give me a call at 244-5402, you will go on my list! The sun is the epitome of benevolence - it is lifegiving and warmthgiving and happinessgiving, and to it we owe our thanksgiving. ~ Jessi Lane Adams Submitted by, Karen Englehart, Master Gardener, SDSU Cooperative Extension Service
To create perfectly natural markers, write the names of plants (using a permanent marker) on the flat faces of stones of various sizes and place them at or near the base of your plants.
Tiss Treib made a trip down to see her mother, Esther Johnson, Friday afternoon and visited with Dorena and Mara Wiechmann, and Kari Hoff. Tiss Treib called on Dorothy and Lynn Frey Saturday afternoon, to pick up flowers that were sent for Shirley Johnson. Dorothy brought them as far as her home and Tiss delivered them to Shirley. Al and Tiss Treib and Jim Gilland were Easter Sunday dinner guests of Dorena Wiechmann, Kari Hoff and Esther Johnson. Others who were also dinner guests included Jeff Seim and Lisa Wagner, Brittney Wagner and Chris Wagner; Sandy Wagner; Ethan and Amber, Lucille, Lydia and Amos Wiechmann; Ben, Ruth, Ezra, Miles, Rosemary, Hannah and Rosalie Wiechmann; Jonathon and Ericka Wiechmann; Eric, Charity, Prairie, Sierra and Gunnar Newman; Katie and Mara Wiechmann; Mike Cornelison of Pierre and Kendall Borenson of Nebraska. Amanda Rosenau and family were brief callers. Monday, Thelma’s callers were John and Shirley Johnson; Max Smebakken came also with the sausage for Easter Breakfast. Tuesday, James Sandgren was working in the area and stopped to have lunch with his mother, which she really appreciated. Wednesday, Thelma Sandgren called on Helen Meink and they exchanged magazines. Thursday Steve Sandgren came
Rosebud News ....................................... Tiss Treib
out and had lunch with his mother. Friday, Thelma Sandgren had a busy day in Hettinger, and then she went down to Rosebud and set up for Easter breakfast. Vince Gunn called on Thelma Sandgren Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon, Georgia Sandgren and Ed Hanson arrived at Thelma Sandgren’s for the weekend. Sunday morning, Thelma and Georgia Sandgren and Ed Hanson attended Sunrise services at Rosebud. They then went to Bison to the Presbyterian Church for the program and another breakfast. Georgia and Ed returned to their home in Sturgis and Thelma returned home. John and Shirley Johnson were Easter Sunday guests of Gary and Jodi Johnson and Lexi. Other guests were Roger Ingebretson; Bob and Shilo Johnson; Mike and Annie Johnson. Helen Meink was among those who were Easter Sunday guests of Duane and Sue Meink. Patsy Miller made a trip to Scranton Tuesday and Wednesday. Barb Lyon was an Easter Sunday dinner guest of Jim and Patsy Miller. Friday, Justin, Jo and Jacob Seim of Belle Fourche arrived at Tim and JoAnne Seim’s to spend some time. Kelly and Danny LaDue and boys of Draper, Utah arrived Saturday afternoon at Tim and
The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 • Page 7
Date set for Community Coffee Break
A free Community Coffee Break will be hosted by Town and Country Community and Family Extension Leaders on May 9. The event is to recognize South Dakota’s annual CFEL week, which is traditionally held during the early part of May each year. The local community event will take place in Grand Electric’s Social Room from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. on May 9. A variety of cookies will be served with beverages. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend! Mark your calendar! Town and Country met on March 21 for their regular monthly meeting at Mom’s Place with Aletha Adcock as hostess. Teddi Carlson won the early bird hostess gift. To get things going, eight members answered roll call by talking about a fashion trend and/or hairstyle that they like. Aletha’s presentation about “new meanings for old words” was good for more than a few chuckles. For example: A “stalemate” is a leading cause for divorce! A “smile” is a thing that can set a lot of things straight. A “carnation” is a country where everybody owns an automobile. An “octopus” is a cat with eight lives. “Benign” is what you be after you be eight. “Nitrates” are usually lower than day rates. “Terminal illness” is an airport sickness and an “arbitrator” is a cook who leaves Arby’s to work at McDonalds. Aftermath” is relaxation after algebra class and “coffee” is a person upon whom one coughs. “Rubberneck?” What you do to relax your wife! Chairman Carolyn Hendricks reminded everyone to bake a wheat product and deliver it to somebody on March 23 for Bake and Take Day and to attend the Spring Council/Area I meeting at Mom’s Place on April 27. A guest speaker from CAVA will have a presentation that day and there will also be a Silent Auction for which each member will bring two items. Teddi Carlson will host Town and Country’s April 25 meeting in the Grand Electric Social Room. Guests are welcome to come at 7:00 p.m. to learn more about the organization.
JoAnne Seim’s. Easter Sunday dinner guests of Tim and JoAnne Seim were Justin, Jo and Jacob Seim; Danny and Kelly LaDue, Owen and Ketch; Horace Seim and Dorothy Bowers; Duane and Dawn Harris. Bonnie Haynes and Don McKinstry were afternoon callers. Sunday evening callers of Tim and JoAnne Seim were Chet and Mandy Anderson and family. Al and Carlene Anderson and two of their grandchildren of Estelline, SD arrived at Nolan and Linda Seim’s Thursday. Saturday, Ole Herland and Kathy Seim arrived at Nolan and Linda Seim’s for the weekend. Lyle and Angeline Volken and family of Estelline, SD arrived at Nolan and Linda Seim’s Saturday. Larry and Sarah Dreiske and family spent the day also. Easter Sunday guests of Nolan and Linda Seim and family were Al and Carlene Anderson; Lyle and Angeline Volken and family; Larry and Sarah Dreiske and family; Ole Herland and Kathy Seim. Dean and Lynn Frey were Easter Sunday supper guests of Dorothy Frey. Bill and Esther Nagel of Reeder were Easter Sunday guests of Keith and Bev Hoffman.
From Faith, SD, go 3 W on Hwy 212, then 30 N on Hwy 73, then 20 E on Hwy 20 to Glad Valley ~~~ From Lemmon, SD, go 35 S on Hwy 73, then 20 E on Hwy 20 to Glad Valley, SD ~~~ From Isabel, SD, go 17 W on Hwy 20 to Glad Valley ~~~ at Glad Valley go 3 N & 2 W. HAY 1350 Bales: Alfalfa & Prairie Hay, Mixed Grass, Oats, Sudan, Straw BRAND: L connected Lazy J Bar, RR Cattl TRACTORS: IHC 4386 dsl 4x4 w/ duals, Cab, AC ~ IHC 806 gas w/Du-al Ldr ~ JD 60 gas w-frnt, good tires ~ JD G gas, w-frnt, w/F10 Ldr ~ Minn-Moline M-5 Dsl ~ Snow V-Plow ~ Hi-Co 3 pt 7ʼ Blade MACHINERY: Case IH 8830 Windrower w/ 14ʼ Auger Hd, cab ~ JD 7700 desl Combine, good, stored inside ~ JD 220 Grain Platform, new style ~ 21ʼ Reel Hd ~ Sund Grain P-up ~ JD All Crop 4-row Hd ~ JD 14ʼ Hd ~ JD 16ʼ Grain Platform ~ JD 454 Corn Hd, w-row ~ NH 518 Manure Spreadr ~ NH 851 Baler ~ NH 277 sq Baler ~ New Idea 731 self-prop Unipicker, cab, 4-row, 38” ~ New Idea 2-row Picker ~ New Idea Corn Picker w/ UniSyst 737 ~ IH 4-row Corn Planter ~ Schweiss 3 pt Snowblower ~ Lehman Stack Mover ~ (3) 7ʼ Nobel Hoe Drills ~ Intern 100 Disc Drill w/dry fert ~ Vibra Shank 45 w/Nobl Mulchr ~ Schaeffer 14ʼ Offset & Oliver 21ʼ Tndm Discs ~ Oliver 4row Cultivator ~ Rowse 30ʼ hyd Dump Rake ~ FH & NH live bottm Wagons ~ TRUCKS, TRAILER, PICKUP, CAR: ʻ83 Ford F-150 4x4 P-up ~ ʻ83 Rawhide 6x16 Bump Hitch ~ ʻ93 Ford F150 XLT Gas Supercab P-up ~ ʻ78 Chev Silverado 10 Suburban, 4WD, runs good ~ 1981 LN Ford-600 tndm twin screw Truck w/steel grain box ~ 1963 Ford sngl axl Truck w/Wood Box ~ ʻ36 Dodge Truck that Larry came to SD in ~ Lynx 440 Snowmobile ~ ʻ45 Chev Truck ~ AUGERS, TANKS & RANCH EQUIP: 8x50 Auger w/18hp Honda, elec start ~ 40ʼ pto Ear Corn Conveyor ~ Blumhardt 200 gal. Saddle Tank setup ~ Creep Feedrs ~ Bale Fork ~ Calf Chute ~ Feed Bunks ~ Cattle Dusters ~ Hog/Calf Huts ~ Hog Feedrs ~ Lots of EARLY MACHINERY & SCRAP IRON
Place a sponge in the bottom of a planter before adding soil, to keep water in reserve. Really makes a difference in window boxes!
Machinery & Hay Auction WED. April 10, 2013 * 11 am MT
More info & photos at www.PiroutekAuction.com or www.ArnesonAuction.com Owners: Micky Barnica Estate & Larry Barnica: 605-466-2215
Piroutek Auction Service
Dan Piroutek 605-544-3316
Arneson Auction Service
Lonnie Arneson 605-798-2525
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Bison Area Men’s Club sponsors Easter Egg Hunt
Ava Roth, Julia Carmichael, Kimber Hulm, Jetta Hulm, and Colt Kopren gathering Easter eggs. Everyone was invited to Mom’s Place for treats after the eggs had all been gathered. Coby Arthur makes his way along the trees at the Court House looking for Easter eggs.
Julia Carmichael, Melanie Lemer, Colt Kopren make a run for the Easter eggs.
Permanent part-time. Part-time. Must have good grammar and proofreading skills. Computer experience a plus. more ForFor information information call the call the Bison Courier Bison Courier at at 244-7199 244-7199
Kimber Hulm, Kia and Jetta Hulm came to town to hunt for Easter eggs.
Marcella and Daemik Wells took a breather to check out the Easter eggs that they found.
The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 • Page 9
7th and 8th Grade girls attend Queen City Tournament
The next time you boil or steam vegetables, don't pour the water down the drain, use it to water potted patio plants, and you'll be amazed at how the plants respond to the "vegetable soup."
The 7th and 8th grade girls consisting of Hope Crabtree, Gracee Veal, Jenna Kari, Nicole Hafner, Maudie Lee, Julianna Kari and Sydney Senn, attended the Queen City Classic Basketball Tournament in Spearfish, March 22 and 23, 2013. The first game found Bison playing the Belle Fourche Broncs, Friday night starting at 8:50 p.m. Maudie Lee was high scorer with 6, followed by Julianna Kari with 4 and Sydney Senn and Jenna Kari, each adding 2 for a final
Back row: Hope Crabtree, Gracee Veal, Jenna Kari, Nicole Hafner, Maudie Lee. Front row: Julianna Kari and Sydney Senn. score: Bison 14, Belle Fourche 28. The girls’ second game was played on Saturday afternoon against the Rapid City Fuzion. The Lady Cards played a super defensive game and ended by on top of the Fuzions with a score of: Bison 25, Rapid City Fuzion, 13. Again, Maudie Lee was high scorer with 7, followed by Jenna Kari and Julianna Kari each adding 6 a piece, Gracee Veal with 4 and Sydney Senn with 2. For the third game, played at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Bison
found themselves up against the Spearfish Swish. It was a nip and tuck game, however, Spearfish ended up the Victors with a score of Bison: 14, Spearfish 20. Sydney Senn was high scorer in this game with 6, followed by Jenna Kari with 4, Julianna Kari with 3 and Gracee Veal with a freethrow. Another huge tournament with over 180 teams participating in all age divisions. The girls were coached by Steve Senn.
Permanent Part-time help wanted. Must have good grammar and proofreading skills. Computer experience a plus. For information call the Bison Courier at 244-7199
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Dr. Jason M. Hafner Dr. David J. Prosser
1st & 3rd Wed. of the month 2nd & 4th Wed. of the month
Buffalo Clinic
Faith Clinic
“Cardinals” take 3rd place in Silver Division of the Queen City Classic BB tournament
Palace Theater
Jack the Giant Slayer
PG-13 114 minutes April 5 - 7
surround sound Lemmon 374-5107
From Left to Right: Brad Seidel (Coach) Christian Kilwein, Ty Plaggemeyer, Logan Hendrickson, Dillon Collins, Chris Seidel (Coach). Front Row: Michael Kopren, Clancy Lytle, Layton Hendrickson.
Adair Drilling
“Water for Life and for Energy” Specializing in Sand Free Water
Residential • Stock • Geothermal • Municipal • Irrigation
For all your well drilling needs
Tim Adair PO Box 713 Martin, SD 57751 Office 605-685-2083 • Cell - 605-685-5638 or 605-685-5372 Licensed in SD, ND, MT
email tadairdrilling@yahoo.com
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Make a pillowcase, make a difference
The Jolly Ranchers 4H Club met for their monthly meeting, March 3, 2013. After the meeting was adjourned, the members sewed pillowcases as a community service project in response to the Nationwide American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. This is a challenge to sewers, crafters and everyone to help reach a goal of donating 1 million pillowcases to local charities. Nursing homes, hospice centers, oncology units, homeless shelters, fire victims, Ronald McDonald Houses, The Red Cross, just to name a few, will benefit from a home-made pillow case sewn with love from you to them!! Join the Jolly Ranchers 4H Club in this challenge! Pillowcases will be sewn and collected until September 1, 2013, when they will be mailed to charities right here in South Dakota. If you would like to include your pillowcases with the Jolly Ranchers shipment, please have your finished product delivered to Dawn McKinstry or Daphne Kolb by September 1, 2013. For patterns and further information go to allpeoplequilt.com. Together we really can help donate 1 million pillowcases and make a difference!!
Club members Stephanie Kolb, Julianna Kari, Jacob Kolb, Dustin Wells, Josh McKinstry, Lenae McKinstry.
Hide a few coins, a few low value dollar bills somewhere slightly awkward in your car. You will be very glad of these one day.
Dustin Wells making a pillowcase.
Always eat a good breakfast If you skip breakfast you will get hungrier as the day proceeds and end up eating more.
Page 12 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013
Town Board Candidates
continued from page 1
ting the needs of the community as a whole? I try to look to the future of our town what need we have to do. Do you consider yourself a forward thinker and how would you work with the other members of the Board and the community to think creatively about solutions? Yes, I am willing to listen to peoples ideas at meetings to make decisions that can help the town. Please discuss your thoughts on open government where business is conducted at the meetings, and not on the street thus being consistent in what is said and done from meeting to meeting. I only do business at the meetings. What do you want to see happen in the next 3 years in Bison? Storm sewer (first), sewer lagoons fixed, streets fixed. Our streets are in such deplorable condition, something needs to be done, are they going to get anything done? Storm sewer to help get water off and away from streets so when we put money back in to them some streets have to be fixed every year to keep them up.
David Kopren
and money. We need a plan for ten years ahead not just today for water, sewer, streets and future growth. How do you see yourself put-
Ed and Violet Chapman; Mary Ellen Fried and Herb Fried were guests of Jim and Vera Wilson Wednesday to help them celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary. Corrine Erickson was also a caller. Dinner guests to celebrate Easter on Saturday at Greg and Peggy Fried’s were Mary Ellen Fried, Chris, Ellie and Peter Fried; Teresa Sherrill of Wheatland, WY, Abbey and Sam; Audrey Lane and Herb Fried. Saturday evening, Jenny Fried and friend Jessica Olg of Spearfish came to spend through Sunday with Mary Ellen Fried. They came to spend Easter with Mary Ellen. Bernie Rose spent Easter with Rusty and Julie Foster and family; Vonnie Foster and Ron Bachman. Evie Reed and her son Rick spent Tuesday through Saturday in the area and they visited with Bernie Rose and Vonnie Foster. Carolyn Petik visited with Irene Young in Lemmon on Monday. She was also an afternoon visitor of Neale and Dorothy Lorius. Jerry and Carolyn Petik were in Lemmon on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday afternoon Carolyn Petik and Irene Young attended the funeral of Ione Ostenberg. Jerry and Carolyn attended Maundy Thursday Church service at Spencer memorial Church on Thursday evening. After church they visited with Vern Mosley from St. Paul, MN Carolyn Petik visited Ernestine Miller on Friday. Jerry and Carolyn Petik were among Easter dinner guests at Jim and Kim Petik's. Fred and Bev Schopp visited in Lemmon with MaryAnn and Noel Peterson; Alvin and Susan Schopp, Rich and Gloria Petersen; and Ken Schopp and their families during the week. Fred and Bev Schopp attended the funeral of Erma Schopp in Lemmon Saturday. Easter guests of Fred and Bev Schopp were Laurie, Dan and Danci Hoff; Connie and Bob Hourigan; Ray and Julie Schopp, Andrew, Katie, Kelly, Krista and Justin; Weston and Katelyn Ginther, Tristan; Jessie Ginther; Ken and Rita Becker; Arnie and Mel Schopp. Fred and Bev Schopp made a trip to New Leipzig Monday.
Meadow News .....By Tiss Treib
Learn to always either put things back in their place or at least to remember where you put it down.
The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 • Page 13
Page 14 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013
Tree Facts
By Robert Drown, Natural Resource Specialist The pine engraver beetle (PEB) unlike the mountain pine beetle (MPB) is not confined to the Black Hills in South Dakota but is a threat to the pine trees throughout western part of the state. It is a native bug that normally attacks dying, dead, recently transplanted, drought stressed or haildamaged trees. Therefore, it can become a killer during periods of drought which weakens tree’s defenses. Adult PEBs overwinter under the bark or in surrounding litter at the tree base. They are adults now and will be coming out in midApril to May depending on location and weather conditions. They begin flying when daytime temperatures are in the 60’s. Initially the males enter trees, construct cavities under the bark and attract females by releasing pheromones. After mating the females excavate egg Y-shaped or Hshaped galleries and lay eggs. Larva hatch, feed, grow into quarter inch long grubs that change into adults by autumn. Adult PEBs bore and tunnel into trees leaving a yellowish or reddish-brown dust in bark crevices or around the base of the tree. Most of the time, they usually do not kill whole trees, usually only parts of the trees discolor, fade and die. However, subsequent attacks over time may cause infested trees to succumb and die. Other indications of PEB infestation include the presence of woodpeckers and their damage to the tree bark in efforts to eat them. Also, small round holes in the bark of infested trees indicate that they have completed develop-

The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 • Page 15
Beware of the Pine Engraver Beetle
ment in that part of the tree, have exited and moved to another part of the same tree or to neighboring trees. To control PEBs, treat recently transplanted or injured trees with carbaryl or permethrin in midApril and again in mid-summer. There are many products currently on the market containing these active ingredients. A product containing carbaryl is Garden Tech Sevin. Products containing permethrin include Astro, Bonide Borer-Miner Killer, Gordon’s BugNo-More and Hi-Yield Garden Pet & Livestock Insect Control. Insecticides are used as drenching preventive sprays on the trunks and larger branches. These insecticides need to be applied prior to adult beetle infestation. Since PEBs have several generations, two treatments first in early spring and second during midsummer are needed. Actions taken to promote vigorous tree growth can help prevent PEB attacks. Recommendations include the following: watering during drought periods, avoiding root injuries, mechanical damage, compaction and disease; removing pruned branches from the vicinity, and chipping infested trees and branches. My sources for this news release were the Colorado State University Extension and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry. If you would like more information about “Beware of the Pine Engraver Beetle,” contact Bob Drown at the Conservation Office at 605-244-5222, Extension 4 or by e-mail at robert.drown@sd.nacdnet.net.
Three $1000 scholarships available from SDTA
The South Dakota Telecommunications Association (SDTA) has announced that it will award three $1,000 SDTA Memorial Scholarships for the 2013 fall semester. The SDTA Memorial Scholarships will be awarded to students who have completed at least two semesters of a multi-year program at any of South Dakota’s accredited technical schools or two semesters at any other accredited post-secondary higher education institution in South Dakota. Applicants that attend a post-secondary higher education institution must be majoring in a program with technical skills or a field of study that is particularly useful for work in the telecommunications industry. The applicant must be a member/customer or have parents that are member/customers of an SDTA member company. The scholarship program began with a single $300 scholarship in 1987. Since the scholarship fund was established, the rural telecommunications industry has awarded nearly $54,000 to help 78 South Dakota students achieve post-secondary educations. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is May 31, 2013. Applications are available from any South Dakota post-secondary institution student financial aid office, the SDTA office (605-224-7629 or ginigrannes@sdtaonline.com) or any SDTA member company. SDTA member companies include Alliance Communications; Beresford Municipal Telephone; Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Telephone Authority; Faith Municipal Telephone; Fort Randall Telephone; Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative; Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative; James Valley Telecommunications; Kennebec Telephone Company; Long Lines; TrioTel Communications; Midstate Communications; RC Communications and Roberts County Telephone Cooperative; Santel Communications; Swiftel Communications; Valley Telecommunications; Venture Communications; West River Cooperative Telephone; West River Telecommunications Cooperative; and Western Telephone Company.
Adult Pine Engraver Beetles are about a quarter inch long and will soon be attacking pine trees.
Page 16 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013
April 9, 2013
To vote use a cross [X] or check mark [√] in the square in front of the name. DO NOT cast more votes than are allowed in this race. [ ] James Sandgren [ ] David Kopren [ For Trustee, 3 year term, you may vote for 2 of the following:
Title: An Ordinance Revising Ordinance 2000-1 Nuisance Ordinance
The following initiated measure was proposed by petition for submission to the voters. This initiated measure will not become effective unless approved by majority vote. City Attorney Explanation: The proposed initiated measure will make it unlawful for anyone to possess any animal within the city limits of Bison, South Dakota. The proposed initiated measure creates two exception to this prohibition. One exception will be for horses but only if the owner(s) obtain an Annual Animal Permit from the Town of Bison. The second exemption is ambiguous because it refers to two different ordinances: one of these ordinances is a franchise granted to Grand Electric Cooperative, Inc and does not deal with animals; the other ordinance regulates dogs. Therefore, this proposed ordinance will ban all animals, including household pets, within the city limits of Bison with the exception of horses (with a permit) and possibly dogs. To vote use a cross (X) or check mark (√) in the square in front of "Yes" or "No." Yes A vote "Yes" will adopt the ordinance. No A vote "No" will not adopt the ordinance.
3) The Town of Bison has the right to revoke the permit at any time if there are any items on the permit which were not applied for on the issued permit. 4) Any person within the city limits of the town of Bison in possession of any Animal(s) or other livestock or animals without a permit is in violation of this ordinance and subject to a fine of $500.00, thirty days in jail or both. Each day of violation constitutes a separate offense.
ing which the Animals will occupy the property.
[Published April 4, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $6.86.]
LLOT A B E MPL A S ] Luke Clements
Regular Meeting April 8, 2013 7:00 pm
PROPOSED AGENDA: 1.Pledge of Allegiance 2. Call to Order 3. Consent Agenda a. Approve Agenda b. Minutes c. Financial Reports 4. Approval of claims 5. Delegations 6. Town of Bison-Matt Butsavage 7. Report from Building Committee – building project 8. Discussion of School Sentinel Program – School Sentinel Law 9. Resignation – Athletic Director 10. Resolution authorizing membership in South Dakota High School Activities Association – 11. Issue contracts – 12. Ratify Negotiated Agreement – 13. Approve T & A Account – Prairie Readers 14. Approval of Contract 15. Assistant Track Position 16. Executive session— (Personnel Issue SDCL 1-25-2 (1)) 17. Northwest Area Schools Education Cooperative Report 18. Superintendent Report – 19. Adjournment -[Published April 4, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $15.17.]
A School District Election will be held on April 9, 2013 in all voting precincts in School District #52-1, Bison, South Dakota. If the polls cannot be opened because of bad weather, the election may be postponed one week. The election polls will be open from seven o’clock a.m. to seven o’clock p.m. (Mountain daylight savings) time on the day of the election. At the election, the following questions or offices or both will be voted upon: Two (3) three year terms of office with the following persons running for that vacancy. Daniel Beckman, Jr. Daniel J. Kvale Chris A. Seidel
5) If a resident does not have an Annual Animal Permit or is not in compliance with this ordinance, the Finance Officer will send a certified letter within two business days to the resident in violation. The certified letter will state the resident must fill out an application or remove the Animals from the property within five business days. The Finance Officer will contact the Town of Bison’s law enforcement. Law enforcement will instruct the property owner to remove the Animals from the property within five business days. 6) The only exception to this ordinance is the property of Tract A, Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 13 of Township 18 North, Range 13 East of the Black Hills Meridian, Perkins County, South Dakota (Perkins County Fairgrounds). Animals shall be allowed to occupy the previously stated property without an Annual Animal Permit only under the following conditions: a) The Animals may occupy the property only within fourteen days before an organized event at the Perkins County Fairgrounds; b) The Animals may occupy the property only within fourteen days after an organized event at the Perkins County Fairgrounds; c) The Animals occupying the property will be used only for the organized events at the Perkins County Fairgrounds.
Full Text of Initiated Measure:
Be it ordained by the Town of Bison:
The polling place in each precinct of this district will be as follows: BECKMAN MEMORIAL CHURCH: Residents of White Hill, Vail, Plateau, Strool, Jones, Maltby, Wells, Antelope, Beck-Highland, Dillon, Vrooman, Sheffield, and Wyandotte Townships. PERKINS COUNTY FAIR BUILDING: Residents of Rockford, Anderson, Barrett, Burdick, Independence, Marshfield, Cash, Scotch Cap, Bison, Rainbow, Brushy, Bixby, Meadow, Richland, Vickers, Lone Tree , Chance, Grand Central, Chaudoin, Duell, Hall, Ada Townships and the Town of Bison. Voters with disabilities may contact the business manager for information and special assistance in absentee voting or polling place accessibility. Bonnie Crow, Business Manager Bison School District #52-1 Box 9, Bison, SD. 57620
1) It is unlawful to possess any animal, which includes but is not limited to cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, goats, lamas, and donkeys, within the city limits of Bison, South Dakota. Horses (hereinafter referred to as “Horses or Animal(s)”) may be allowed with an Annual Animal Permit issued by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Bison, South Dakota. In addition to Horses the only other animals allowed within city limits without an Annual Animal Permit are those defined in Ordinance 89-7. 2) The Annual Animal Permit may allow Animals within the city limits after meeting the following requirements: a)The person requesting a permit must own the Animals and the property on which the Animals will be located; b)The person requesting a permit must have primary residence within the city limits of Bison, South Dakota; c)From the 15th of April through the 15th of September, all manure piles or any odor causing material that is on the property from the Animals will be removed from the city limits by the 1st and 15th of every month. From the 16th of September through the 14th of April, all manure piles or any odor causing material that is left on the property from the Animals will be removed from the city limits by the 1st of
April 9, 2013 Mark a cross (X) or check mark () in the square before the name of each candidate for whom you wish to vote, SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER THREE YEAR TERM, YOU MAY VOTE FOR TWO Daniel Beckman, Jr. Daniel J. Kvale Chris A. Seidel
[Published March 28 and April 4 , 2013 at a total approximate cost of $33.81.]
every month; d)The Annual Animal Permit application must be completed by the applicant and turned into the Finance Officer of the Town of Bison. The Annual Animal Permit application can be filled out and returned to the Finance Officer at any time throughout the year. The application for the permit will be printed in the official newspaper for the Town of Bison for one week. Once the application has appeared in the official newspaper, a public hearing will be held within thirty days but no sooner than fourteen days after publication. If any property owner within the city limits of the Town of Bison objects to the issuing of the permit, the Board of Trustees for the Town of Bison shall not issue the permit. Upon approval of the permit and receiving a fee for the Annual Animal Permit at the rate of $30.00 per head of Animal, the Board of Trustees for the Town of Bison will issue the Annual Animal Permit to the applicant. If the permit is requested for the remainder of the calendar year, the permit will expire on December 31st of that year; and e)The submitted application must contain the following: 1. The legal description of the property on which the Animals will be located; 2. The area in square feet or acres on which the Animals will be located; 3. The number of head of Animals that will occupy the property; 4. The type of Animal(s) that will occupy the property; and 5. The beginning and end dates dur-
7) In the event a permit has already been issued and the resident would like to add more Animals than were issued on the original permit, the applicant must re-apply for the permit.
8) The permit will be signed by the Board of Trustees’ Chairperson and the Finance Officer. A copy of the permit will be kept on file at the Bison Town Hall and one copy will be given to the applicant. [Published March 28 and April 4, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $131.88.]
[Published april 4, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $13.54.]
A Municipal Election will be held on April 9, 2013, in Bison, South Dakota. If the polls cannot be opened because of bad weather, the election may be postponed one week. The election polls will be open from seven o’clock a.m. to seven o’clock p.m. mountain daylight time on the day of the election. At the election, the following questions will be voted upon or offices will be filled: ~ Trustee 3 Year Term (vote for 2) Candidates: James Sandgren, David Kopren, Luke Clements
Notice is hereby given that the Perkins County Commissioners, sitting as a County Board of Equalization will meet in the Perkins County Commissioner Room in Bison on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. for the purpose of reviewing and correcting the assessments of Perkins County for year 2013. All persons considering themselves aggrieved by said assessment, are required to submit written notice with the Perkins County Finance Officer no later than Tuesday, April 2, 2013. /s/Sylvia Chapman Sylvia Chapman Perkins County Finance Officer
Notice of Meeting of County Board of Equalization SDCL 10-11-15
The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 • Page 17
~ An Ordinance Revising Ordinance 2000-1, Nuisance Ordinance
[Published March 28 and April 4, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $16.91.]
The polling place for this municipality is as follows: Town of Bison - Bentley Building Voters with disabilities may contact the city finance officer for information and special assistance in absentee voting or polling place accessibility. Elizabeth Hulm Finance Officer
[Published March 28 and April 4, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $28.61.]
Many of us pride ourselves on being self sufficient, but don't be. Ask for help, ask for advice don't try and do it all yourself. Successful people ask for help all the time.
Page 18 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 Grand River Roundup ............................................................... By Betty Olson
It was a busy week around here. I spent last Monday in Pierre for Veto Day and the Executive Board elections. Sen. Ryan Maher was elected chairman, Rep. Lance Carson is vice-chair, and our next meeting was set for April 23 in Pierre. Two members of the House of Representatives announced that they wouldn’t be coming back next year, so the governor will be appointing someone to fill the seats of Rep. Jon Hansen from District 25 and Rep. Patty Miller from District 16. Both legislators were in the middle of their second term. Rep. Hansen resigned after being accepted into law school this fall and Rep. Miller quit because of health issues. It’s nice to be done with this legislative session, but it will be interesting to see the results of some of the bills we passed. I’ve had a lot of questions about my bill to put wolves on the predator list, and no, you can’t legally shoot a wolf in western South Dakota when the law takes affect in July unless the feds have taken them off the Endangered Species list by then, which they have promised to do. It will be legal to shoot wolves east of the Missouri River where they are not endangered, so you might want to drag it across the river or just practice the good old western policy of “Shoot, Shovel and Shut up” if you have to shoot one. And I’m really serious about the Shut Up part! Speaking of predators, we are now down to ONE chicken. The rooster took several days to heal up enough to get around on his own after he was attacked by a coon. The weather has been nice and warm, so as soon as he was able to walk I let him and the hen out of the coop during the day. The third day when I went to lock them up for the night the hen was the only one in the coop and we haven’t seen the rooster since. I’m pretty sure Henny’s days are numbered! Tuesday I joined officials from North and South Dakota at the Lemmon City Hall for a meeting about the Railroad Street reconstruction project. Railroad Street lies on the border between the two states in north Lemmon. Representatives from the Lemmon City Council, county commissioners from Perkins County, SD, and Adams County, ND, and other interested parties met with Craig Mizera with HDR Engineering. The expense for reconstructing the badly damaged road will be split between Perkins County, Adams County, and Lemmon. Garrett Schweitzer gave me a map of the project and suggested I drive the route on the way home. Something definitely needs to be done. Harding County hosted the District FFA competition in Buffalo Wednesday. FFA members from ten area schools participated and I got to help with the horse judging at Tim and Laurie Olson’s indoor arena. Over 200 FFA members competed in nine different events and it was an enjoyable day! I got to town early enough to stop at the courthouse to get my new drivers license. I took a boatload of documents with me and thankfully I had enough of the right stuff to qualify. You can’t believe the documents required by the state to prove who you are, even if you’ve lived in the county all your life. But don’t yell at the folks at the courthouse - they don’t like it either. The toll free number for the Driver Licensing Program in Pierre is 800-952-3696 if you want information or need to scream at someone. Ryne Baier came Thursday afternoon, Taz came home from college in Chadron, and Lanie came home from Dickinson that night to help us shear sheep on Good Friday. Since the bucks got out early over 50 ewes had already lambed, which slowed shearing down a bit, but everything went well and the shearers were gone before dark. Taz tore his hamstring in the same leg he had surgery on last year, so he took Josh Hunt and Trig to bulldogging practice and Ryne stayed here to help shear. Saturday Ryne and Taz both took the younger fellows to practice in Buffalo and Ryne tore up his knee while jumping a steer. He and Taz limp about the same now! I hope you all had a blessed and happy Easter. Since we’re lambing, calving, and nursing bad colds, not many of our kids came home. Thad, Till, and Brin joined Casey’s family and us for a late dinner that afternoon. Monday was April Fools Day and I’m always reminded of my Dad’s sister Claire (White) John and Reub’s cousin Cliff Olson on that day. Aunt Claire and Cliff had April Fools Day birthdays and it was a good thing that they both had a great sense of humor, because the combination of a birthday celebration and the greatest prank day of the year were too much for most of family and friends to ignore! I’ll leave you a famous April Fools joke: The April 1995 issue of Discover Magazine reported that the highly respected wildlife biologist Dr. Aprile Pazzo had found a new species in Antarctica: the hotheaded naked ice borer. These fascinating creatures had bony plates on their heads that, fed by numerous blood vessels, could become burning hot, allowing the animals to bore through ice at high speeds. They used this ability to hunt penguins, melting the ice beneath the penguins and causing them to sink downwards into the resulting slush where the hotheads consumed them. After much research, Dr. Pazzo theorized that the hotheads might have been responsible for the mysterious disappearance of noted Antarctic explorer Philippe Poisson in 1837. "To the ice borers, he would have looked like a penguin," the article quoted her as saying. Discover received more mail in response to this article than they had received for any other article in their history!
The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013 • Page 19
DISPLAY ADS: $4.70 per column inch. CLASSIFIED ADS: $5.90 for 30 words; 10¢ for each word thereafter. $2.00 billing charge applies. THANK YOU'S: $5.90 minimum or $3.10 per column inch. $2.00 billing charge applies. HIGHLIGHTS & HAPPENINGS: $5.90 minimum or $3.10 per column inch. $2.00 billing charge applies. HAPPY ADS: With or Without Picture: $15.00 minimum or $4.50 per column inch.BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: $36.00 for 2x7 announcement. Ad Deadline is Monday at NOON! Legal Deadline is Friday at NOON! 244-7199 or courier@sdplains.com
For Sale: 28x68, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home for sale on 2+ acres. Call Jackie 602-999-7069 or Travis 605-390-8256. B41-2tc WANTED Perkins County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications for a deputy sheriff eligibility list. Perkins County Sheriff's Office P.O. Box 234 Bison, SD 57620 (605) 2445243 An Equal Opportunity Employer. B42-2tc WANTED: I am in need of a good Brown Swiss milk/nurse cow. Please contact 605-788-2876 and leave a message. B42-2tc FOR SALE or 50 cow/calf pairs. Call Brad Besler 244-5600. B41-3tc
Advertising Rates:
8 HUD (Housing and Urban Development) housing facility. We are smoke free. Energy Assistance is available for those who qualify. Utilities are included in the rent. Homestead Heights is an equal housing opportunity. For more information, please call (605) 2445473. B14-tfn
tion www.britton.k12.sd.us. Send application & resume: Kevin Coles, Supt, PO Box 190, Britton, 57430, 605-448-2234, SD kevin.coles@k12.sd.us. Deadline: 4/8/2013. EOE HERDSMAN FOR LARGE BEEF cow/calf and feedlot operation located near Rochester, MN. Insurance and IRA available. Call 507536-4030 evenings.
Pasture Wanted: Need summer grass for 200 pairs and/or 100 yearling heifers for 2013 and beyond. Kent and Janet LaDue- 605788-2969. B41-2tp
Wanted: Pasture to rent and hay land to rent or put up on shares. Custom haying: round, medium square, small squares. Please call Tom 605-866-4605; 605-949-1933. B33-tfn HELP WANTED Seasonal Help Wanted: The Town of Bison is now accepting applications for summer help – one to two individuals for maintenance help and one to organize swimming lesson and possibly open swimming. Applicants must be 18 and over. Please request an application from: Finance Officer, Box 910, Bison, SD 57620 or call 2445677 or 244-5231. The Town of Bison is an Equal Opportunity Employer. B39-tfn
AUCTIONS Custer, SD MULTI-USE COMMERCIAL BUILDING sells at Absolute Public Auction, April 18, 2013. High traffic Black Hills location, seller financing offered. Info at www.bradeenauction.com or 605-673-2629. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY AVON – Only $10 to start. Call for information without any obligation. 1-877-454-9658
EARN $50,000+ A YEAR*. KNODEL CONTRACTING is seeking full-time side dump/belly dump train drivers. Must have class A/Doubles CDL. Home every night – no weekends/holidays, must have good work history, loader experience helpful. Work 40 to 65 hours per week for the industry leader. *Earning potential based on experience, qualifications, work habits, available hours and hours worked. Also looking for an equipment operator (loader, scraper, excavator) with CDL. Apply to: Knodel Farms Contractors, 43725 284th St., Freeman, SD 57029 (605) 925-4595 or (605) 310-1844. POLICE OFFICER - THE CITY OF GREGORY has an opening for a full time police officer. Applicants must be certified or be certified within one year of employment. Contact City Hall at 605835-8270 for an application. Applications are due April 15. Send to City of Gregory, PO Box 436, Gregory, SD 57533. www.cityofgregory.com <http://www.cityofgregory.com> THE ELK POINT-JEFFERSON SCHOOL DISTRICT is seeking a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. If interested please send a letter of application and resume to Brian Shanks, Superintendent Box 578 Elk Point, SD 57025 we will also accept electronic materi-
als at Brian.Shanks@k12.sd.us. CUSTER REGIONAL SENIOR CARE is accepting applications for Director of Nursing. Must be licensed as a Registered Nurse in South Dakota. Previous supervisory/management experience in long term care preferred. Excellent benefits; salary based on experience. Please contact Veronica Schmidt (605) 673-2229 ext. 109 or Joey Carlson at (605) 673-2229 ext. 110 for more information. Applications may be submitted online at www.regionalhealth.com. EOC/AA LIVESTOCK THOMAS RANCH BULL SALE, Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 18441 Capri Place, Harrold, SD, Troy: 605-222-1258, Cell: 605-973-2448. www.thomasranchcattle.com Sale 1:00PM, Selling 300 Bulls: Charolais, Angus, Sim-Angus, Red Angus
LOG HOMES DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders representing Golden Eagle Log Homes, building in eastern, central, northwestern South & North Dakota. Scott Connell, 605-5302672, Craig Connell, 605-2645 6 5 0 , www.goldeneagleloghomes.com
Wanted: Pasture for 100 yearlings
Five Counties Nursing Home
EOE/M/FV/D Drug Free Workplace Employer
Must have good work ethic. FREE C.N.A. certification Complete wage and complete benefits package for FT. For more information call Human Resources at 605-374-3871 or get application at Five Counties, Box 479, Lemmon, SD 57638. fch1@sdplain.com
Seeking persons for •CNA - FT/PT •RN and LPN FT/PT
Need extra cash? Job security as a trained health care worker.
FOR RENT For rent: Homestead Heights located in Bison, S.D., has a one and two bedroom apartment available. Homestead Heights is a low-income elderly and disabled Section
EMPLOYMENT ALEXANDER, ND, SCHOOL DISTRICT is seeking a Superintendent, a High School Business Teacher, and an Elementary/Title 1 Teacher. Send a letter of application and resume with references: Alexander Public School, Lynn Sims, PO Box 66, Alexander, ND 58831, or lynn.sims@sendit.nodak.edu <mailto:lynn.sims@sendit.nodak.e du>. EOE BRITTON-HECLA SCHOOL DISTRICT has these openings for 2013-14 school year: 3 Elem Teachers and 1 JH/HS English Teacher w/wo Asst GBB and All School Play Director. Find applica-
STEEL BUILDINGS STEEL BUILDINGS BLOW OUT SALE! Early bird spring discounts! Save up to 40% off on machinery storage and shops. Limited Offer! Call Jim, 1-888-7827040.
WANTED Craft/Flea market vendors, Sat. June 22, Presho, SD city park. Located on 2nd annual Scavenger's Journey route. E-mail: preshochamber@kennebectelephone. com or 605-895-9445 for information.
Page 20 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, April 4, 2013
! ays lose d r dS 701-567-2568 tu a atur S d day e 1/2 mile east of Hettinger s s! Clo
R & N Hide & Fur C
PAYING TOP DOLLAR for all types of metal including •cars •appliances •auto batteries •tin •wire •cable
Friends are often too polite to tell you what you are doing wrong, enemies have no such compunction when you have got over the pain of the criticism learn any lessons.

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