Bison and Reva area Emergency Medical Technicians

Local EMTs have training session with many volunteers. Back row: Dennis Kari, Verlyn Veal, Barbie Serr, Tonya Collins.Middle row: Keith Hanson Jr., Dustin Tenold, Gary Juergens, Nina Loper, Henry Mohagen, Bev Heier, Heidi Stevens, Trooper Jody Moody. Front row standing: Cassidy Moody, Linda mohagen, Justin Moody kneeling: Seth Tenold, Julie Hanson.

The two vehicle, five victim car accident at the junction of Highway 20 and 75 (Matthew’s Corner) on July 25th certainly looked real to the passing traffic as two wreckers, two ambulances and one highway patrol car all had lights flashing. Many stopped to offer their help. It seemed pretty real to the EMTs gathered for class that evening as Jody Moody, EMT and highway patrol on duty was at class and received the call for help from the sheriffs office. He instructed all staff and both ambulances to come to the scene. The rollover and head on collision was a training session for the EMTs to keep their skills up to date and to fulfill the state and national boards required training. Our local EMTs volunteer many hours of service and training to help others in need of medical assistance.

Dustin Tenold of D&D Services towed and arranged the vehicles for both the Bison and Harding County training. Keith Hanson, Jr. and Alvin Fabris assisted him. Joyce Matthews photographed the scene as Henry and Linda Mohagen came to help prepare the victims for the scenario. Justin and Cassidy Moody, Henry Mohagen, Seth Tenold and Julie Hanson were the training victims!

EMT-Basics undergo about 120 hours of training. EMTs are trained and certified to insert basic airways, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, use an automated defibrillator, manage bleeding and shock, splinting and emergency childbirth.