Betwixt Places News

Just when you know the answers, they change the questions! At least that seems to apply to these darned log in names and passwords. I much prefer the use of the old ways of doing business but have resigned to using a few accounts online. Well, Sunday when it would benefit me to log in and do some business, things went from bad to worse. I managed to get the log in numbers right the first time, when I entered the password it must not have been the one they made me change it to (an every six month event) then here came a new question - what was the color of your FIRST car? Hmmm, was that first car a green Mercury - or was it the black one that could hit 110 in a quarter of a mile; wrong! Guess again, same dumb question - maybe a good guess would be black, wrong again! Never had a blue car but that would be as good a guess as any, wrong for the third time - I struck out, now the account was closed until I talk to a person. Then the next trick, get e-statements, no more paper to clutter up the house. Well, guess what, you need to print the darned things yourself, use your paper and ink so you have a tax record, thus the expense is on you now.

Oh my, last week when we were at the Robbinsdale bowling alley, we ran into Don Keyser, he spends about as much time at the bowling alley as I do. He was sporting a pin for bowling 75 pins over average, that is pretty good when you have close to a 200 average.

Sandee Gittings went to the sixth grade classroom early Monday afternoon. The AARP/RTA had sponsored an essay contest about grandparents last year and was giving out the awards. Kobie Davis was the winner. Sandee attended the grade school's "Red, White and Blue" concert Monday evening.

Tony Harty and Russ Hattel went to Pierre on Monday. Both Russ and Tony visited Merlin Bennett for appointments. Russ jumped ship on Tony and caught a ride back to Kadoka with another friend. Tony met the Hutterites while in Pierre and picked up some more poultry. On the way home he visited Ramona Buchholz and dropped off a turkey the Hutterites sent for her Christmas gift.

Monday, I came straight away home after spending the night with Bill in the motor home and drove the HCPT van to Rapid City for an appointment. I got home in time to do some business then bowl. I turned North and spent the night with Bill at the motor home.

Tuesday, Tony Harty visited Steve and Lisa Doudy and made a delivery to them. He had coffee out with the local folks and visited his niece Kathy Brown in the afternoon.

Tuesday, I returned home in the morning and was busy doing things around the place. In the afternoon I drove several to Philip in the HCPT van for appointments getting home after dark, which isn't too hard since it gets dark about 4:30! Bill moved the motor home back home that evening.

Wednesday, November 9, Tony Harty was in Philip making deliveries of poultry, watched bowling while having coffee. He returned to Kadoka and visited Russ Hattel in the afternoon.

It seems Bill and I can't ride together anymore. Wednesday morning after breakfast we made the trip to Philip for the services for Richard Burnett in separate cars. It was a blessing in disguise, our not riding together, since the van was locked and the keys inside. Bill took the other car and went home and got the keys then went on to combine corn in the afternoon. It seemed only fitting that Bill would do some farm work since Richard so enjoyed the farming he did. I enjoyed visiting with Gary Keyser and Dale Keyser of Wall. They had some stories to tell on Dad, which were enjoyable. Gary told about when they were in Arizona at a restaurant Dad cut the line and inquired if they didn't know who he was, didn't they recognize Senator Barry Goldwater? He got the whole group seated in no time. Dale said he remembered that dad's favorite saying was he wasn't a "bad" child, or a "good" child, but a "Fair" child. Our bowling team, All Star Auto, did a make up game in the afternoon with Donna Newman as a sub. Shirley Parsons was so gracious to keep score for us but we still lost all the games. I had coffee with Shirley and Joy Neville then stopped by Gary Stephenson's to leave off a part of a camera I'd missed when putting in batteries. Gary gave me a tour of his new home.

Don and Vi Moody had a visit from Doug Melhoff from Rapid City and a friend at their ranch on Wednesday. Don enjoyed showing the fellows some of his collectibles and they had a nice visit.

Wednesday morning in Sturgis they had a little bit of snow, just enough to stick to the grass. It rained before the snow so the roads were a little slick. Ralph appreciated his new retirement, since the phone didn't ring to get him out to sand or clear roads. Ralph and Cathy Fiedler braved this first sign of snow and went to Philip, they had lunch at the Sale Barn Café so they could visit with Diana and Richard Stewart. After lunch they went to the nursing home to visit with Cathy's Mom, Katy Dragesett. Cathy played bingo with her and the other residents. A great opportunity to see friends that volunteer to help with bingo. After snacks Ralph and Cathy returned to Sturgis. It gets dark so early they were on the alert for deer all the way home.

Thursday both Tony Harty and Phyllis Word popped in at our place for a visit. Tony caught up on reading the papers. Bill went to Plainview early and was cutting corn until late. Lack of places to go with the corn slows harvest down.

Don and Vi Moody had some business that took them to Rapid Thursday, so they stayed over the weekend at their Rapid Valley home. They did venture to the Hills late Friday. Several deer hunters set up camp and were looking for that big buck back at the ranch.

George and Joe Gittings worked on some projects for George on Friday and then worked on Marie Lamm's trailer house. Gary and Greg Wolbrink, Greg Kastner and Rob Maher of the Sioux Falls and Brookings areas arrived at the George Gittings home Friday evening for deer hunting.

Friday, Tony Harty visited his niece Kathy Brown in the morning. After he had coffee out, he helped Kathy run some errands then he went to Martin for the Knights of Columbus Smoker, returning home late that evening. He brought home some excess Rocky Mountain Oysters all cooked up and ready to enjoy later.

I made a practice run at babysitting the great grandson Elijah Seager and sister Aviana at their home in Rapid City. Eric and Chaciel were going to have an overnight get away and were excited to go to a bed and breakfast in Lead. They made it to Deadwood and called about finding the B&B, only to be advised the reservation was for the next night. They came home but I got along good for about four hours. As I headed for home, I promised to return the next day and give it a go again.

Saturday afternoon, Ralph and Cathy Fiedler went to Spearfish. Ralph went to the BHS & Tech football game with Eric Hanson and Loman while Sherry, Elsie and Cathy put the finishing touches on Eric's 40th birthday supper. Friends and family gathered at Hudson Hall for a birthday supper and party for Eric. A good supper, cake and ice cream were enjoyed by all. After Eric opened his gifts things were cleaned up and everyone headed for home. When the party broke up it was raining hard, but Ralph and Cathy ran out of it just after Whitewood.

Kathy Brown got some benefit from the Smoker food when she had lunch with Tony Harty Saturday.

Saturday morning Bill and I went to breakfast at the Ambulance building in Philip then went on to the little farm and installed a storm door. Opening day of deer season and we could hear quite a little shooting while we worked. As soon as the door was on and working I headed to Rapid City and settled in to take care of the kids. Grandson Zack Seager and Cori Barber brought little Ryder over for a visit too, so it was an enjoyable time. Everyone survived in good shape. Eric and Chaciel had a nice evening at their little retreat. Eric said there were deer that came around and a group of turkeys brushed by him as he was cleaning the snow off the car Sunday morning. They had a great breakfast then arrived home Sunday morning. Bill got in some rest and watched races while I was gone.

"Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man." Radindranath Togore