Bennett County Invitational Track Meet

The Philip boys' and girls' track team traveled to Mission Friday, April 16 to compete in the Bennett County Invitational.

Philip earned five first places and seven second places.

In the girl's 100 meter hurdles, Josie Guptill won in a time of 18.02 seconds. In the girl's 300 meter hurdles, Kaeley Fenhaus won with a time of 48.22, followed by second place winner Guptill with a time of 50.11. Misty Johnson ran the 400 meter dash in a time of 1:08.94 for second place. Holly Iwan clocked a 2:39.60 in the 800 meter run to earn second place, and then ran the 1600 meter run in 5:42.26 for another second place. A time of 14:35.26 gave Emily Schofield second place in the 3200 meter run. The 4x100 meter relay team took first place in a time of 54.53 and the 4x800 relay team took second with a time of 15:13.50.

For the boys' team, the 1600 sprint medley team took first place wtih a time of 3:48,50, a time that qualified them for the state meet. The 4x100 relay team also earned first place, with a time of 45.22. A second place was claimed by the 4x800 meter relay team with a time of 9:26.


Shot put

Carissa Doolittle, 5th, 26'01.00"

Discus throw

Doolittle, 3rd, 82'05"

High jump

Sam Johnson, 3rd, 4'02.00"

Long jump

Krista Wells, 5th, 12'10.00"

Triple jump

Johnson, 4th, 26'09.00"

100 meter dash

Justina Cvach, 4th, 14.83

Johnson, 11th, 15.33

LaRae Van Tassel, 12th, 15.41

Jordyn Dekker, 14th, 15.68

200 meter dash

Van Tassel, 8th, 32.14

Johnson, 13th, 33.09

Dekker, 14th, 33.51

Cvach, 15th, 33.66

400 meter dash

Misty Johnson, 2nd, 1:08.94

Van Tassel, 6th, 1:15.19

800 meter run

Holly Iwan, 2nd, 2:39.60

1600 meter run

Iwan, 2nd, 5:42.26

Allison Pekron, 6th, 7:49.59

3200 meter run

Emily Schofield, 2nd, 14:35.26

100 meter hurdles

Josie Guptill, 1st, 18.02

300 meter hurdles

Kaeley Fenhaus, 1st, 48.22

Guptill, 2nd, 50.11

4x100 meter relay

Molly Coyle, Wells, Fenhaus, Guptill, 1st, 54.53

4x800 meter relay

Iwan, Coyle, Schofield, Johnson, 2nd, 15:13.50

1600 sprint medley

Wells, Cvach, Dekker, M. Johnson, 3rd, 5:05.01


Shot put

Dakota Bauman, 3rd, 38'05.00"

Sam Haigh, 8th, 33'08.50"

Jade Konst, 18th, 27'06.00"

Quade Slovek, 19th, 27'02.00"

Discus throw

Haigh, 6th, 104'00"

Bauman, 8th, 101'06"

Konst, 21st, 70'11"

Slovek, 22nd, 70'02"

High jump

Colter Cvach, 5th, 5'02.00"

Long jump

Rob Williamson, 3rd, 18'01.50"

100 meter dash

Gavin Brucklacher, 17th, 13.89

200 meter dash

Brucklacher, 15th, 28.45

Austin Pinney, 16th, 28.91

800 meter run

Tyler Dekker, 6th, 2:23.83

1600 meter run

Zane Pekron, 4th, 5:09.23

3200 meter run

Pekron, 4th, 11:39.15

Pinney, 9th, 13:12.90

300 meter hurdles

Marcus Martinez, 8th, 51.99

4x100 meter relay

Williamson, Jeff O'Connell, Casey Cvach, Troy Guptill, 1st, 45.22

4x200 meter relay

Brucklacher, Martinez, William Coyle, Colter Cvach, 6th, 1:47.96

4x400 meter relay

Coyle, Brucklacher, Dekker, Martinez, 4th, 4:14.00

4x800 meter relay

Coyle, Pekron, Colter Cvach, Martinez, 2nd, 9:26.00

1600 sprint medley

Guptill, Williamson, Casey Cvach, O'Connell, 1st, 3:48.50.