Behind the byline ...

Press Manager Sam One Skunk shows Philip visitor Galen Kropf the Pioneer Review press room.

It takes much more than chasing stories and colorful prose to make a newspaper.

As reporters, we mostly ignored the proposition that newspaper need to make money. We condescendingly thought that they, the advertising salesmen, managers and press room people, toiled so that we could pursue our "higher purpose." I wouldn't say we were snobs, but often mistakenly thought that the paper was in the "news" business with naivete and arrogance toward economic reality.

So, let's have a look at an important part of the Pioneer Review's press manager Sam One Skunk, who never gets a byline. He and his staff have a complicated, often sweaty job and are responsible for putting it all together without mistakes. And not just the local paper, but others in the Ravellette chain, and advertising sheets and a host of other printing tasks as well.

The other day, the newspaper office and press room hosted a visitor from Oregon, Galen Kropf. One Skunk took the time to show Kropf the press, the paper and everything that really puts the final touches on a newspaper.

This grass seed farmer from Oregon's Williamette Valley was very interested and crawled all over the press while in operation.

So, when you open the next issue of the paper and see all the photos and well placed articles produced by the reporters, remember those workers that also contribute so much in the effort to inform the public.

It really takes a lot of money.