Bad River Open held at LWGC

The Bad River Open Golf Tournament attracted only thirty-eight golfers this last weekend. Of these, only nine were local players. The Great Plains Native American Golf Association (GPNAGA) hosted the three day event on the Lake Waggoner Golf Course. The entry fee of $80 included Friday’s qualification (or practice) round, Saturday’s round of 18 holes, Saturday evening’s banquet, and Sunday’s round of another 18 holes.

Competing with a men’s slow-pitch baseball tournament in Rapid City, and handicapped with a lack of advertising, the tournament turnout was about half as was expected.

The contestants were divided into four flights (groups) according to qualifying abilities with the top flight eligible to win top dollars. Philip Motor offered a 2003 Ford Taurus to anyone who achieved a hole-in-one at Hole #2. A hole-in-one at Hole #5 was worth a special prize created by all players who gave toward the kitty. Hole #7 would have been worth $500 for anyone making a hole-in-one there. No one sank a hole-in-one.

The GPNAGA is headed by Bernie LaPlante, assisted by his wife Verzella, from Eagle Butte.

A side enticement for the players was to play for “skins”’ This is being the single winner of each hole with an under-par (under average) score. Ties cancel each other out. Players donate toward the “skin” kitty. The most “skins” equals the most extra money. An average score for the 9 hole course is 36. The course is played twice to make 18 holes.

Plans are in the works to make this tournament a yearly event in Philip.

The winner of the championship flight was Cory Jensen with a total score of 142 (two under par) winning $350. Tom Kuntz won in the first flight. David Dick took first in the second flight. Robert Long won in the third flight. Sponsors of the golf tournament included Philip Motor, Thorson Mail Service, Rush Funeral Home, Farm Bureau, and Philip Health Services. Those assisting as marshals included Jim Sandstrom, Jeff Reickman, Tami Ravellette and Gayle Rush. This tournament was part of the Native American Golf Association (NAGA) tour stop. This will be an annual tournament, so mark your calendars for the third weekend in August for 2005.

Championship Flight

Corey Jensen 69-73/142, 1st Place, $500

D. Carley, 72-73/145, 2nd Place, $300

Jess Mendoza, 69-77/146, 3rd Place, $250

Brad Haynes, 73-75/148; Adrian Mendoza, 73-79/152; Lou Mendoza, 73-83/156

1st Flight

Tom Kuntz, 78-77/155, 1st Place, $300

D.J. Rush, 81-79/160, 2nd Place, $200

Jake Fitzgerald, 79-83/162, 3rd Place (tie), $75

Earl Roberts, 79-83/162, 3rd Place (tie), $75

Dean Fitzgerald, 81-82/163; George Mendoza, 88-76/164; Tony Wright, 88-76/164; Keith Gesinger, 81-85/166; Marlow Medicine Crow, Jr., 82-87/169; John Twiss, 82-89/171

2nd Flight

David Dick, 84-84/168, 1st Place, $250

Rob Mendoza, 88-82/170, 2nd Place, $200

Richard Lunderman, 88-83/171, 3rd Place, $150

Zando Swallow, 86-86/172; Jody Gittings, 84-88/172; Bernie LaPlante, 88-84/172; Darrell Twiss, 88-96/184; Jack Heinz, 84-103/187; Kent O’Connell, 88-105/193

3rd Flight

Robert Long, 93-86/179, 1st Place, $250

Marlow Medicine Crow, Jr., 94-89/183, 2nd Place, $200

Matt Heinz, 97-87/184, 3rd Place, $150

Jerauld Janreau, 93-93/186; Jerry Ingram, 93-94/187; Mike O’Connell, 97-93/190; Gerald Wilson, 95-97/192; Charlie Ekstrum, 96-97/193; Pat Stout, 97-97/194; Bill Eagle Staff, 97-97/194; Luke Lunderman, 98-97/195; Joe Blue Horse, 96-103/199; Marvin Medicine Crow, 93 – W/D