Appliances & More is the new family business in Philip

Appliances and More ... Linda Schuller is the “and more” business half, and son Ted Schuller is the appliances and repair half of the partnership.

Linda and Ted Schuller, a mother and son team, have opened a new business in downtown Philip. Appliances and More offers a variety of smaller items, larger appliances, and an appliance maintenance service.

The grand opening was October 10, but merchandise offerings and services are already expanding.

Ted, the appliance part of the team, is currently working out of Rapid City as a serviceman for commercial laundry equipment. In his opinion, 11 years of repair experience is not enough. He is training to expand what he will be qualified to service: different types of appliances for different manufacturers. Though special orders are no problem, the store specializes in Frigidaire, and will include Whirlpool in January. Also at the first of the year, Ted will be running his own repair business that will cover an area from Rapid City to Pierre.

Linda, the “and more” part of the operation, has been doing the research and price comparisons on their range of stock. Prices are being kept low by searching for new, but discounted and shelf-pulled items from major outlets. Items not currently in stock and special order items are simply part of the day-to-day business.

The variety of the offerings includes small kitchen appliances, dollar store items, and pet supplies. Pocket Rocket children’s ATVs and motorcycles are displayed in the front window (do read the safety warning; humorous but to the point).

The Schullers opened the establishment specifically in Philip because, “It’s the warmest, friendliest town I’ve ever been. I’ve been welcomed in so many ways. We want to see Philip grow and thrive,” said Linda. Ted agrees and he wants to be known for an earned good reputation, and to be referred to others by word of mouth. The community of Philip offers this kind of atmosphere.

Even so, both of the Schullers are impressed with the amount of people who have already stopped in and with their good comments.