Ambulance District becomes reality for Eastern Pennington County

Newly elected President of the Eastern Pennington County Ambulance District Wally Hoffman listens as Larry Gravatt explains the steps the board will have to make to form the new district.

Wall community members met on Wednesday, July 11, to establish a board for the Ambulance District which won the election by an overwhelming 264 votes.
Larry Gravatt who has been instrumental in helping to get the district established open the meeting and explained the next step in forming the board. Gravatt first asked a motion to appoint a temporary chairman and secretary. Gravatt was appointed to be temporary chairperson and Carolynn Anderson temporary secretary. Gravatt related the Eastern Pennington County Ambulance District was established with approval by an election. The district will not cover the southern portion of Eastern Pennington County.
Gravatt declared that all members who are residents, landowners and voters of the area are enrolled in the district.
Next on the agenda was election of directors. Norman Eisenbraun was elected to serve as the vice president for a one year term. Wally Hoffman and Eldon Helms were elected to serve for two years and Carolynn Anderson and Pete Dunker will each serve three years on the board. Hoffman was then elected to be president of the board with Eisenbraun as vice-president, Anderson will be the secretary while Dunker will be the treasurer. Gravatt then informed the new board the steps that have to be taken next. The mill levy will have to be determined and turned into the Pennington County Commissioners by September 1. They should form a non-profit corporation and meet with the city council to see what money they hold and reach an agreement with the city on how to disperse the city owned equipment. Committees, bylaws and a checking account need to be established.
The ambulance will continue on with billing until the district has been formed.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 25 at 7:00 p.m., at the Wall Community Center meeting room. Gravatt then adjourned the meeting.