Alison Kattelmann leaving as librarian

The librarian for the Haakon County Public Library, Alison Kattelmann, has resigned her position. Her last working day will be May 30th.

An open house "going away, good luck" coffee time is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, May 23rd, at the library. Kattelmann's husband, Brad, is joining the army to be a military chaplain. Their destination is still unknown. "Wherever we end up," said Kattelmann, "I'd really like to find a job working for another library. Most postings have libraries on base. I'd take shelving, whatever. I can't picture myself working as anything else than a librarian.

"It's been a real joy working here. I've certainly made a lot of friends. That won't go away. We will keep in contact with each other. It's also been a real valuable experience for me. In any other larger library, I may do just one thing. In this job, you have the opportunity and duty to do everything, cataloging, children's programs and working with the library board," she continued.

"I'd like to get my master's degree in library science with a focus on children and young adult services. Through my experiences here, that's where I think I've found my calling. There are some really good kids here, and they probably have made it pretty easy on me.

"I wish more of the town used the library. We have a lot to offer the community, with more than just what's on the shelves, such as interlibrary loans, computers, library programs and more. I certainly value everyone who has used the library."

Some of the programs that have started since Kattelmann became the librarian are story time on Friday mornings, book club for adults, family music night with Marianne Frein, teen summer reading program and others. Some programs that have greatly expanded are the children's summer reading program and the large print book collection from the State Library.

Kattelmann noted, "I have noticed that more students have begun to visit the library regularly for lots of reasons, school work socializing and, of course, to check out materials. The way the library is organized has changed. Well used areas have been expanded and shelved so that searching is a little easier."

The library board consists of Chairperson Kay Kroetch, Shirley Kangas, Slade Ross, Phyllis Hajek and Barbara Sloat. The Friends of the Library is led by Diane Fitch. It currently has many registered members, with many other unofficial members.

The new librarian, Annie Brunskill, will begin her position in early June. Mary Klingman will be filling in until then.