Airport improvement, rubble site activity, future election are main concerns of City Council

The Philip City Council had applied to host “Capital for a Day”, but this year’s opportunity has been denied. Next year, though, is still a possibility for Philip to receive the notoriety and political ear that comes with being the South Dakota “Capital for a Day.”

The Council approved the airport committee’s recommendation that K.L.J. (Kadermus, Lee and Jackson) be awarded the five-year Airport Engineering Contract. A federal grant concerning the airport was used to purchase a new $71,000 tractor with attachments that include a snowblower, a dozer front, bucket and grapple and an industrial broom. One of the grant’s conditions is that the equipment be used exclusively for the airport. The remaining federal grant money might go toward pouring more concrete at the airport or for K.L.J. engineer fees.

Philip has been awarded a Department of Transportation Community Access Grant totalling $260,000 for the 2006 downtown street project. Council representatives will actively pursue additional funding for the project’s estimated $546,000 total.

Investigations continue on the costs and scheduling of having the downtown’s sewer lines cleaned, having any interior pipe obstructions cut out, and then having the pipes lined.

A fence on the west side of the Philip rubble site has been inadvertently damaged. The fence will be repaired at the city’s expense at the first opportunity, though the repairs may take some time with the ground being frozen. Completion date will be no later than April 1.

The annual free dump weekend will be April 30 through May 1 for the general public, with senior citizens and disabled persons being able to do so on Monday, May 2. Though anyone buying water from the City of Philip is welcome to dump specific items with no charge during this time, the current restrictions of what may be dumped will apply.

Ancient equipment from the Police Department and the Finance Office have been declared surplus property. There was some discussion that certain items, such as very old but workable computers, might be donated to entities such as the Haakon Community Library. A printer will go to the Auditor’s Office.

Summertime employment applications, mostly for employment at the swimming pool, may be turned in from February 17 to March 18.

Council member petitions for Ward I, II and III are available in the Finance Office and must be filed by 5:00 p.m. on February 25. Citizens who are registered to vote in a specific ward, but who currently have residential addresses outside that ward, might be challenged at election time.

The next scheduled meeting for the Philip City Council will be at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room in the courthouse on Monday, March 7.