64 swine flu cases in U.S.

Emergency managers and other agencies held a conference call on Monday, April 27, with the South Dakota Department of Health regarding the recent cases of swine flu.

Updated on Tuesday morning, the number of swine flu cases in the United States had reached 64.

"The possibility of the swine flu coming into the area has raised some concerns among Haakon County citizens," said Lola Roseth, Haakon County emergency manager. "As of Monday afternoon, there have been two suspected cases in South Dakota where people had become ill after recent trips to Mexico. These cases have since been confirmed as not being swine flu. There are 40 confirmed cases in a total of five states across the United States."

"This is a novel, new virus and is being treated as a normal, seasonal influenza. The swine flu is a preventable disease. Proper hygiene, as always, is paramount. The use of masks is not recommended at this time. This outbreak is not considered a pandemic at this time," said Roseth.

Roseth offered general precautions. If someone is sick, stay home. Whenever someone must cough or sneeze, they should cover their mouth. Wash hands frequently and thoroughly. Staying informed is key and citizens can get the most current information on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website of http:// www.cdc.gov /swineflu/.

E. Kim Cassel, Ph.D., Brookings, said, "Though called swine flu, this is a human health issue, not a swine issue. A person cannot be infected with swine flu by eating pork."

For more information, contact Roseth at 567-3515 or 280-1869.