"300" bowling score rolled by Bill Sumpter, first perfect game at Rock 'n Roll Lanes

Perfect “300” ... “That’s a once in a lifetive thing, probably,” said Bill Sumpter of his perfect bowling game on December 29. It was also the first “300” game bowled at the lanes since they opened in 1990. Pictured here is Sumpter after the perfect game and (inset) his winning bowling form.

On December 29, 2008, Bill Sumpter rolled a "300" game during the Monday night bowling league at the Rock 'n Roll Lanes in Philip.

This is the first official 300 game played at the lanes since they opened on September 23, 1990.

"Bill is deserving of rolling such a game," said Dorothy Hansen, co-owner of the bowling lanes, with her husband, Russell (Digger). "Bill bowls three times a week and always does his very best. He has maybe only one frame open per game, usually because of a difficult split."

Sumpter earned the perfect score during his second game of the evening, playing on lanes three and four. The leagues are in their second half of the 2008-09 season. He will receive a commemorative ring from the United States Bowling Congress.

"That's a once in a lifetime thing, probably," said Sumpter. "Naturally, I try every time I bowl. I bowl as hard as I can all the time. I just got lucky that night is all."

Hansen described Sumpter's style as a quiet one, where he does not use a big hook, just a cross alley throw. "This "300" did not come because of luck, but from determination and concentration. Many nights he goes home having bowled three all-fill games," she said.

Sumpter didn't let the pressure toward the end of the game get to him. "I've been there before," he said. "I tried to block it out. Both lanes were pretty even that night. Still, I couldn't believe the last three shots I threw." Sumpter said that he currently has an average of 191.

Hansen said that Sumpter scored a 747 series with 247, 253 and 247 games on February 22, 2004, the highest series in the Philip Men's City Tournament.

Sumpter bowled many years ago in Rapid City, but quit for about 20 years until the Rock 'n Roll Lanes opened. He has since been a member of five weekly leagues, but has dropped back to just three. His Monday evening and Thursday evening league play are men's leagues, while his Tuesday evening league is mixed doubles.