2008 - A year with some very exciting events

Compiled by Nancy Haigh

Each year brings special remembrances for everyone. The year 2008 will have a very special place in people's memories.

A look back through the files of the Pioneer Review brought out some highlights from the surrounding area.

January - An ongoing effort by the Haakon Education Association to raise funds for new playground equipment brought some big names to town. Well, at least their photos and autographs. The HEA held a celebrity auction in which well-known individuals donated books, autographed photos, drawings, and apparel. Philip High School alumni donated items, too. The event brought in $3,393 from the small crowd that braved the snow storm to attend.

The PHS drama department performed the one act play Loonies & Snatchers, before a local audience, prior to attending the area contest. The play, set in a park, included a purse snatcher, an escapee from the local insane asylum, an undercover cop dressed as a woman and trying to catch the purse snatcher, people from the asylum looking for the escapee, along with other characters.

Tara Trask, Wall, received her Miss Rodeo South Dakota crown at an official crowning ceremony in The Steakhouse in Philip. 2007 Miss Rodeo South Dakota Lacey Cole performed the crowning. Trask went on to win second runner-up at the 2008 Miss Rodeo America contest earlier this month.

Haakon County received $25,000 from a judgment payment resulting from legal action against former county residents. The judgement resulted from farm payment illegalities. U.S. Attorney Marty Jackley, Sioux Falls and Assistant U.S. Attorney Randy Seiler, Pierre, made the presentation to the Haakon County Commissioners. The money went into the weed board fund to help combat the county's noxious weeds.

Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad representatives met with the Haakon County Commissioners and later, area residents regarding proposed rail bed changes. One crossing southwest of Philip concerned the officials. The railroad crosses County Road 13 on a step hill. Visibility was also a concern. The DM&E representatives suggested closing the road, but residents that use that road were very much against the suggestion. County Road 13 is the only way out of that area when Bad River floods. Other suggestions were rerouting the road and warning lights. No decisions were made but the DM&E representatives said they would be back to discuss the issue again.

The Milesville Volunteer Fire Department received $500 and three lots adjacent to their lot from the estate of John Nedved. The fire department would now be able to expand their facilities if needed.

February - Mike Vetter began his term as a Philip councilmember. He filled Greg Arthur's seat as Arthur had moved to a different ward.

PHS wrestling team took the District 7B and Region 4B championship titles.

Haakon County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Foley returned frommilitary duty in Afghanistan. He resumed his position in March following a mandatory rest period.

March - Long-time Midland news correspondent, Ida Hunt, retired from the column. She had written the column for 42 years, or 2, 170 weeks of news. Replacing her was Sonia Nemec. Before Hunt, Opal Finn was the correspondent.

Philip business, Embroidery & More added a UPS service business. Patricia Kelly opened Golden Hearts at Home to service in-home needs of residents in Haakon, Jackson and Jones counties.

April - Philip Health Services purchased a newer model of CT Scanner. The General Electric scanner weighs in at 4,200 pounds and had a cost of $400,000. The new scanner performs much faster than then previous scanner. The new version will complete a scan in 30 to 90 seconds compared to five to 10 minutes with the old machine.

Shirley Chin won re-election to Ward III city council seat. She defeated challenger Greg Arthur.

May - Cabin Fever Floral purchased Flowers of Fortune. Kerry Hostutler moved her business from her home 13 miles west of Philip to the former Flowers of Fortune location. In the fall she moved the business to a new location, just west of Ingram Hardware.

Embroidery & More added Prairie Creations, a screen printing business.

Tiana Fitch opened Tiana's Hair Cottage, located on Larimer Avenue.

Haakon County Public Library changed librarians. Alison Kattelmann was replaced by Anne Brunskill.

First National Insurance Agency purchased Noteboom Insurance to add Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance to their line.

Vivian Minard turned 100-years-old.

June -Haakon County Commissioners learn that TransCanada plans to run a 36" crude oil pipeline, Keystone VI, from the northwest corner of the county to its southeast corner. Later in the month the company holds a community meeting to answer questions from area residents. The pipeline is expected to carry between 700,000 and 900,000 barrels of crude oil each day. Construction is expected to begin in 2011.

Dan Walker resigns from the Philip City Council. Tom Struble replaced Walker.

Christine Andrus start up a Farmer's Market in the Fire Hall Park. The market was each Saturday running into September.

Flooding across Haakon Count y from a June 6 storm culminated a 30-day period of approximately 15 inches of rain. Following a drought of several years, the rain was a blessing at first. The Haakon County Board of Commissioners declared the county a disaster area, opening the way for possible FEMA funds. The flooding caused 150 to 200 washouts on county roads as well as the loss of numerous culverts and one bridge. Haakon County Highway Superintendent Kenny Neville noted it would take into the summer of 2009 to repair all the damaged areas.

July - The Three Rivers Special Services moved their offices from Midland to Philip.

Physicians Assistant Terry Henrie and family returned to Philip. Henrie had spent a year in Texas for emergency room training.

City council members sworn in included John Kangas, Tom Struble, Shirley Chin and Mike Vetter.

Philip graduated from the two-year Horizons program. A huge party was held in the Fire Hall Park to celebrate the event. The city received $8,500 as a "graduation gift."

Mike and Shar Moses purchased the Gem Theatre from Dan and Theresa Walker. Amy Moses was designated manager.

August - The Fort Pierre-Deadwood Wagon Train traveled through Haakon County. The event started July 30 in Ft. Pierre and ended in Deadwood on August 15. More than 50 wagons about about 225 outriders took part in the wagon train as it followed the 240 mile trail. The event was held in honor of the 100th anniversary of the trail's closing. The trail was first used around 1874.

Jessica Eikmeier was named as the new Youth Development Specialist for the Haakon and Jackson Extension offices. She replaced Vera Boje who had retired in June.

Philip was Capital for a Day on August 28. The day started off with the South Dakota Highway Patrol conducting a Fatal Vision course for junior high and high school students. Cabinet members and department heads toured Philip in the early afternoon. Governor Mike Rounds met with about 30 students, six from each high school class, plus a few 2008 PHS graduates. The students were the top six from each high school class. Those students then met with department heads. The public was able to visit with numerous department representatives at an open forum in the late afternoon. That evening a supper was held and Governor Rounds spoke to the audience. Following the speech the audience was able to ask the governor questions.

September was a quiet month with students headed back to school and the sports programs back in full swing.

October - Mary Eide retired after 35 years with Philip Health Services. She was the force behind the Prairie Transportation Services, working hard to get the service up and running.

November - Winter began in earnest with a storm on November 7 that caused electrical outages across western South Dakota. Several thousand people were without power and the electrical cooperatives worked in blizzard conditions to restore power. Repairs took up to three weeks to finish. More work will be done next spring and summer to finish restoring the lines.

Gay Tollefson was elected as Haakon County State's Attorney. She defeated long-time State's Attorney Ralph Kemnitz.

The PHS volleyball team swept districts and regions and went on to take the State B volleyball crown.

December -Haakon County Public Library updated their system so all books can be scanned when checked out. Residents will be furnished a card to be used when checking out material.

Janell Gerberding officially joined the Philip Health Services staff. She will be in Philip on each Wednesday, traveling from Sturgis.

The Haakon County Public Library gained 100 new children's books as part of a Libri Foundation grant. The Friends of the Library obtained the grant with matching funds.