2006 annual Ryder Cup Golf Tournament

2006 Ryder Cup golfers ... Front row, from left: Ray Smith, Don Ravellette, Brad Haynes, D.J. Rush, Mark Ammann and Talon Peters. Middle row: Dean Schulz, Jody Gittings, Ron Coyle, Mike Larson, Butch Beach and Jeff Rieckman. Back row: Jan Bielmaier, Jim Sandstrom, Troy Schulz, Chad Walker, Corky Thorson, Ben Groupe, Tony Schulz and Luke Weber. Courtesy photo

Luke Weber's hole-in-one elevated the Philip golf team to a third consecutive win over Wall.

It was a wet and rainy Sunday, when Philip and Wall squared off for the third annual Ryder Cup Championship on Sunday, August 27. This year the play was changed to include three different formats - a match play, an alternate shot, and a scramble. The point system was two points for a match play win, four points for an alternate shot and scramble win.  There were a total of 60 points possible. Philip defeated Wall with a final score of 41-19. The match play was the only lopsided win for Philip, as they outscored Wall 17-3, with Jim Sandstrom taking the only individual loss against Wall's Ben Groupe. Don Ravellette and Chad Walker ended with a tie. The alternate shot started out with a bang when Luke Weber aced the 136-yard par-3 #2 hole. The Philip players never looked back from that point, and the alternate shot ended with a 12-8 score in favor of Philip. The score of the scramble format matches was also 12 to 8.

Everyone enjoyed the play, especially playing in the rain since we haven't had that opportunity that much this year.

The next two years of the Philip/Wall Ryder Cup Tournament will be played at the Wall Golf Course.