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June 26th

Results of Wall's Pre-Father's Day Golf Tournament scramble

The Wall Community Golf Course hosted the Pre-Father's Day tournament on Saturday, June 14.

The 18-hole four-man scramble consisted of two flights; a championship flight and first flight. Players were from the immediate area, particularly from Philip, Wall and New Underwood.

First place was earned by the team of Dean Schulz, Tom Kruger, Shawn Kruger and Justin Kruger, who shot a team score of 60.

Father's Day golf tournament

Lake Waggoner Golf Course hosted its annual Father's Day Stroke Play golf tournament on Father's Day Sunday July 15.

Fifteen golfers competed in the event; Corky Thorson, Ray Smith, Glenn Parsons, Pat Stout, Bob Thorson, Landon Peterson, Dick Stolley, Dean Fitzgerald, Brad Haynes, Colt Terkildsen, Luke Weber, DJ Rush, Tristan Rush, Dak Carley and Bill McDaniel.

It was an 18-hole tournament and was flighted by the toss of a coin. "There were some very respectable scores turned in," said Glenn Parsons, "and there were some scores that were less than stellar.

Milesville Post Office honored

Gayla Piroutek

On Thursday, July 19, Milesville Postmaster Gayla Piroutek was presented with the Team Award "Top Performing Office" award. The manager of postal operations of western South Dakota, Cindy Lipp, gave the presentation. Post offices are listed in four classes from largest to smallest, Milesville being in the smallest division with about 40 other post offices in western South Dakota. This Dakotas district award, given out quarterly per fiscal year, is based on the number of sales, address corrections and performance of various other postal duties

Quentin Strubel, a Philip graduate, is top officer in Brandon

Top officer ... Quentin Struble, a Philip graduate, of the Brandon Police Department recently received an Officer of the Year Award from the Sioux Falls Morning Optimists. Photo by Alica P. Thiele

Officer Quentin Struble likes the variety of his job. As night shift leader on the Brandon Police Department, he patrols the city in the wee hours, answering calls and handling disturbances.

His commitment to his job has earned him the honor of Officer of the Year by the Sioux Falls Morning Optimists.

"Annually, we recognize an officer of the year award from different agencies throughout our county," said Lt. Bruce Swan of the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office and an Optimists member.

Woitte family - three surviving generations having served in the United States military

“It’s a demanding life” ... agreed three surviving generations of the Woitte family in being in any branch of the military. From left: Kandus Woitte, Kelly (Woitte) Maugiri and Joe Woitte.

When he reached 18 years of age, Kandus Woitte volunteered for the U.S. Navy. The years of 1944 through 1946 saw his ship, the U.S.S. Lauderdale APA179, survive intense battle, including the 97-day, 219,000-casualty Battle of Okinawa.

In July, 1976, Joe Woitte volunteered for the U.S. Air Force.

Wandering Wheels senior riders scooter through Philip

Scootering across the states ... These people stopped in Philip while on a 2,100 mile, 22-day trip through Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Riding a 50-cc scooter for 120 miles per day is, to them, “Fun!”

At around 3:00 p.m. on Monday, June 23, the sound of engines preceded the 21-member gang of ... the Wandering Wheels motor scooter group.

"It's fun!" said one of the senior citizen members as the group re-assembled in the Haakon County Courthouse parking lot. This was their third day out of Omaha, NE, where they had started their 2,100 mile, 22-day trip. The main reason the group's average age is around 65 is that most people would have to be retired to spend three weeks on such a journey.

The idea of such cross-country, sight-seeing motor scooter trips began in 2002.

Golden West putting in communication cable

Golden West project ... Golden West Telecommunications is excavating and laying new cable in Philip. The construction project, expected to be completed by mid-July, includes burying copper, coax, and fiber optic cables. This work is a back up for current systems and to ease any future additions and advancements.

Golden West Telecommunica-tions is excavating ground, drilling new cable paths and laying new cable in Philip.

The current construction project, which is expected to be complete by mid-July, includes burying copper, coax, and fiber optic cables. Westcott Construction Company, Inc. is working with Golden West on the project.

According to Tom Finn with Golden West, the work is a backup to current cable routes. If communication lines were ever for some reason to fail, the system would be able to be re-routed so that little if any loss of service would be noticed.

Philip's Second Annual Invitational Matched Bronc Ride another success

The big rodeo event that was held in conjunction with Philip's Centennial last year, held its own this year. The second annual Invitational Matched Bronc Ride on Friday, June 20, in the Philip Roping Arena was a sold-out, standing-room-only success.

The promise of a good show had a build up of a buffalo burger feed offered by the Philip Chamber of Commerce and other sponsors.

June 19th

Ft. Pierre to Deadwood Wagon Trail itinerary is set

Lonis Wendt, program coordinator, announcer and scout, has revised and updated the program list of speakers, music and information for the trail ride.

Evening meals will begin between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Evening programs will begin at 8:00 p.m. Interest will determine the length of the evening programs, with the musical programs continuing until 10:00 p.m.

Campsites for July 3, 4 and 5 will be north of Philip.

July 29, Day 0 - Gather at the fairgrounds in Ft. Pierre, with overnight camping available. Appreciation picnic and celebration followed by program.

All welcome to Philip's Community Spirit Celebration

A "celebration of community spirit" event is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 14, at the Philip Volunteer Fire Hall and the Fire Hall Park.

As a graduation ceremony of Philip in the Horizons project, there will be a free ice-cream social. Everyone is invited. The Philip Chamber of Commerce will hold its July meeting at the same time and place.

"Citizens are invited to promote all the wonderful things their organization is involved in," said Britni Ross, a local member of the Horizons project.