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August 5th

Slovek ranch tour a success - Philip area family honored

Bill Slovek was presented the Excellence in Grazing Management Award by Tate Lantz from the South Dakota Section of the Society of Range Management during the Slovek’s ranch tour on July 24.

Approximately 100 people from across South Dakota arrived at the Bill and Pennie Slovek Ranch Tuesday, July 24, as part of the joint ranch tour by the South Dakota Grassland Coalition and the Society for Range Management.

Nominated by the Haakon County Conservation District, Bill, Pennie, Earl and Helen Slovek were bestowed the 2006 South Dakota Section Excellence in Range Management Award for their ranch's grazing practices.

Bill is the third generation to work the ranch located northwest of Philip.

Kayla O'Connell's takes trip to Central Europe

Accommodations fit for a queen ... Kayla O’Connell views King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle in Austria. Said to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Fantasyland Castle, “It is a fancier castle and is filled with pictures and figurines of swans,” said O’Connell.

Kayla O'Connell, a junior at Philip High School and daughter of Roger and Teresa O'Connell, is back from her learning experience in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.

The whirlwind tour began June 9 and continued through June 22. The overnight, trans-Atlantic flight had an hour lay-over in Greenland. "I couldn't see the ocean," said O'Connell.

Results of Midland's July 28th Mudbog

Here’s mud coming at you ... Win or lose, the competitors all looked the same at the Midland Mudbog on July 28.

The mudbog competition sponsored by the Midland Volunteer Fire Department was held on July 28th.

According to Fire Chief Reuben Vollmer, Jr., the audience included over 300 people and 40 to 50 volunteers helped run the races and and the concessions.

The races included a total of 67 entries among six different classes.

Fitzgerald new general manager of West River/Lyman-Jones Rural Water Systems

Jake Fitzgerald took over as the general manager of West River/Lyman-Jones Rural Water Systems Inc. on July 1.

The previous general manager, Mike Kurle, retired from the position after 16 years of service.

"I think it was a pretty smooth transition," said Fitzgerald. "I've worked for Mike for the last 10 year. Now I have some very big shoes to fill."

Fitzgerald was promoted from working as the Operations and Maintenance Foreman out of the Philip O&M field office. WR/L-J's business office is in Murdo and there is a construction field office in Midland.