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Prom time …

She strolls down the flower-lined aisle with her arm wrapped around the offered arm of her date. He simultaneously seems awkward and regal in his tuxedo. She shimmers and shines in her evening gown and her grandmother’s necklace. The long-awaited prom is here.

Weren’t those two young adults only children yesterday? Memory has them starting out as bubbling, cooing babes in arms coming home from the hospital. Mother was weary, but proud. Dad was nervous, scared and in awe of having to raise such a small, helpless bundle that couldn’t yet even hold a baseball.

Philip receives $549,760 airport funding

The City of Philip has been awarded $549,760 in funding from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for improvements at its airport.

Federal funds are being provided to construct a snow removal equipment storage building, pave the airport’s access road, and install a 10-foot-high perimeter fence to prevent wildlife from entering the airport and becoming a hazard.

The funds are provided through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program and are made available to eligible public-use airports throughout South Dakota and the United States. The program

HCYW’s Kiddie Park dreams soon to be an even greater reality

The dream began long ago. The grant was applied for in early April of 2005. That grant was formally approved in January of 2006. On Saturday, April 29, a large quantity of new playground equipment will be installed at the Philip Kiddie Park.

Haakon County Young Women have worked long to see this dream become a reality. The land is owned by the City of Philip. And, since requirements dictate that a public entity must do the paperwork for the grant, the City of Philip has been the official facilitator.

Midland School reorganization process

The Kadoka and Midland School Districts have agreed to enter into a discussion surrounding the reorganization of the districts. The reorganization process is dictated by law, but more importantly, developed by board members, administrators and community members who care about the education and lives of the students we serve.

The reorganization process will begin with the selection of a “reorganization committee”.

City Council preparing for summer projects

Most of the April 4th Philip City Council meeting was spent in preparation for summer activities.

The city is in the planning stages of contracting the hot water well to MinKota Fisheries. Philip would remain in control of the well, though MinKota would be responsible for the well’s maintenance. Current users of the hot water would continue to pay their fees, but to MinKota and they, in turn, would pay the city.

Annexation and library issues highlight commissioners meeting Tuesday a.m.

A small parcel of land on the edge of Philip, along with the proposed new library were items of discussion at the Haakon County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, April 4.

In a recent transaction, Krofam Inc. sold a building and land to Kennedy Implement. The land is outside of the city limits. At the March commissioners meeting the board referred the city’s request to Haakon County States’ Attorney Chip Kemnitz for review. Kemnitz informed the commissioners that the city would need to publish and approve a resolution that states which parcel of land would be annexed into the city.

Erving E. Helms

Erving E. Helms, age 90, of Creighton, died Wednesday, March 29, 2006, at the Meadowbrook Manor in Rapid City.

Erving Emmanuel Helms was born May 30, 1915, the third child born to Ernest H. and Paulina (Geigle) Helms. He was born on the ranch where he lived all of his life, located twelve miles northeast of Wall. Erving was baptized and confirmed into the Lutheran faith.

A. Elaine Berry

A. Elaine Berry, age 95, of Kadoka, died Tuesday, March 28, 2006, at her residence in Kadoka.

Funeral services were held Saturday, April 1, at the Belvidere Presbyterian Church with Pastor Gary McCubbin officiating.

Music was provided by Syd Iwan, organist, and Joni Hunt, vocalist, with congregational hymns. Ushers were Shorty and Jerry Jones. Pallbearers were Jeff Page, Jim Kayras, Brent Berry, Alan Kayras, Tom and Justin Hunt.

Interment was in the Belvidere Cemetery.