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January 27th

Not perfect, but …

Ready, set, go. The S.D. state bird is the mosquito. The S.D. state tree is the telephone pole. The S.D. state animal is whatever is in the crockpot. The S.D. state flower died. We don’t live at the edge of the world, but you can see it from the water tower. We have people who have studied for, but flunked, blood tests. Our hunting accident victims might survive better, if someone doesn’t field dress them. We always wave at passing motorists, because we might not see anyone else for hours.

January 25th

Are you among the "contented"?

I don't personally know the "contented" resident of Brookings County who says she is opposed to every 200-cow dairy in the region. She writes letters to prospective dairy buyers telling them the land here is occupied by "comfortable" and "contented" people, whose hallmark is we have "enough" and we don't want you or your economic benefits here.

I have read one of her letters. She is an eloquent and persuasive writer who uses every tool available except logic to win her arguments.

Legislative Updates

by Representative Cooper Garnos

It’s starting to pick up in the second week of the 40-day legislative session. Many bills have been introduced and heard, and many others promise to be hot issues in the next few weeks.

House Concurrent Resolution 1001 passed out of the House of Representatives and is up for consideration in the Senate. This bill requests that the Department of Agriculture re-impose the ban on the importation of Canadian cattle.

To the Editor:

Dear Editor,

After Martin Luther King Day let US reflect - what was and is the “civil rights movement” and why are civil rights important?

We all believe that we are entitled to them, and they loosely mean “I” have liberty to use, access, and enjoy the common things and activities that “ALL” the rest of society enjoys, uses, and accesses.

Health Services “career peeks” for local high school students

Philip Health Services and the Philip High School will be working together on a Career Peeks Day on February 9.

An executive proclamation by Gov. Michael Rounds declared February 9-13 as Healthcare in Partnership in Education Week.

January 6th

Year in Review

The year of 2004 – from The Pioneer Review archives


South Dakota livestock Producers received $2.7million in disaster livestock assistance. Haakon County’s share was $95,887.

An opt-out possibility was discussed by patrons and the school board. The board later voted unanimously in favor of the opt-out.

The City Council stated that the proposed sales tax changes (the food tax repeal) could harm the city budget.

The Prairie Expo held in Philip was a success.

Wrestling triangular held at Philip

Mick Trask was the one in control somewhere in the tangle of his opponent's arms and legs. Philip's hosting of the triangular wrestling meet on January 3rd went well.

The Philip Scotties hosted the Philip Triangular Wrestling Meet on Monday, January 3. Wall/ Kadoka and Lyman County were invited. The results are as follows:

Philip vs.

Wrestling triangular held at Philip

Bo Slovek plays pretzel with his opponent's arm in attempt to pursuade him to roll over to be pinned. Such maneuvers, speed and amazing comebacks were all part of the Phlip Triangular Wrestling Meet on January 3rd.

The Philip Scotties hosted the Philip Triangular Wrestling Meet on Monday, January 3. Wall/ Kadoka and Lyman County were invited. The results are as follows:

Philip vs.

Conzemius new American Family agent in Philip

Boyd Conzemius of Pierre is the new American Family Insurance agent for the Philip area.

Conzemius has known Cathy Knight, Ray Hanson and Ramsey Kendall, the three previous agents. He is familiar with the Philip area and has 25 years experience with American Family. The Philip office will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will continue to be operated by Margaret Pfeifer, who is a fully licensed staff member.

Having started business in Rapid City, Conzemius has been based out of Pierre since 1983.

Commissioners reorganize with Schofield as chairman

Lawrence Schofield was chosen by his fellow board members to lead the Haakon County Commissioners during 2005.

The commissioners reorganized

at their January 4 meeting at the Haakon County Courthouse. Rita O’Connell replaced Mike Gebes as the commissioner from District 3. All commissioners and elected officials were given the oath of office.

Chosen as vice-president was Don Eymer. The commissioners also selected members to be on certain boards. Schofield will stay on the weed board; Mel Smith - extension board; Darrel Terkildsen - fair board.