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November 11th

Chamber of Commerce will host Prairie Expo in January

Philip will be hosting the annual Prairie Expo again on January 22. This was announced at the Philip Chamber of Commerce meeting on November 8.

The Expo has always been a big undertaking, especially with the traditionally large turn-out of venders and the “pen of three” livestock showing. The number of booths will probably again reach the maximum that space will allow. The attendance, especially with the entertainment, dinner, and daycare, is expected to be even larger than last year.

CEO Kraemer resigns from Midland School

CEO Don Kraemer has given notice that he will not be seeking to renew his contract for next year with the Midland School Board.

Kraemer offered no further details concerning this announcement that ended the November 8 Midland School Board meeting.

Earlier in the meeting, staff development was discussed. Eight teachers, Kraemer, and Business Manager Debbie Trapp attended a workshop on utilizing results from standardized test scores.

Kodet was band leader and WWII prisoner of war

Spectacular doings, entertaining years, and spending most of the rest of the time working, have filled the lives of Eddie and Marjorie Kodet.

Eddie has gone from directing a dance band, to parachuting out of a WWII bomber, to farming and ranching near Belvidere. Marjorie has been with him all the way (except the bomber incident).

Starting in 1935, Eddie Kodet and the Kadets played their big band sound throughout South Dakota, northern Nebraska, and eastern Wyoming. Eddie would organize the jobs and lead with his alto sax.

Old fashioned cattle drive in Western South Dakota

1890s meets 2004 … Cattle drives are not at all uncommon on modern ranches, but using a chuckwagon rather than a semi-truck is. This wagon, loaded for a three-day drive, leads 220 cattle and nine neighborly cow hands.

Even in 2004, a roundup and cattle drive is sometimes best done exclusively on horseback and even with a chuckwagon.

In the old fashioned way, cattle owned by Mike Trapp and Barry Jones were gathered and drove to their respective ranches near Midland for winter pasture. The 220 head of cows began the drive from the Hudson Flat area near Cedar Breaks, near the Deep Creek School about 45 miles north of Midland.

The venture began the evening of Wednesday, November 3.

Kevin Locke will perform at Philip School Monday

The Philip school would like to invite the public to a performance by Kevin Locke, Lakota dancer and flute player, in the Fine Arts Building on Monday, Nov. 15. There will be two performances: 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. for elementary students, and 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for middle and high school students.

Among American Indian artists of North America, none is more famous than Kevin Locke, a Lakota dancer and indigenous flute player. Reared on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, Kevin lived with an elderly uncle who spoke only Lakota.

Philip's is S.D. Ambulance Service of the Year

The South Dakota Exemplary Service of the Year ... award goes to the Philip Ambulance Service. From left to right are: Karyl Sandal, Larry Hanes, Dody Weller, Donna Smith, Don Weller, Carla Smith, Marty Hansen, Debbie Hanrahan, Mike Schultz, Esther Oldenberg, Lori Quinn, Steve Millage, and Amy Kroetch. Not pictured are Lee Vaughan, Dusty Pelle, Mark Foley, Roberta Vaughan, Debbie Hansen, June Huston, Dianne Parsons, Sue Pulse, Gayle Rush, Donna Unruh, Julie Hanes and Beth Arthur. Photo by Del Bartels

The Philip Ambulance Service has been chosen the South Dakota Ambulance Service of the Year at the EMT Conference held in Rapid City.

An estimated 700 people, representing the 110 ambulance services in South Dakota, attended the conferences on October 29-31.

Along with the Exemplary Service of the Year plaque, the Philip Ambulance Service received a check for $250.

All nominations and reasons for being nominated had to originate from a different department or group. The Philip Ambulance Service was nominated by the Haakon County Sheriff’s Office.

Oh, deer

This time of year, the hunting-season widows look forward to getting together without their ‘macho’ men. The theater is showing an appropriate movie; I hope there is no insult by calling it a ‘chick-flick’.

The deer also know that the season is here. They have been practicing running across nighttime highways, just to taunt the poor hunter who can’t find one on legal hunting grounds. The day before season, deer can be seen out the kitchen window. They smile back with an irritating smirk.

November 4th

Scotties are hard pressed by Tigers

End of season finesse … Tiana Fitch (#7) catapults up to stop an attempted kill shot by the New Underwood Tigers. (Photo by Christi Hendrickson)

The Philip Scottie volleyball team is back in the grove. The team did have to fight hard to beat the New Underwood Tigers.

Though only three games out of five had to be played to determine the Scotties as the winners, each game was close. The Scotties came from behind to win two of the three games.

Todd Enders is new game warden

Todd Enders is the new conservation officer for Haakon County and the part of Jackson County north of the White River.

Having started on October 23, Enders is not deterred by becoming the region’s game warden just before deer season.

Enders is originally from Interior, South Dakota. He has spent some years in Wyoming, but now is again close to family and home. Todd Enders is currently single.

Scotties make it to semi-final round

In a good defensive game Monday night in Buffalo, the Scotties defeated the Harding Co. Ranchers 7-0 to advance to the semi-finals -- one step before the Dakotadome -- on Saturday, Nov. 6, at Avon. Game time is 4:00 p.m. (MT).

The Scotties first overwhelmed Timber Lake. Then, Philip played the Harding County Ranchers in Buffalo on November 1, beating them 7-0. The Scotties will advance to the semi-final round on Saturday, November 6, at Avon. Game time is 4:00 p.m. MT.

Philip Scotties vs. Timber Lake

The Philip Scotties closed out the Timber Lake football team 45-0 on Tuesday, October 26 in the first round of play-off action.

The first quarter was a standstill by both teams. The second quarter, though, was broken wide open with four touchdowns by the Scotties.