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October 20th, 2011

Haakon Board of Education - from geothermal, to finances, to full calendar

The Haakon School District 27-1 Board of Education meeting, Monday, October 17, was relatively short, though full.

A representative of the board has been invited to attend future Philip Chamber of Commerce meetings on the third Monday of each month. This is for direct two-way communications so both groups can be better informed about actions and concerns of the other. Superintendent Keven Morehart has spoken at chamber meetings before.

The 2011-2012 Philip High School student-to-work Internship program has filled all of its work sites.

October 6th

Cross country team competes in Lead meet

The Scotties cross country team traveled west to compete on the Tomahawk Golf Course six miles south of Lead, September 27.

The day saw clear skies and 87 degree weather for the 2:30 p.m. start time for the girls' varsity. Junior Holly Iwan, sophomore Allison Pekron, eighth grader Ellie Coyle and seventh grader Peyton Kuchenbecker lined up for this A division race. Iwan lead her team and at times, the entire field during the first mile.

Coyle ran at the front of the main group, Kuchenbecker, mid-pack and Pekron close behind her young teammate.

Scotties cross country team champions at Highmore

A 5:30 a.m. leave time meant for a short night's sleep but it proved worthwhile as the Scotties made a powerful statement at the Highmore Invitation Cross Country Meet Saturday, October 1.

Nelson Holman and Tristen Rush were returning from injury for the first time in nearly two weeks and William Coyle had fought fire for eight hours the day before, the only thing we knew for sure was we would be facing many of the very best B division runners of 2011.

Philip volleyball team loses to Dupree

The Philip Lady Scotties hosted the Dupree Lady Tigers, Saturday, October 1.

Philip lost the varsity match 1-3. Though the first game went to the Tigers 19-25, the Scotties came back to take the second game 25-17. The third game put Philip in a defensive position when Dupree took it 19-25 and had a 2-1 lead in the match. The fourth game looked like a possible tie-maker for the Scotties, but overtime play proved it to be a 26-28 win for the Tigers. Philip currently holds an 11-8 season record.

Serving: Philip - 79 of 90 (12 aces).

Philip Lady Scotties win over Lemmon Cowgirls 3-1

The Philip Lady Scotties traveled to Lemmon, Thursday, September 29, to challenge the Cowgirls.

After trading one game each of fairly easy wins, Philip then claimed the next two games, taking both with overtime scores. The final score was 3-1, with games of 25-15, 11-25, 27-25 and 26-24.

Serving: Philip - 75 of 87 (12 aces). Leaders: Sam Johnson - 11 of 12 (3 aces), Sayde Slovek - 14 of 14 (2 aces), Jordyn Dekker - 10 of 12 (2 aces).

Receiving: Philip - 61 of 79.

Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to Bill Kunkle's guest editorial in which he praised Obama's vague religious beliefs.

I am glad to know which political candidates are Christian, pro-life and born in the United States of America. If a politician is evasive about answering questions on moral issues, I feel he is trying to hide his core values. and hopes to fool most of us until he gets elected.

As the saying goes, you can fool most of the people some of the time. And if it happens on election day, you achieve great rewards.

Scotties outscored by Buffaloes

The Philip Scotties versus the Stanley County Buffaloes football game Friday, September 30, started fast.

Before the first five minutes ticked off of the clock, Stanley County scored on a 34-yard rush. A successful two-point conversion put the scoreboard at 0-8. Philip retaliated by giving the ball to Cody Reder who went in for a 23-yard touchdown. Philip's Cassidy Schnabel carried in the conversion and the score was tied. The Buffaloes then broke through the Scotties line to go 83 yards for another touchdown.

More 'er Les

The Philip City Council voted Monday evening to supply the Philip Matched Bronc Ride with $1,500 of support for the 2012 Philip Invitational Matched Bronc Ride. The event started with $2,500 each year to help promote the event, then was cut back to $2,000, then to $1,500 for 2012 with talk of cutting back to zero.

The history behind this event started with a few people kicking the dirt, trying to come up with some ideas on how we can utilize the arena here in Philip.

Philip city council finalizes 2012 budget

The Philip City Council meeting Monday, October 3, began with the council first approving the payment of pending bills, which totaled $187,458.41. This included salaries and benefits of $31,674.24.

In old business, no future compliance responsibility is required with the Land and Water Conservation funds that were used for the Lake Waggoner bathhouse project.

The council then established the city's amount to be appropriated for the advertising of the 2012 Matched Bronc Ride. That amount is $1,500.

Fatal helicopter crash south of Philip

Limited evidence ... Timothy LeBaron led the team investigating a fatal helicopter crash, October 1, south of Philip. His report involves “man, machine, environment,” he said. He added, “The wreckage pattern was consistant with an in-flight break-up.” Note that the wreckage no longer contains seats, much of the helicopter body or anything else that could have been destroyed in the crash and fire. The tail fins are in the far background.

by Del Bartels

At approximately 1:00 p.m., Saturday, October 1, a Robinson R-66 helicopter crashed south of Philip.

The pilot, 64-year-old James Hladkey, Gillette, Wyo., was the only person on board during the fatal crash. Hladky was the president of Cyclone Drilling Inc. He was flying from Gillette to visit a friend in Winner.

The helicopter was flying from west to east when it crashed on land owned by Gene and Sheryl Michael. The thick, black smoke mushrooming upward could be seen from Philip.