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August 8th

August 2nd

Bison and Reva area Emergency Medical Technicians

The two vehicle, five victim car accident at the junction of Highway 20 and 75 (Matthew’s Corner) on July 25th certainly looked real to the passing traffic as two wreckers, two ambulances and one highway patrol car all had lights flashing. Many stopped to offer their help. It seemed pretty real to the EMTs gathered for class that evening as Jody Moody, EMT and highway patrol on duty was at class and received the call for help from the sheriffs office. He instructed all staff and both ambulances to come to the scene.

Cap Man!

Cap Man. This vehicle has been covered in bottle caps. The owners of the pickup said they have collected bottle caps and friends have also contributed to the cause. They are glued on with silicone. (Bet they don’t like bottle openers.)

Sixty celebrations for 60th anniversary

by Del Bartels
Bob and Audrey Singer will be married 60 years this coming December 12. That may be notable, but how they are celebrating may be even more so. Between now and then, they will hold 60 miniature celebrations.
Their first was a triple date with two other couples at the Gem Theatre, Sunday, July 29. The very first movie that Audrey saw was “Gone With the Wind” in the Gem Theatre.

Meta Radley Dabney

Meta Radley Dabney, 94, a 59-year resident of Nevada passed away Tuesday, July 24.
Meta was born on June 22, 1918, in Ash Creek, S.D. She raised her children in Henderson and later moved to Pahrump where she lived for 45 years.
She was a dedicated amateur Radio Emergency Service Operator since 1990 and never failed to call in every day. She wrote many interesting letters in her beautiful impeccable handwriting to all her friends.
She played the piano by ear and loved entertaining the family with songs of yesterday.