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January 8th

Philip City Council ends the year 2008 and looks into the year 2009

The Philip City Council put a wrap on 2008 and started looking into 2009 at their year-end meeting, Tuesday, December 30.

The council finished out 2008 by approving all submitted outstanding bills and previous meeting minutes. Philip Public Works Director Tom Lesselyoung said all the no parking signs have been installed. The council approved the second reading of Ordinance #2008-14 that amends building permit expirations.

Joe Gittings, First National Agency, addressed the council in regards to the city's insurance.

County Commissioners cover budget over-runs

Several county offices had budget over-runs and the Haakon County Board of Commissioners held a special meeting on Wednesday, December 31, to approve severalcontingency transfers, that totalled $63,294.83, to cover the shortages.

The accounts and their over-run amounts are mentally ill, $395.97; jail, $13,530.98; sheriff, $5,650.38; election, $4,657.46; auditor, $7,719.07; director of equalization, $2,969.38; and courthouse building, $28,371.59 for a total of $63,294.83. The contingency fund had $75,000 in which to use for this purpose.

Emergency landing on Highway 14

Highway landing ... This Beech plane, as seen in the light of the next morning, required an emergency landing 13 miles east of Philip. No one was hurt, including pilot Lee Vaughan, and no traffic was involved. The plane was tied down from the wind. Photo by Del Bartels

A private one engine airplane required an emergency landing on Highway 14 on Friday, January 2, about 13 miles east of Philip.

The engine of Lee Vaughan's Beech experienced mechanical difficulties just after 4:00 p.m. "You may think that you rise to the occasion, but you actually fall back to the highest level of your training," said Vaughan, who has taken many area children, with their parents, for their first airplane flight.

"300" bowling score rolled by Bill Sumpter, first perfect game at Rock 'n Roll Lanes

Perfect “300” ... “That’s a once in a lifetive thing, probably,” said Bill Sumpter of his perfect bowling game on December 29. It was also the first “300” game bowled at the lanes since they opened in 1990. Pictured here is Sumpter after the perfect game and (inset) his winning bowling form.

On December 29, 2008, Bill Sumpter rolled a "300" game during the Monday night bowling league at the Rock 'n Roll Lanes in Philip.

This is the first official 300 game played at the lanes since they opened on September 23, 1990.

"Bill is deserving of rolling such a game," said Dorothy Hansen, co-owner of the bowling lanes, with her husband, Russell (Digger). "Bill bowls three times a week and always does his very best.