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June 21st

Ferley and West tie for top honors at Matched Bronc Ride

The much anticipated Match-ed Bronc Ride lived up to and surpassed all expectations Thursday night, June 14.

Twenty-five top quality saddle bronc riders were pitted against some very young and inexperience broncs in the first two gos. While those rides made for some great photos the scores were on the low side. Eight of the 25 lost the match to their rides. Another two riders failed to break a score of sixty and seven didn't break 70.

All-School Reunion success

All over town, exclamations of joy and an abundance of hugs were heard and seen as classmates from the past 90 years gathered at the All-School Reunion.

Bringing the reunion together with the Centennial Celebration made both events bigger and more enjoyable for those attending.

Marcia West, reunion coordinator, said she had 1,300 preregistered alumni before June 14, the first day of registration. Alumni were able to register at the high school gym Friday and Saturday. About 200 people registered during that time.

School Board:schedulings, playground and scholarships

At the beginning of the meeting, Marcia West spoke on behalf of the Philip High School Alumni Board and thanked the school board for the use of the high school facilities during the All-School Reunion.

"It was just more than we ever expected," she said. "We served 1,453 people, and they all had a chair to sit on."

"It was well organized and a great time," said Superintendent and Elementary Principal Keven Morehart. "We appreciate you letting us be involved."

The board reviewed their five-year capital outlay plan.

Philip celebrates 100 years of success

Muzzleloaders and tomahawks ... These mountain men reenactment enthusiasts entertained Bad River Park visitors during the Philip centennial. Their official club title is the Muzzleloaders of the Black Hills.

The all-school reunion registration started at noon on Thursday. The many, many (and still many more) activities started out easy with an old-timers' baseball game. Then, the tempo jumped and leaped forward and locked onto maximum with a Matched Bronc Ride whose quality, some said, could rival that of the National Finals Rodeo.

Over 1,200 people witnessed the pony express delivery of Governor Rounds' official proclamation of Philip's Centennial. Then, midst a buffalo-meat supper and gabbing with old friends, the audience saw 25 cowboys eliminated down to six.

June 14th

Kaylee Nelson takes Girls All-Around at Sturgis High School Regional Rodeo

Sturgis hosted a South Dakota High School Regional Rodeo June 8 through 10. Several contestants from the midwestern part of South Dakota participated in the event.

Though many local contenders accumulated points, Kaylee Nelson of Philip earned the Girls' All-around title with 89.5 total points. In barrel racing, she took second place in the second go round: with a time of 18.881, and took sixth in the average with a 34.467.

Results of the South Dakota High School Regional Rodeo in Wall

Wall hosted a South Dakota High School Regional Rodeo June 1 through 3.

Results for regional go round winners and all average winners are listed below.

Boys All-Around:

Paul Tierney, Hot Springs, 71 points

Boys All-Around Runner-Up:

Troy Crowser, Whitewood, 67

Girls All-Around:

Misty McPherson, Sturgis, 70.5

Girls All-Around Runner Up:

Katy Pfleger, Rapid City Central.

Father's Day

Just because one is lumped into a category does not mean they truly fit into that category. Just because a human male happens to have created offspring, that does not make him what is celebrated on Fathers's Day. The epitome of an honored father may not even have children. An uncle, adopted parent, big brother, mentor, friend's father or even a neighbor may deserve a Father's Day card.

Despite this modern day and age, fatherhood responsibilities still are held dear by some individuals. Even in the social and legal atmosphere of South Dakota, the number of single fathers is growing.

Centennial preparation fills Philip Chamber of Commerce meeting

Most of the discussion at the meeting focused on the upcoming Centennial Celebration. The first topic was the Minuteman Missile site tours, to be held Friday from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Jeanne Berry of the National Park Service spoke about the tours. "We are geared up and ready, looking forward to a good turnout," she said. People who want to go on the tour can go to the launch control center located on the north side of I-90 off exit 127. The actual missile dilo is located off of I-90, exit 116.

Book signing by area authors Mills, Anderson and Cheney

Rick Mills, Hermosa, is an avid historian of the Black Hills and northern plains railroad history. He has written five books and co-written another five on the railroads. He has been involved with South Dakota Public Television and the History Channel and Discovery Channel in regards to railroad history in this area. He will be featuring 125 Years of Black Hills Railroad History.

Mel Anderson, Wasta, has written three books in the last few years.

Dedication of Philip Veterans Living Memorial to be June 15

A white fence and gate surround the grassy field where 32 young medora juniper trees stand in even rows. Twenty-six of those trees are fronted by ground level concrete bases. Each base displays a 10"x16" mahogany colored granite plaque.

Each plaque holds the name, rank and service of a local military service member who has fallen while serving the United States.

Twenty-six have fallen.