Archive - Dec 2, 2004

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Oral Interp goes to state

The Philip High School Oral Interpretation team will be going to the state competition December 3 and 4 in Pierre.

The six students qualified through district and regional meets. The team members are Michael Westerberg, Jesse Heaton, John Hart, Rose Heeb, Brittany Westerberg and Tracie Erdmann. Their coach is Laura Jacobs. All six members will be performing together in the reader’s theater category. Their piece, entitled “Parts of Life”, is a compilation of poetry, prose and lyrics concerning death.

Philip High School has an entry in the duo drama category.

Wrestlers young but ready

The Philip Scotties will be ready for their first meet December 3 and 4 as they have been at practice since November 15.

The 16 members went through wrestle-offs on Tuesday to determine who in each weight class will represent Philip at the Stanley County Tournament in Fort Pierre. All of the 14 weight classes may not be filled because of some injuries. Some weight ranges can not be filled by any current wrestlers.

Head wrestling coach Matt Donnelly said, “The first tournament will be tough. As long as we put on a good show, we’re going to be fine.

For miners, all workers, my father

Dad would wait for supper, exhausted, in his worn cushion chair. He would finally be home from another day in cramped mine shafts. Yet, his reassuring smile still comforted us that he could work another day. Dad’s smile once was broader, his hair slightly darker, his back a bit straighter. Still, his simple presence somehow calmed Mom’s worrisome jitters. My father was not an overly large man, though in our eyes and in providing for his family, he was a mountain of a man.

The sweat had been washed off aging muscles.

Centennial Celebration plans are underway

The Centennial Committee of the Philip Chamber of Commerce is moving ahead with ideas and gathering manpower for the 2007 Philip Centennial.

“Where the sun kisses the earth” will be the theme for the long weekend in June of 2007. The committee will be helping with the planning and will be overseeing many different projects, though other organizations and individuals will actually be responsible for each activity.

More ideas and volunteers are sought.

Angel tree in Philip

Once again, the Angel Tree displayed in the courthouse is being sponsored by the Philip FCCLA.

The small angel ornaments have a note reading, “Take this angel and hang it on your tree. Leave an unwrapped gift – perhaps a toy, a stuffed animal or a new article of clothing – for any age of child under this tree by Friday, December 17.”

Last year, around 70 such gifts were left under the tree for children of all ages up to 14 years. Local church leaders, teachers and others distribute the gifts to families who may need the extra cheer during Christmas.

Gartner speaks about military and Iraq

E4 Specialist Katrina Gartner of the 92nd Engineer Batallion, Combat Heavy, spoke to Philip High School students on November 22 and 23. She will be returning to Iraq soon.

Katrina Gartner, E4 Specialist of the 92nd Engineer - Combat Heavy, spoke to Philip students on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 23 and 24.

Gartner will be returning to Iraq in late January or early February. Her new base will be in the northern part of Baghdad (the U.S. troops have renamed the sprawling city Camp Liberty). Gartner has been told to mentally prepare to stay for 18 months. Her job will be to drive a 4-door Humvee.