Archive - 2004

November 4th

States Attorney meets with commissioners to work out plan for court fee recovery

Haakon County State’s Attorney Ralph Kemnitz urged the Haakon County Board of Commissioners to formulate a plan that would insure the pay back of court appointed attorney fees.

Kemnitz met with the commissioners at their monthly meeting November 2 to discuss the problem.

The board had previously discussed the loss of dollars due to the lack of repayment. Auditor Shirley Dennis mailed letters to individuals that owed the county money for court appointed attorney fees. She noted some people had reimbursed the county.

City Council discusses building sidewalks and raising fees

The investigation and grant applying stage has begun for installing a sidewalk on the west side of Highway 73 from Elm Street north.

This and other items were covered during the scheduled November 1 meeting of the Philip City Council.

Harlan Quenzer of Schmucker, Paul, Nohr and Associates engineering firm will return with exact figures. Preliminary estimates put a five-foot-wide sidewalk at $15-20 per running foot. This does not include a retaining wall in two different places.

Defibrillator donated by ambulance crew

Understanding the read-outs … Steve Millage orients himself to the new ambulance quipment as Esther Oldenberg waits her turn and discusses the machinery.

The Haakon County Ambulance Service has two new state-of-the-art defibrillators. A more basic unit was donated from the ambulance department to the Haakon County Sheriff’s Office to equip their second vehicle.

Each of the new defibrillators costs $20,000; one purchased from the Ambulance Service’s expenditures and one received by way of a grant. Jim Sobesta, Emergency Medical Services territory manager, delivered the two units and presented an in-service training to the ambulance personnel.

Eddie & Maxine Baye are newlyweds at 90

Sweethearts while in high school, Eddie and Maxine Baye are now husband and wife. Over 70 years passed before they became Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Baye, Sr. on August 21, 2004. Eddie's son was best man and Maxine's grandson walked her down the aisle.

High school sweethearts at Philip High School finally marry ... over seventy years later.

Edmund Baye and Maxine Keyser were married on August 21, 2004. The wedding was attended by their children ... and grandchildren.

While in high school, Edmund drove a cream route and used to pick up Maxine to ride with him. She was three years behind him in high school. After he graduated in 1931, they parted. Many years later, they met again, this time at the sale barn in Philip.

October 21st

M.E. Ladies' Aid in Philip, Circa 1910

The ladies’ aid in Philip consisted of, front row, left to right, Unknown, Mrs. Wilburn, Mrs. Ella Block, Mrs. J.C. Severin, Mrs. U.G. Benson, Mrs. David Coyner, Mrs. Chas. Gillen, Unknown, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Holbrook, Unknown; Second row: Mrs. Waldorf, Mrs. Keyster, Mrs. C.A. McPeek, Myrtle Inse, Mrs. Gust; Third row: Mrs. Alvin Waggoner, Unknown, Mrs. Urton, Mrs. E.F. Walden, Mrs. Maud Fislar, Unknown; Fourth row: Unknown, Unknown, Mrs. Kumm, Mrs. Fred Cooley, Mrs. Diamond Long, Elsie Isenburg, Mrs. Ince, Mable Ince, Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Rogers.

Scotties' Volleyball

The Philip Scotties volleyball team won at Lyman on October 14. The scores were 25-18, 25-17 and 25-7. The team’s record is currently 22-5.

Head coach for the Scotties is Kim Foley and the assistant coach is RaeAnn Snyder.

Cross country qualifies for state meet

The long trips to cross country meets are often spent sleeping or studying. On the last trip, no one slept and the only studies were recent race results. The Scotties worked on race strategies which would prove to be very successful. All seven varsity entries qualified for the 2004 State Cross Country Meet and all three junior varsity runners placed within the top six in their respective divisions.

The first races were the elementary runs which gave a glimpse of the future of cross country at Philip High School. Holly Iwan, fourth grader, raced in the girls’ run.

Scotties freeze out the Rebels

Launch away … Anthony Kinsley fires a pass as his Rebel offense tries to hold back the oncoming Scotties. The cold weather did not slow the back-and-forth game, which ended with Philip defeating Jones County-Midland 22-12.

The Philip Scotties defeated the Jones County/Midland Rebels last Friday evening 22-12 in Murdo.

The first half was a freeze-out for the Rebels. With only 31 seconds left in the first quarter, the Philip Scotties got on the scoreboard when Brit Miller ran the ball the one yard needed for the first touchdown. The extra-point conversion was runin for a score of 8-0. With 4:57 remaining in the first half, Dana Kerns ran 47 yards for the Scotties’ second touchdown.

Cold times …

I hate the cold.

People think I’m weird when I soften up ice-cream in the microwave. I save money by drinking pop off the store shelf instead of from a pop machine. I dry my hands after de-hooking a fish, not for cleanliness but because the water is cold. One of my hobbies is hiking up hills because, hey, isn’t heat supposed to rise?

Winter has very few good points. I am a deadly shot with snowballs, then my hands freeze and my kids get revenge.

To the Editor,

To the Editor,

We write to encourage bi-partisan support for Amendment A authorizing merit selection of circuit judges and for retention elections.

If passed, Amendment A would require an evaluation process that will inform the public in advance of an election as to how a judge is performing in the office. A committee of respected judges and lawyers of this state have been charged with the responsibility of recommending an evaluation model.

Our state’s judges have to be independent, fair and impartial.